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Posted by Steve Turley ● Jun 28, 2021 3:45:55 PM

Many people were outraged to hear about the attention-seeking Olympic hammer thrower who turned away from the American flag during the playing of the national anthem over the weekend. During the recent Olympic trials, Gwen Berry, who just qualified for her second US Olympic team, actually said that she was ‘pissed’ that the Star-Spangled Banner played as she received her third-place bronze medal. As it was playing, she turned to face the stands rather than the flag and held up a black shirt that read ‘Activist Athlete.’

The backlash against this has been swift and intense! Kathy Tavoularis, a Republican operative, said it best: “Perhaps it’s time we turned our backs on her!” And that’s precisely what many people are saying, at least in terms of their sentiment. If this woke warrior has the gall to turn her back on the nation that’s giving her this fantastic Olympic opportunity, then perhaps we collectively, as the citizens of that nation, should turn our backs on her!

Vid DeGrammont, a Florida congressional candidate, who is also black, tweeted out: “If you can't respect the flag or anthem, then you shouldn't be allowed to complete.” Senator Ted Cruz responded: “Why does the Left hate America? Sure, we have our faults, but no nation in the history of the world has liberated more people from captivity, has lifted more out of poverty, has bled more for freedom, or has blessed more with abundance. God bless America.”

But then, after the avalanche of critique, when Berry was asked to give an account of what she did, she ultimately doubled down! She said that the apparent outrage over what she did proved two things: one, Americans value patriotism over basic morality, and two, all the rhetoric that black lives matter was all a lie! I would love to hear her definition of what ‘basic morality’ is, especially when her report involves spitting in the face of the very nation that’s giving you a fantastic Olympic opportunity.

Unfortunately, Gwen Berry wasn’t the only athletic personality to provoke racial controversy over the Olympics. I’m sure many of you were equally outraged by comments made by ESPN commentator Jaylen Rose. He publicly claimed that the lone white person to make the 12-man roster for the US Olympic basketball team benefited from what he called ‘tokenism.’ According to Rose, Kevin Love was on the Olympic Team solely because Olympic officials were‘scared to make an all-Black team representing the United States of America,’ adding that he was ‘disappointed in that.’

It was an astonishing claim, which, had it involved any other racial tokenism, would have been universally denounced as horrifically racist! Given the rules of political correctness, which is a form of cultural Marxism known as repressive tolerance, Rose’s absurdly racist comments are allowed, without a peep of rebuke from the mainstream Marxist media!

But if anything, the moral myopia of the mainstream Democratic media is only fueling Americans’ disgust with the plague of Critical Race Theory (CRT) that’s infected our nation!

The conclusion of a recent study shows the precise way that CRT is ruining the democratic party in its attempt to destroy our nation. It is abundantly clear that Americans are fed up with this nonsense! The Daily Caller has reported on a Republican Study Committee that found that the backlash against CRT is real and explosive! In fact, according to an NBC analysis, at least 165 local and national groups have formed to combat CRT instruction in schools across the nation!  “We are beginning to see an organic movement from parents across the country in places like Loudon County, VA, Pelham, NY, South Lake, TX, and Bloomington, IL who are fed up with the lessons their kids are taught. As House conservatives, we should be sending a signal to these concerned parents: We have your back.”

All across the nation, parents are causing school boards to run away and hide as they call them out for their tyrannical tactics and leftist ideology. Patriot parents have begun to mobilize and win elections in the midst of all this! The reference to Southlake, Texas, in the report, is very significant! The Texas school board election scored an overwhelming victory to stop critical race theory from being forced into Texas classrooms. The elections in Southlake involved the mayor, the city council, and the school board, and every single candidate that supported and campaigned on critical race theory lost by 70 percent of the vote! It was an absolute slaughter at the ballot box!

But again, that’s just par for the course in this massive backlash that CRT is provoking at a grassroots level.

GOP candidates across the nation are seizing on Critical Race Theory as the Achilles Heel of the modern-day cultural Marxist Democrat Party! The Hill is reporting that virtually every single Republican candidate out there is pummeling their Democratic opponents with CRT, promising to work to outlaw the blatantly racist curriculum from schools and government offices!

The polls are all moving in our direction on this issue as well. The most recent poll found that 58 percent of Americans, nearly 60 percent, find CRT somewhat or very unfavorable. Only 38 percent said they viewed CRT favorably.

It isn’t a coincidence that we’re beginning to see this pernicious ideology begin to unravel the Democratic Party. Asians in particular are beginning to abandon the Democrat Party in droves as they see the rise in hate crimes against them justified and explained away due to supposed structural imbalances in our society or the direct result of white supremacy rhetoric! To make matters even worse, it’s widely recognized that CRT calls out Asians to acknowledge their position of privilege. The pernicious use of CRT against Asian Americans even caused the Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York to issue a statement calling critical race theory a hate crime against Asians. “One way or another, CRT wants to get rid of too many Asians in good schools [because] Asians are [supposedly] over-represented. CRT is today’s Chinese Exclusion Act. CRT is the real hate crime against Asians.”

Make no mistake, CRT is actively destroying the Democrat Party, and if the recent elections in Southlake are any indicator, a total Democrat meltdown isn’t far away!

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