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Posted by Steve Turley ● Aug 10, 2020 10:13:14 PM

For over two months, Antifa and Black Lives Matter radicals in Portland have been protesting, demonstrating, destroying public property, and assaulting police officers. While the mainstream media would like us to think that the clash is between the Federal Government vs. Peaceful Protestors, the reality of the situation speaks to a very different binary, one that promises to radically and permanently change the nature and complexion of the Democrat Party. The stubborn continuation, even escalation, of the social unrest since federal forces have largely left the city reveals that the clash between rioters and authorities is turning into nothing less than a civil war arising from within the political left itself!

One of the more noticeable reversals coming out of Portland was the sudden admission by Mayor Ted Wheeler that these BLM and Antifa rioters are actively attempting to commit murder, referring to their numerous attempts to set a police precinct on fire with police officers inside. Few seem to appreciate just how significant of a turnaround such an admission was for this far left mayor. Back in October of 2018, Wheeler actually allowed Antifa activists to block streets and harass drivers throughout his city, forbidding police to interfere. Such an obvious abdication of law enforcement responsibility was so shocking that Senator Ted Cruz called for a federal investigation into Wheeler’s actions.

But if Wheeler thought his past sympathies with Antifa would earn him a warm reception among the New Left, he was sorely mistaken. Just a days ago, Wheeler was humiliated when he joined demonstrators to show his support but who quickly turned on him. They gave Wheeler a list of their non-negotiable demands, which included the need to defund the police department by 50 percent, freeing all protestors from jail, the removal of all federal agents deployed by the White House, and, on top of it all, Wheeler’s resignation! And to add insult to injury, as they were all meeting outside the federal courthouse, where the mayor was getting booed and heckled amidst demands for him to resign, the police, sensing a full-blown riot developing, launched tear gas into the crowd in an effort to disperse them, and in the process, Mayor Wheeler ended up getting tear-gassed himself! Given the circumstances, it's little wonder why Wheeler has had an about face in now designating these supposed peaceful protestors a violent group bent on homicide.

But what pundits seem to be missing here is how Wheeler’s admission is indeed indicative of a civil war rising within the political and cultural left! Portland does not represent the forces of the left versus the forces of the right; in fact in retrospect, the presence of federal agents appears rather negligible when it comes to violence and civil unrest in the city. Instead, the clashes in Portland are more about a clash between the Old Left represented by Mayor Wheeler versus the New Left represented by BLM and Antifa activists. Said differently, Portland represents an increasingly violent conflict between the establishment left versus the populist left, the old versus the new.

Looking back, this was all rather predictable. Scholars from Samuel Huntington in the United States to French sociologists such as Francois Lyotard recognized decades ago that the modern liberal world comprised of globalist transnational institutions such as the European Union, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Health Organization was coming to an end. A new world was rising, one where populations were not only increasingly rejecting the impersonal nature of Western liberalism, but were self-consciously reverting back to nation, culture, race, and ethnicity, what sociologist Michel Maffesoli called the ‘new tribalism’, as the basis for an emerging post-liberal, post-globalist order.

What’s vitally important to understand is that this new post-liberal order is manifesting itself in two forms or, better, two different versions of nationalism: civic and ethnic. Civic nationalist movements are seeking to restore their respective national sovereignties, as we saw in the back-to-back victories of Brexit and Donald Trump. However, while civic nationalists defend the generally polyethnic nation-state, ethno-nationalism is characterized by a more homogenous racial and cultural makeup, where populations are increasingly balkanizing as they turn towards ethnic identity and loyalties based on kin and race as the basis for a postmodern social order.

It is precisely this dynamic of ethnocentric tribalism that the BLM movement is bringing to the fore from within the Democrat Party. Post-globalist BLM activists, with the help of the destructive impulses of Antifa, are actively shifting the party away from its establishment white neoliberal center to a more neo-segregationist ethno-tribalism.

For example, at a recent rally in Los Angeles, Pan African Studies professor Melina Abdullah, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter LA, denounced the city of Los Angeles as filled with what she called “liberal white supremacists.” Responding to a sign held up by one of the protestors that said ‘F – Donald Trump’, Abdullah said: As we talk about a white supremacist terrorist like Donald Trump remember that we live in a city that is largely liberal white supremacists. So, when you say ‘F – Donald Trump, make sure you say ‘F – Eric Garcetti’”! Eric Garcetti is the ultra-left mayor of Los Angeles who recently announced $150 million dollars in cuts to the LA police department to show his fidelity to the BLM call to defund the police. However, you will notice that, according to Abdullah, the fact that she and the mayor are both liberals no longer means they are on the same political side! Indeed, a white liberal can now be equated with a supposedly white supremacist terrorist like Donald Trump!

But given the tribalist tendencies operative in this civil war, we’re also seeing Antifa and BLM begin to turn on each other! One of the more disturbing scenes to come out of Portland was video of Antifa thugs harassing two elderly women, one with a walker holding a BLM sign, both of whom appear to have attended a protest but who took issue with Antifa thugs destroying property. When one of these elderly women confronted an Antifa group trying to vandalize a building, they responded by pouring paint all over her!

I believe we’re seeing nothing less than a very real civil war erupting within the Democrat left in Portland, a clash that is increasingly being seen in a number of other cities around our nation. In many ways, it’s inherently self-destructive tendencies threaten to radically change the party if not severely debilitate it for the foreseeable future. A civil war has indeed erupted within our nation; who would have guessed that such a war would turn out to be a clash from within the liberal left itself.


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