Posted by Conrad Franz ● Nov 11, 2021 2:56:28 PM

Through the tireless effort of hundreds of volunteers, lawyers, activist groups, and grassroot organizers, the statewide school mask mandate in Pennsylvania has been ruled null and void! On November 10th (2021) the Commonwealth Court ruled 4-1 that the acting Health Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s K-12 school mask mandate violated the laws of the state and was adopted without an active emergency declaration from the Governor. The Health Department of Pennsylvania’s lawyers immediately filed to appeal the decision. The decision could get sent up to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court but thankfully PA voters recently flipped an important Supreme Court seat in the elections earlier this month. Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano made this statement:

“The people of Pennsylvania made this ruling possible by voting to limit the Governor’s emergency powers in May. Without an emergency declaration, the Acting Secretary of Health cannot just issue mandates on a whim without legislative approval. As I stated during an Education hearing…in August, parents know better than any bureaucrat when it comes to personal health decisions for their children.”

Senator Mastriano is an emerging conservative leader who has become one of the most well-known state level patriots in the Commonwealth. Be sure to see Senator Mastriano and Dr. Steve together at the Turley Talks PATRIOT LIVE Conference from November 12th-13th!!! Get your VIP tickets HERE!!!

Pennsylvania, between being a deeply purple swing state with huge populations, multiple major cities, and swathes of rural heartland, has been a battleground for mask mandates, election integrity, corporate and medical vaccine mandates, and the culture war currently being fought on the ground and in our school districts. Groups like Free PA and PA Informed Consent Advocates (donate here) have brought the fight to the globalist bureaucrats that sought to impose tyranny on local communities and it is starting to bear fruit. 2022 is a Gubernatorial election year in Pennsylvania and with tyrant Tom Wolf running up against term limits the patriots on the ground are poised to take the state back. Leftist Attorney General Josh Shapiro will be running for the Democrats and if PA voters can reject a continuation of the tyrannical past two years, the Commonwealth can prosper again!

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