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Movies and the Moral Imagination: Finding Paradise in Films

The faith-based film industry is absolutely booming! But it comes at a cost: created by secular corporations and marketing demographics, such movies often reduce Christianity to fit corporate concerns. But what if, instead of watching so-called Christian movies, we learned to see Christian themes and values in all movies? In this book, you’ll learn how movies can awaken our moral imaginations to Christian themes that still pervade our films. And you’ll discover how our children can encounter depictions of truth that lead to a life of wisdom and virtue. You’ll never watch a movie the same way again!

Christian Civilization News

Three scholars expose academic journals as cultural Marxist propaganda!!!

 A revised excerpt from Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ was published as serious academic research in a Gender Studies journal, and what that travesty...

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If you’re a conservative, there’s no longer any reason to be pessimistic. With this book, you will discover the worldwide clash between globalism and nationalism, how nationalism is fueling a resurgence of traditional religion, and what such a resurgence means for the end of globalism and the triumphant return to a conservative vision of life.

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Beauty Matters
Beauty Matters: Creating a High Aesthetic in School Culture

In this book, you will discover a number of practical ways in which our schools can be spaces of beauty wherein your students’ aesthetic sense flourishes.

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Classical VS Modern Education
Classical vs. Modern Education: A Vision from C.S. Lewis

In this masterful work, C.S. Lewis observes how modern education has changed our conception of what it means to be human, and shows us the way back to a true education and a flourishing humanity.

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If you’re struggling with how to teach students to appreciate art, or even how to do so yourself, this book was written for you. Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, homeschooling parent, or just an art novice, Gazing will equip you to be able to enrich your classes and your life with multiple encounters with great art.

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