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2022 Patriots: Nationalist Populists set to Storm Congress!

Posted by Conrad Franz ● Oct 29, 2021 3:37:49 PM

As the 2022 midterms rapidly approach and some Republicans seem to be returning to 2003 Bush era foreign policy in lieu of the Biden administrations Afghanistan debacles, it is important to highlight the candidates who are running on America First foreign policy platforms and not reverting to tired neoconservatism as well as continuing the Trump agenda here at home. Here are some of the most prominent Nationalist-Populist candidates currently declared for the 2022 House and Senate elections.

Joe Kent is a retired Green Beret running to unseat RINO Jaime Herrera-Beutler in Washington state’s 3rd district. Joe has campaigned on legal immigration moratoriums, bringing our troops home in a timely and responsible manner, and cracking down on toxic cultural incursions such as Critical Race Theory and drag queen story hour in schools and government entities. Joe recently went on Tucker Carlson Tonight and put forward one of the best responses to both the Biden administrations debacle in Afghanistan and the neocons who would seek to capitalize on it for more forever wars. 

Mo Brooks is all but guaranteed a Senate victory in the great state of Alabama. Congressman Brooks has served in the US House representing Alabama’s 5th district since 2011. Brooks was a strong supporter of Donald Trump and is one of the only members of congress to openly stand up against anti-white racism and voted against the politically motivated Juneteenth federal holiday. He has voted against forever wars even before the Trump era and has a 100% rating from Numbers USA, a patriotic immigration research group. Due to his popularity in deep red Alabama Mo Brooks is almost ensured to become the most nationalist-populist minded member of the US Senate in 2022!

Michael Sisco is running for the US House in West Virginia attempting to primary pro-impeachment Republican David McKinley. Sisco was the campaign manager for the record breaking Lauren Witzke Senate Campaign in Delaware in 2018. The campaign got more votes for any statewide Republican in Delaware history. Northern West Virginia is the most pro-Trump and overtly national-populist district in the US and as Sisco campaigns on a 10 year immigration moratorium, protecting coal mining and other fossil fuel related jobs, as well as being the most uncompromisingly pro-life candidates running nationwide, he is very likely to soar through the primary and into Congress. 

Other candidates with similar platforms are rising up all around the country and forming a new network of patriots within the Republican Party but not controlled by the swamp of permanent bureaucrats who were hoping to ride out the Trump phenomenon back to “normalcy.” Teddy Daniels is running to unseat a Democrat in a red Pennsylvania district (5th) and has put forward strong positions on the border, crime, and cultural issues earning an endorsement from possibly the foremost nationalist in Congress, Paul Gosar. Football legend and Trump friend Herschel Walker is running to unseat socialist Raphael Warnock in the Georgia Senate race and JD Vance has become the clear frontrunner in the Ohio Senate race. Vance has strongly reneged on his anti Trump remarks in the past and would be, perhaps, the most vocally anti Critical Race Theory Senator if elected. Blake Masters, COO of Thiel Capital, is running a strong nationalist campaign for Senate in Arizona. Glenn Youngkin in Virginia has surged to likely defeat establishment goon Terry McAuliffe in the November 2nd Governor’s race, another strong indicator for a red 2022. As RINO’s like the despicable Adam Kinzinger retire without even attempting to run for reelection in their red districts, the future of the party as indisputably nationalist-populist is all but secured!

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