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CNN: Is Trump STAGING a ‘COUP’?!?

Posted by Steve Turley ● Jun 21, 2021 6:08:07 PM

A shocking number of articles are coming out, noticing a groundswell of support for President Trump’s return, and obviously, not everyone’s happy about it. The ever insufferable and most DIS-trusted name in fake news, Jim Acosta of CNN, recently came out and said that it looks like we’re witnessing nothing less than a ‘slow-motion coup’ launched by Trump! Jim Acoster, a name we ought to call a leftwing heckler who poses as an objective reporter, shows us that the left is once again dragging out the ol’ coup d’etat accusation against Number 45!

If you’re not familiar, the coup accusation was a recurring theme after the November elections from the leftist activists disguised as journalists in the mainstream media. For example, we saw this one from the New Yorker: ‘What can you do if Trump stages a Coup?’ It sounds like a Broadway Musical, right? Or this article in The Nation entitled ‘Is Trump Planning a Coup d’Etat?’ But my all-time favorite has to be this one from the Root: “I’m not saying Donald Trump is Planning a Coup, but He’s Doing Exactly what someone would do if they were planning a coup.’ Now, Jim Acoster is accusing Trump of getting back into the coup game, and his simple-minded reasoning is this: Trump, all the way in Mar-A-Lago, has tightened his grip over the GOP. Acoster has come out and called Trump the ‘Mussolini of Mar-a-Lago.’  So Trump has solidified his control over the GOP. That’s phase one, as it were. You’ve also got the GOP, according to Acoster, passing all of these election reform bills and signing them into the law. If you haven’t heard the good news already, over 360 election integrity bills have been introduced, in over 40 states, with most successfully passing electoral reform just in time for the 2022 midterms! Acoster, of course, sees these laws as suppressing voter turnout, when in reality, the more honest assessments have all pointed out that nothing could be farther from the truth! Regardless, the two-phase strategy of tightening his grip over the GOP and forcing Republican-dominated legislatures to suppress voter turnout has brought Acoster to the conclusion that Trump is indeed launching a slow coup to take back control of Congress and then the White House!

 We have to understand that as far as the mainstream media is concerned, there’s NO WAY that Trump should be making a comeback. You know, they’re like the food critic Anton Ego from the Pixar film Ratatouille, when he found out that the restaurant Gusteau’s was making a comeback after giving them his worst review, he was said, ‘What? That’s impossible! I buried them with one of my worst reviews! They can’t be making a comeback!’ That’s the way the mainstream media feels about President Trump. Brian Cates at the Epoch Times has mocked the media for this feeling. They literally can’t believe that Trump is coming back stronger than ever. Listen to what he writes: “Right now, Donald J. Trump’s opponents can’t quite believe what they’re seeing. Just a few short months ago, the “Swamp” denizens of Washington were breathing sighs of relief. They had done it! They had defeated the awful Trump, handed the White House to Joe Biden, and could now begin implementing all their cherished plans for a post-Trump America. And then an amazing thing happened. A twice-impeached former president who had supposedly incited an “insurrection” at the Capitol Building on Jan. 6 has returned—and he’s looking stronger than ever.”

Cates’ assessment is right; just look at a few fund-raising figures showing Trump’s astonishing war chest. His Save America PAC has outraised the GOP almost two to one. While the GOP has raised 44 million dollars, the Trump PAC has raised an astonishing 85 million dollars, nearly double what the entire GOP has been able to raise! Again, this is unprecedented stuff!  We knew this was going to happen! Trump has actively called on all patriots to defund the GOP and instead give to his Save America PAC. He reasoned that the GOP was funding all kinds of RINOs like Liz Cheney! Don’t send your money to them; send your money to Trump’s PAC and fight back against the RINOs!

 Moreover, every candidate that Trump is endorsing is blowing their competition out of the water! Again, the Epoch Times reported on how a candidate that the radical RINO Paul Ryan endorsed for the North Carolina Senate, a guy named Mark Walker, was made entirely irrelevant the moment Trump endorsed Representative Ted Budd. In other words, who are patriot Republicans going to listen to Donald J. Trump or Paul Ryan? It’s almost comical if it weren’t so pathetic! Everywhere we look, Trump is dominating the Republican Party. The new Patriot Party is paving the way for what looks like will be an epic comeback in 2024! Again, I think the Epoch times summed it up best: President Trump was supposed to be a historical footnote at this point. He’s supposed to be utterly destroyed, completely irrelevant, so radioactive nobody will go near him. But not only is Trump not sulking in private in utter disgrace, but he’s also now exerting more direct control over the GOP than he ever did when he was in the White House. And if he does run and win in 2024, he’s going to be able to implement his America First agenda stronger and better than ever!


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