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2nd Amendment Backlash: Dick’s Sporting Goods Sales Collapse!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Jun 21, 2018 12:45:44 AM

Dick’s Sporting Goods sees a massive sink in sales since capitulating to anti-gun liberals. This is another installment on our series of videos on Doing Business in an Age of Populism for you here. I am sure many of you are familiar with the controversy surround Dick’s Sporting Goods and their response to the Parkland school shooting back in February that killed 17 people. Dick’s executives learned that the shooter had bought one of his guns from them, though it was not used in the shooting. They thought it would be a good idea to show their solidarity with the student protestors calling for stricter gun control laws, some even going so far as demanding the repeal of the 2nd amendment, and so they announced that Dick’s Sporting Goods would no longer be selling assault-style firearms and high-capacity magazines in any of their stores across the country. Now, just so that everyone is clear, this is not the first time that Dick’s has done this. Back in 2012 with the Sandy Hook shooting, they did the same thing, they imposed a ban on assault-style firearms as a token of solidarity with gun-control activists, but later reneged on it and began selling these so-called assault weapons. This time, Dick’s has pledged that this ban would be permanent. Moreover, Dick’s raised the minimum age to buy a gun in their stores from 18 to 21. They responded to pressures from gun-control advocates by both banning and restricting gun sales.

Well, you do not have to be a genius here to figure out what the result of such banning and restricting would be. Since announcing this policy, Dick’s sales have just plummeted. Their sales are down. Not only that, but their stock price has basically been slashed in half since 2016. Their stock was down close to 45 percent; there were number of reasons aside from the boycott, principally the rise in popularity of online retails; but there is no question that the pro-gun, pro-NRA, pro-2nd Amendment boycott hurt them big time. Their stock prices tumbled to their lowest in four months just after they made their announcement. In fact, prior to the anti-gun policies, Dick’s appeared to be making a sales recovery, which all but collapsed after their announcement of solidarity with these increasingly partisan, far-left calls for gun control. The company’s shares fell 7.3 percent just after a brief period of going up 13 percent, and their sales have failed to hit their projected goals for the quarter.

Of course, as we have talked about on a number of occasion in our series of Doing Business in an Age of Populism, this was just dumb on their part. Absolutely and completely dumb. Do you remember the last company that tried this? It was Delta Airlines. Do you remember what happened to Delta Airlines? Delta cut ties with the National Rifle Association under pressure from anti-gun lobbyists, and so a number of Georgia lawmakers turned around and in effect punished Delta by killing a proposed tax break that would have saved the airline millions of dollars a year. Delta is an Atlanta-based company; it has over 30 thousand employees in Georgia, and the tax break would have been worth close to something like $40 million dollars a year. But these Georgia lawmakers effectively stopped any tax break that would benefit this wussy of a business, Delta, for their backing down in standing up for the Second Amendment of the Constitution and cowering to these politically correct liberals. And so, it’s not like Dick’s wasn’t warned in all of this.

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a perfect example of what NOT to do in a time of resurgent nationalist populist and traditionalist sentiments. such an age. As counter-intuitive as it may seem to corporatist globalists sitting on the board of major corporations, always, always, always side with the conservative, traditionalist, and nationalist option. Do not go the way of political correctness. Whatever you do, you have got to bury that notion that the pc social justice warrior paradigm is going to benefit your business, because it will not. THEY are not going to benefit your business, because social justice warriors do not give a crap about anyone but themselves, and conservatives are only going to boycott your business. So whatever you do, do not go the way of the pc social justice warrior crowd; never, ever, ever.

The Economist had an interesting article last year on doing business in a populist age, and they argued that companies and bosses have always learned to be very pragmatic when it comes to balancing out the interests of shareholders and the people, the populum, and their demands and expectations for how a corporation should conduct itself in relation to their values and traditions and customs. And while over the last few decades, companies had clearly swung in favor of the shareholders, the corporatist globalist shareholders, always coming down on the side of political correctness. Now, in an age of populism, the wishes and expectations of the people which are far more conservative are going to have to be taken into consideration when making business decisions. Even a globalist publication like The Economist is recognizing this.

And we have been calling this awareness of the nationalist populist interests of the people ‘The Goodell Rule,’ in honor of the utterly inept and fool-hearty NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and his complete mishandling of black millionaires whining about repression by disrespecting the national anthem. The Goodell Rule is simply this: as a business owner or manager, always make sure to side with a nation’s customs and traditions in an age of nationalist populism. Very simple, you would think; right? This is especially the case whenever you are pressured by politically correct social justice warriors. Do you remember the whole controversy surrounding the Laura Ingraham Show? She insulted that anti-gun David Hogg, the high school senior who’s led a crusade against guns and the second amendment after the Parkland school shooting, and is just for all practical purposes now a full blown leftwing loon. He called on all her advertisers to drop her or face a mass boycott; and they did, under that kind of social justice warrior pressure, they pulled their advertising from Laura Ingraham’s show. All except a company called MyPillow; the CEO there stuck with Laura Ingraham and faced a backlash of protesting tweets calling for a boycott of MyPillow; but guess what? Guess what happened? MyPillow got what some have called an avalanche of new business, with customers coming out and supporting the company’s decision to stand with Ingraham. And by the way, I’m one of them; I bought two wonderfully comfortable pillows from them after they stood by Laura Ingraham. Today, MyPillow reports that their sales remain as strong as ever, even in the midst of a liberal boycott.

And then think of Chick-Fil-A, and the constant call for boycotts. When they opened their first restaurant in New York City, that nut of a mayor De Blasio called for a boycott; and what was the result? The result was The New Yorker Magazine, which is just a pitiful propagandist pamphlet for corporatist globalism, The New Yorker Magazine had to admit that Chick-fil-A was winning over New Yorkers in droves, opening more and more restaurants in that city

Always, always, always side with the national symbols and customs that define the character of our nation, and you will be rewarded in an age of populism. That’s the Goodell Rule.

If Dick’s Sporting Goods came out and said something like this, you know, we mourn this national tragedy and we condemn with outrage the slaughter of innocent human life, you know, we stand arm and arm with all Americans in the midst of this national travesty, but we do not believe that the such a travesty can be effectively overcome and the potential of future travesties thwarted by laying the blame on the constitutional rights of every single American. Right? If they just said, look, we will work tirelessly with local and federal authorities to make sure that all laws are rigorously enforced, we will faithfully execute all necessary background checks, whatever, but we will not lay the blame on the constitutional rights afforded to every single American; if they said something like that, if anything, they would have seen their sales skyrocket; absolutely skyrocket. And you repeat that statement over and over by getting on Fox and on talk radio and alternative media. That way, you counter the cultural Marxism of CNN and MSNBC and The New York Slimes and The Washington Compost. Just ignore the legacy media entirely and brand your store as a defender of American traditions and national customs, and you will win every single time.

So, we will keep our eyes on how things develop for Dick’s Sporting Goods, but I would not bet on them at this point. I think they will be just another victim of liberal political correctness gone awry in an age of increasing nationalist, populist, and traditionalist sentiments

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