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CNN’s Chris Cuomo has EPIC MELTDOWN! Slams CNN for being ‘HYPERPARTISAN’!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Apr 21, 2020 10:55:39 PM

My, oh, my, what are we going to say to this? You know he has since backtracked on this! Did you see that? We even have headlines from the ultra-liberal Buzzfeed that says ‘Chris Cuomo denied saying he didn’t like his job (after saying that he doesn’t like his job!)  There is no going back on this one! We are going to take a look at the epic meltdown that Chris Cuomo had the other day. And, he is not alone, even the equally irascible Don Lemon has said that he is thinking of leaving CNN. We are going to look at why these epic media meltdowns are happening more and more frequently.

CNN’s uber-liberal host Chris Cuomo had an epic meltdown the other day; he was on his SiriusXM radio show, and he just launched into this brutally honest rant about how much he hated his job at CNN. Now as you may know, Cuomo’s been wrestling with the coronavirus which he came down with a few weeks back. Of course, we wish him only God’s speed in his recovery. He did say that his battle with the virus has made him rethink his values and question his position over at CNN. He made it clear that he does not like what he does professionally, that it is not worth his time. He does not like the fact that his show is forced to traffic in things that are ridiculous, and by the way, amen to that, though we may disagree on what precisely is so ridiculous on his show - I think the show itself is ridiculous, but regardless. Now, Chris Cuomo is not the only CNN host that wants out! Don Lemon, who of course no one watches anymore, spoke a few months back at a conference sponsored by Financial Times called the Future of News. He was one of the speakers at this event where number of journalists and reporters attended. When he was asked a question how long did he expect to stay on air given all of this partisan rancor on social media, (I think the term toxic was used). How much more of this do you think you can take as a major news personality? Lemon’s answer was pretty poignant. He said “I don’t know. I absolutely love what I do. But I wonder how long I want to do this particular job in the way that I do it.” He did not know how long he would stick around doing what he does on CNN. He later clarified that he did not want to leave journalism altogether but that he may want to pursue journalism in a different way than what he is currently doing; he did not know if he could continue in his current job. What is going on here? If we look around a bit, we will see that this discouragement among these leftwing activists disguised as journalists is really just becoming par for the course, where more and more so-called journalists are expressing their disillusionment with their profession. So what is the reason?

I think we all know at least intuitively; what is really behind this mass media meltdown that we are seeing virtually everywhere almost every day, is the sense of loss they are feeling. This kind of collective temper tantrum does not happen unless those who are falling apart here feel like they are losing something; something is being taken away from them and they cannot do anything about it! Hence why we can say they are ‘losing it’, right? They are losing it, and so, the question is: what are they losing?

These journalists have lost their power of political persuasion over the nation. That is exactly what Chris Cuomo admitted in his epic rant. I quote him: “I don’t think it is worth it [I don’t think what I do is worth it anymore on CNN] because I don’t think I mean enough, I don’t think I matter enough, I don’t think I can really change anything, so then what am I really doing?” That is why we call these guys leftwing activists disguised as journalists! You see, there was a time when the mainstream media could in effect bully politicians into doing their bidding. It is not a coincidence that political fads tend to follow what the media, both in terms of news and entertainment, peddles as important. This has been long recognized, technically known as ‘agenda-setting theory.’ [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agenda-setting_theory] Agenda-setting theory is a field of study that explores the influence of the media on setting the political agenda and prioritizing political causes and policies. It has long been recognized that what the mainstream media focuses on or what current events get attention on our television sitcoms and Hollywood movies is a major driver of what counts as a viable political agenda, which of course is always radically left leaning. This is why we are not exaggerating in the least when we say that reporters are actually leftwing activists disguised as journalists. They are political agenda setters, and they know it! Well, at least they were! You see, what the Trump years are revealing to the mainstream Marxist media is that their days of determining the content for political priorities are over. More and more of the population simply are not listening to them anymore. For example, every single mainstream media outlet has hemorrhaged viewers. Their ratings are quite literally the lowest they have ever been. Newspaper circulation today is the same as in the 1940s. The New York Times is not even in the top 5 news sources anymore. More than 20 percent, one in every five, of newspapers have shut down. CNN cannot even get a million viewers for their primetime line up. All the major network news outlets have seen their audiences cut in half over the last decade.

And here is the key; we saw this boldly on display with the Trump acquittal. As a consequence of this loss in audience share and the rise of the alternative media, Republicans are no longer afraid of the mainstream media. Up until now, the mainstream media was always able to keep Republicans in line by threatening them with unflattering and politically damaging coverage. What that did is it kept at least a semblance of the notion that the Republicans were the permanent opposition party. They served merely to slow down the inevitably process of making the world more and more into the image of left wing cosmopolitan progressives. And conservatives knew they could never actually stop it, let alone reverse it! That is what the media convinced them of for decades! Until Trump, until 2016. A new breed of Republicans began to realize that they did not have to fear the media anymore. They can be like Arizona Senator Martha McSally who, when she was confronted with a gotch’ya question by the CNN leftist reporter Manu Raju, she just completely dismissed him as a liberal hack. The beauty of it is that he was absolutely insulted! Republicans are not afraid of the media anymore and THAT is what these journalist-activists are ultimately so hysterical about! They have lost their power. the power of agenda-setting, which means they have lost the entire reason why the vast majority of so-called journalists joined the mainstream media in the first place. They knew where the real power resided. It was behind the microphone and the television camera. That is where the REAL power was in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and up until 2016. Actually, until 2015, when a New York billionaire came down the escalator at Trump Tower and gave a speech announcing his candidacy for president, a candidacy that would be unapologetically nationalist, populist, and traditionalist. The media has done everything they can to stop him and like Wile E Coyote chasing after the Road Runner, they have failed. They failed over, and over, and over again.

A new day is dawning; a new world in which conservative ideas and institutions are ascending while leftwing liberals are imploding.

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