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Black Lives Matter Murals ERASED and DEFACED as Riots BACKFIRE on Democrats!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Jul 27, 2020 10:57:19 PM

The left-wing activists disguised as journalists at Vanity Fair confidently asserted in a recent piece that President Trump could not be more on the wrong side of history. In fact, they make the rather audacious claim that his rejection of the Black Lives Matter movement could cost him the election in November! Unfortunately, these brazen assessments are exemplative of myopic perspectives that are all-too common within leftist echo chambers, blinding their participants to the larger dynamics so at odds with their worldview.

First, the polls are clearly moving away from BLM and their radical Marxism. According to the polling trends tracked by Civiqs, opposition towards BLM has increased from 27 percent to 36 percent in just the last few weeks. The latest Rasmussen poll found that 66 percent of Americans oppose defunding the police; that’s up from 59 percent in early June. A mere 23 percent favor defunding the cops. Americans are clearly on the side of law enforcement! When given a choice on which more reflects their own sentiments, 59 percent of respondents said ‘All Lives Matter’ was more important to them than ‘Black Lives Matter’; only 30 percent chose the latter. And interestingly, another Rasmussen study found that Americans believe that blacks are more racist than anyone else; 25 percent of respondents believe that most black Americans are indeed racist, as compared to the 18 percent who say that most white Americans are racist and the 15 percent that believe that most Hispanic-Americans are racist! After all the virtue signaling from CNN and MSNBC, after all the pathetic pandering from our globalist corporations about systemic racism and the like, as it turns out, most Americans consider blacks to be the most racist group in the nation!

In addition to the polls, we’re seeing a major trend arise throughout the nation: the defacing and erasing of BLM murals. The latest example comes from Redwood City in the Bay Area in California. A Redwood City resident got permission from city officials to paint a ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign on their Broadway street; in fact, the city even supplied the paint! And so, another city resident, a Trump-supporting real estate attorney named Maria Rutenberg, realized that if her street has become a public forum, then why can’t she paint a sign right next to the BLM sign reading ‘MAGA 2020’? And so, she went to her city officials and requested to paint the sign, but rather than grant her request, the city officials just decided to erase the BLM sign! They actually removed it in the middle of the night so as not to provoke any protest!

In New York City, a black woman by the name of Bevelyn Beatty was arrested for dumping paint on the BLM street mural outside of Trump Tower. In fact, she livestreamed herself doing the same thing to similar BLM murals in Harlem and in Brooklyn. Instead of ‘defund the police’, her slogan is ‘refund the police’! And the reason that Bevelyn is doing this is because she recognizes that BLM is an anti-Christian Marxist movement; and so she likes to post videos of her defacing these murals with the hashtag #JesusMatters.

But this is just the tip of iceberg of where monument-destroying BLM activists are getting a taste of their own medicine. Across the pond, in the city of Bristol, UK, officials tore down a BLM statue that was erected where another monument had been standing for over a century before vandals tore it down. After BLM activists put up their own monument, city officials tore it down and hauled it away in a dumpster after it stood for less than 24 hours! In Cincinnati, Ohio, someone poured red paint all over a BLM mural outside the Cincinnati City Hall; there were also tire skid marks defacing the mural. In the murder-ridden and crime-infested Chicago, a BLM mural was defaced and changed to read ‘All Lives Matter’. In Baltimore, the so-called artwork of school children that supposedly decorated their elementary school’s red brick walls celebrating BLM keeps getting power-washed away. In Martinez, California, a couple was recently charged with a hate crime after they painted over the BLM slogan that was just an hour earlier painted on the street. In Cleveland, a BLM mural that stretches across Cleveland’s East 93rd Street was recently defaced with painted slogans such as ‘BLM is Marxist’ and ‘Stop Killing Each Other’. In Montpellier, Vermont, a BLM mural outside the statehouse was vandalized just hours after it was finished. The mural was smeared with several gallons of dirt and oil. We could go on and on.

Moreover, if academic studies are any predictors, these riots and violent demonstration are red pilling Americans like never before. A Princeton study found that acts of civil violence and destruction have the effect of making America more conservative. Focusing particularly on the race-related riots in the 1960s, the study found that, on a county-by-county basis, urban riots resulted in a significant decline in Democratic vote-share in the 1964, 1968, and 1972 presidential elections, the latter two exemplifying a Nixonian law and order backlash that drove a wave of anti-rioter legislation that lasted for decades.

The simple fact of the matter is that while Americans were overwhelmingly horrified by the death of George Floyd and quite willing to address any legitimate concerns about racial and social inequities, the violent riots and the vehemently anti-American rhetoric that followed has disgusted most Americans, and continues to do so. As such, far from standing on the wrong side of history, President Trump’s rejection of BLM and its radical tribalism is not only right, but will almost certainly win him the election.

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