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Border Crisis and Cancel Culture DESTROYING Dems as Populism SURGES Under Biden!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Mar 22, 2021 10:28:42 PM

The Democrats are getting nervous.

Even the mainstream media are admitting that as each day passes, Biden and the Democrats are getting more and more hammered for the humanitarian crisis at our southern border. Republicans are showing up in droves at the US-Mexico border giving Democrat-slamming stump speeches against the backdrop of this total and complete chaos! House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was the latest Republican to visit the southern border, describing the scene aptly: “There’s no other way to claim it than a Biden border crisis!”

What’s happening at the border is horrific, and the American people are increasingly horrified by it. According to Rasmussen, 73 percent, 3 in 4 likely voters, are concerned about the flood of migrants at the US-Mexico border, with 48 percent very concerned. And 51 percent of likely voters oppose giving them amnesty.

This is becoming Biden’s Iraq and Hurricane Katrina combined! It’s a non-stop political disaster of his own making, and he’s been in office for only 60 days!

To make matters even worse, Fox News is reporting that criminal organizations trafficking women, children, families, and single adults over the US-Mexico border have earned as much as $14 million dollars a day! It turns out that human trafficking is a multibillion-dollar industry. And if that weren’t bad enough, the crisis at our southern border is costing the US taxpayer $5 million dollars a day, about $800 per migrant, and Biden just awarded an $86 million dollar contract for hotel rooms to hold 1,200 migrant families as the crisis has exceeded the ICE holding facilities capacity.

President Trump wasted no time in slamming Biden’s willful abdication of his law enforcement responsibilities, saying that Biden turned what had become a national triumph into a national disaster.

But there’s another disaster for Biden happening concurrently with the border fiasco: it’s not just the number of illegal immigrants that’s surging; it’s also populist sentiments!

Time Magazine had a fascinating article on how the Biden Administration is actually contributing to a massive surge in nationalist populist sentiment, what the leftists disguised as journalists at Time call ‘far-right extremism’. But they recognize that not only is there little that Biden can do to stop the rise of nationalist populism in the nation, Biden – in many ways – is the cause for its rise!

We have studies on how unfettered immigration, particularly illegal immigration, has become one of the major contributors to the rise in nationalist populist sentiment all over the world! For example, a survey by the Chatham House found that while 57 percent of elites believed immigration was good for Britain, only 25 percent of the British public felt the same way. That’s a massive gap in sentiment between our globalist elites, the permanent political class, and the people, the tax-paying citizens. In fact, elites were twice as likely to reject the notion that immigration increases crime or puts a strain on the welfare system than the general public! Another Chatham House study found that 55 percent of people across 10 European nations agreed that “all further immigration from Muslim states should be stopped.”

These studies all point to the same conclusion: open borders are only guaranteeing a surge in populist sentiment!

But it’s not just open borders; far-left cancel culture is awakening populist sentiments as well!

Take for example the recent comments made by the liberal Bill Maher on his show Real Time: he likened cancel culture to Stalinism! “I never thought I would live in an era, I remember watching movies about the fifties and the blacklist era when people would whisper that you were a communist and all it took was somebody informing on you and saying they saw you at a rally or some peace march and you were branded and your career was over and you were on the blacklist.” And he used as his example the musician Winston Marshall who plays guitar for the British folk group Mumford & Sons. Marshall tweeted out that he really like Andy Ngo’s new book Unmasked, exposing the inner workings of Antifa. Maher pointed out that right after Marshall tweeted out how much he enjoyed Ngo’s book, he immediately got cancelled! He had to leave the band because of the backlash he got from the cancel culture left in the Twitter-verse! “This guy,” Maher said, “tweeted out that he liked a book, it’s a book called Unmasked … He tweeted out ‘finally had the time to read your important book, you’re a brave man’, to the author. Now he has to step away from the band, and this is his apology, again, so Soviet, ‘over the past few days I have come to fully understand the pain caused by the book I endorsed’.” And Maher said incredulously: “It’s so Stalinist.”

Andrew Sullivan, the leftist blogger and media contributor, blasted the mainstream media, particularly the Washington Post, for the coverage of the Atlanta shootings, pushing their ridiculous anti-Asian hate crime narrative. And that's key for Sullivan's critique: the mainstream media don't push news anymore, they push a narrative; a far-left narrative at that! We’ve heard similar disgust with the media and the cancel culture left from the likes of Piers Morgan and Elon Musk.

More and more liberals are beginning to walk away from the woke left! And while they’re not becoming Republicans, they are certainly becoming populists!

The way open borders and woke cancel culture are combining to foment a surge in populist sentiment can best be understood in relation to something scholars call resentment politics. Scholars have noted that, for centuries, our political elites have feared resentment, because they worried that once it reached a critical mass among the people, it could lead to rebellion. Going all the way back to the political rhetoric of classical Athens and Rome, what the political class tended to do was foster an internal unity among the people and their rulers by creating the specter of a hostile external enemy. This is because external threats tend to breed internal solidarity.

But scholars have noticed that since the since the 1960s, instead of focusing on an external enemy to breed internal solidarity, our politicians started focusing instead on an internal enemy. Our political class found that they could benefit even more if they divided the population by focusing on an enemy from within, transforming resentment into a tool for dividing the populace and diffusing resistance. So the Democrats have been masters at turning what were once considered external threats like illegal immigrants now into sympathetic victims, while at the same time demonizing their political opponents internally as deplorables, racists, bigots, and misogynists worthy of being cancelled! So citizens are being kicked out of their professions and social media platforms all the while illegal immigrants are being welcomed in!

But make no mistake: this is a recipe for disaster … for Biden and the Democrats! And that’s because resentment politics works in two directions; and this is what made Trump so amazing! Trump effectively turned resentment politics in on itself, once again making the political class the legitimate object of disdain, such that the new political animosity is now increasingly between the people and the political class, the ruled vs. the rulers, nationalists vs. globalists!

For a growing number of people, open borders and woke cancel culture are awakening a powerful and profound resentment against the permanent political class, and with each new day exacerbating the border crisis, coupled with increasingly absurd acts of wokeness, this resentment promises to be far more inclusive and powerful than anything the woke political class can hope to withstand!

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