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As NFL Goes FULL WOKE, Study Shows 92% of Fans OPPOSE Political Activism in Sports!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Sep 14, 2020 9:20:37 PM

Is the National Football League the latest victim of the age-old maxim: Get Woke, Go Broke? If the first games for the new season were any indicator, it certainly seems so.

Last week, the NFL kicked off its new season. In light of the riots and the calls for social justice, we all knew that the games were going to go woke, but I don’t think anyone was prepared for just how cringeworthy the wokeness would be. Clearly, the fans weren’t impressed, and they weren’t shy about showing their disapproval!

On Thursday night’s premiere game, the awkward social justice references sprinkled throughout the pre-game shows served as the appetizer for the two national anthems that inaugurated the game. Yes, you read that right: according to the NFL, we now have not one but two national anthems. The Kansas City Chiefs took to the field and stood for the promised rendition of a song called ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’, what’s being called the Black National Anthem. Their opponents, the Houston Texans, opted to remain in their locker room during the whole pre-game festivities, which, as it turns out, was probably a good idea. Our traditional national anthem was sung by the R&B duo Chloe and Halle who both donned t-shirts honoring George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

If fans thought the end of the anthem meant the end of the woke activism, they were sorely disappointed. When the Houston Texans finally took to the field, players from both teams locked arms together as the announcer declared their gesture an official show of unity and collective call for equality and social justice. It was that moment that the sparce crowd in attendance let them have it by booing the players mercilessly! It was rather obvious that the players were not prepared for that kind of reaction and, as it turns out, neither was the left-wing media! One writer couldn’t resist denouncing the crowd’s reaction as actually a perpetuation of white supremacy!

But if the owners, corporate executives, and players in the NFL were even remotely privy to the sentiments of their fans, their vitriolic reaction towards the overkill of virtue signaling on the field would hardly have been a surprise. The definitive stats on fan attitudes towards woke sports comes to us from Phillip Stutts from Medium.com. Stutts is an expert in political marketing, and he wrote an article entitled: ‘Sports has a problem; being woke ain’t helping’. Stutts details the findings of some stunning data on sports fans’ sentiments towards this new wave of wokeness that has swamped professional sports:

Since March, my company has partnered with the largest data collection, analytics, and AI company in America to understand how the economy has shifted due to the Coronavirus shutdown and subsequent Black Lives Matter’s protests and riots. Our six national consumer data insights reports have currently analyzed 225,253 consumer surveys, matched it to 200 million+ Americans in our database, 550 million connected devices, and tracking 10 billion daily online decisions. It is the most extensive data research conducted in America to this point. I did not originally intend to be reporting on sports data but the patterns became clear, and it’s important to know what’s happening, what’s not being reported by the woke sports media, and how it will affect all sports.

So that’s the set up here; Stutts is providing insight into how fans are reacting to all of this wokeness in professional sports based on what is perhaps the most extensive data research ever conducted in America, period! And so, what did he find? “The data clearly shows that 87–92 percent of Americans don’t want corporations and athletes preaching woke politics. You aren’t crazy for wanting to watch games and be distracted in these weird times, instead of being told how bad a person you are for not agreeing with a ‘woke’ reporter or athlete’s opinion.”

Stutts goes on to point out, how else can you explain the PGA, which is unique in that it has thus far refrained from promoting any political agenda being expressed by its league or its players, is actually out-rating the NBA, NHL, and MLB? Has that ever happened before? How the heck does Roger Goodell, the king of woke NFL commissioners, explain that? This of course further raises the question: if 87 to 92 percent of Americans in the most extensive survey ever conducted want nothing to do with woke sports, why on earth were the players and media commentators so shocked by the fans’ reaction to their incessant rituals of wokeness? Indeed, why on earth are NFL executives so insistent on shoving social justice displays down the throats of their fans who clearly want nothing to do with it?

To make matters even worse, the new Woke World of Sports is all predicated on a lie! The United States is emphatically not racist, and we have the studies to prove it! A number of studies in both the United States and Europe all find that that racist sentiments are currently at an all-time low. The study by British scholars Roger Eatwell and Matthew Goodwin documents how blatant racism has been on the decline in most Western nations for decades. For example, back in 1958, more than 90 percent of Americans disapproved of inter-racial marriage. Today, it’s the opposite; 90 percent approve. In Britain, more than half of the population opposed inter-group relations as recently as the 1980s, but today fewer than one in four do. Study after study shows that racism and racist attitudes have been plummeting over the last several decades throughout the West.

So when we see the slogans on the NFL teletrons and billboards calling us to ‘End Racism’, ‘Support Equality’, and ‘Stop Hate’, we are looking at nothing less than left-wing propaganda. The data simply doesn’t exist to ground these exhortations in any kind of objective reality. And if these studies regarding fan sentiments towards the virtue signaling of the woke world of professional sports are accurate, the NFL has sealed its fate for the upcoming season. Fans are going to rebel like never before, and the NFL will once again prove the age-old adage: Get Woke, Go Broke!


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