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CNN is Finally FINISHED!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Oct 31, 2019 8:50:29 PM

Hidden camera exposure of CNN as a leftwing propaganda machine disguised as a news organization.  We got the president of CNN, Jeff Zucker, on tape openly admitting that CNN is a massive fraud. Its so-called news coverage is actually dictated from the top down, the script is written from above, and if you want to work at CNN, you better learn to report what one man, Jeff Zucker, dictates to you.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has struck again. His hidden camera has exposed once and for all, for all to see, the insidious fake news that is CNN. I do not know how many of you have seen the latest hidden camera expose of CNN, but it is utterly damning. Basically what O’Keefe did is he exposed how the entire content of the network is being dictated by their president, Jeff Zucker, who is a rabid anti-Trumper and a hater of all things conservative. The video reveals both in terms of recordings of Zucker himself as well as CNN staff that Zucker is actually dictating what passes as news content on CNN.   What the whole world can now hear for themselves is that Zucker, the president of CNN, has made it the mission of CNN to put impeachment front and center in their so-called ‘news coverage’, regardless of whether there is any merit to it. CNN has been revealed to be nothing more than a 24/7 kangaroo court attempting to shape public opinion in such a way that maligns and impugns President Trump. How do we know? Because we have people who work for CNN complaining about it! O’Keefe caught CNN staff actually complaining that they came to CNN as young, idealistic journalists who really just wanted to practice journalism. After coming to CNN, they quickly find out that the organization literally has NOTHING to do with journalism. They find out that CNN is nothing more than a top down mouthpiece for the whims and opinions and hatreds of their president Jeff Zucker. Now, this of course is not the first time CNN has been caught lying, passing off as news what actually turns out to be nothing more than corporate-dictated propaganda. Many of you remember when Van Jones of CNN admitted on hidden camera that the whole Russian-Trump collusion story was “A Big Nothing Burger.” He went on to assert that “There is nothing there.” Those were his words. The bigwigs at CNN knew the whole Russian Collusion fiasco was a Big Nothing Burger. Yet, every day, White House correspondent Jim Acosta harassed the White House about Russian collusion! They knew and he knew it was all a big nothing burger, but he continued to publicly harass the president.

You know you cannot continue to live a lie indefinitely. Eventually it will catch up with you and truth breaks in. It looks like we are finally seeing CNN’s day of reckoning. ny trace of objectivity for CNN is being erased by the second. With every view of the Project Veritas videos, whatever was left of CNN’s reputation collapses. I think this is it. This hidden video is the final nail in the coffin of CNN. Their ratings have been in nothing short of a free fall over the last couple of years. Even Ted Koeppel, the legend of journalism, even Koeppel publicly mocked CNN that if it were not for Trump, their ratings would be in the tank. He could have said that if it were not for their 24/7 presence in American airports, they would not have any ratings at all. And even that is coming to an end!!! CNN’s airport monopoly is finally coming to an end, did you hear about that? CNN’s ratings couldn’t be worse, in many respects    The weekly basic cable rankings that recently came out found that CNN has lost more than a fifth of their audience over the course of the last year, lost 21 percent of its already rather minuscule audience   in terms of primetime viewership, and lost 16 percent of their prime time audience. Things are so bad for CNN, we cannot even recall the last time CNN broke past the million viewers threshold. Their primetime viewership remains in the hundreds of thousands, which is another way of saying that we YouTubers, with our little office and webcam set-ups are getting more viewers than a multi-million dollar corporation like CNN. CNN’s ridiculous 7 hour town hall focusing on the environment was a ratings disaster, and just a couple of days back they had the utterly bizarre LGBT town hall that literally no one watched!

The simple fact is that these ratings implosions are just par for the course for this ultra-liberal cable outlet that disguises itself as a reputable news network. CNN’s numbers for Q2 of this year were some of their worst ever, falling to just over a half a million viewers total. They struggled even more during the all important  primetime hours of 8 to 11 pm eastern time. For the primetime hours, CNN finished in an embarrassing 15th place in terms of the most-watched networks on basic cable, finishing behind channels like TLC, Discovery Channel, the Hallmark Channel and the Food Network!!! We like to say more people are interested in learning how to zest lemons than sit through the daily rantings of Don Lemon! CNN averaged just over 700 thousand primetime viewers. It was no surprise when CNN started off the third quarter with the lowest viewership average for the network since 2015. Again, CNN cannot even remotely hide this anymore. Many are noticing that CNN’s losses really are nothing short of overwhelming. The network lost 18 percent of its audience compared to the second quarter of last year   and CNN has also lost nearly 40 percent of primetime viewers among their key demographics. So there is no question that CNN’s ratings are collapsing.

This is all happening at the time when the media as a whole is going through a real bleak period. Every major poll and study indicate that the media’s level of trustworthiness has been declining rapidly over the last twenty years. Perhaps the single most devastating poll was the one conducted by the Media Insight Project in partnership with the Associated Press, where they found that only six percent of Americans have a lot of confidence in the media, on par with the low levels of confidence in congress. Of course, Democrats were far more likely to trust the media than were Republicans. We are talking here about nearly 95 percent of the polled population being skeptical towards the corporatist globalist propaganda disguised as news coverage. With this exposure of CNN blatantly perpetuating a fraud, it is just going to get even worse for the corporatist globalist media as whole. I think the damage done here goes way beyond CNN. I think CNN’s exposure as a top-down fraud of a news organization is hurting news organizations in general which is a wonderful thing! The whole approach to journalism and news reporting became very secular and eventually radically globalist during the course of the twentieth-century, and so modern journalism has always leaned to the left. Now with Trump in office and Trump derangement syndrome taking over what was left of liberal rationality, networks like CNN have simply gone off the deep end for all to see. That is the beauty of it. Everyone is seeing this! They are hearing Zucker’s own voice saying that he controls the news; he fabricates it; he manufactures it and then they are to pass it off as objective journalism. What fraud, just what utter deceit. The beauty is now we have Jeff Zucker,  the president of CNN,  admitting that fraud for all the world to hear.     

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