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CULTURE SHIFT! The American Right has fully embraced Nationalism!

Posted by Conrad Franz ● Sep 30, 2021 4:17:37 PM

Since the election cycle of 2015-2016, Turley Talks has helped bring the conversation surrounding the future of the right, nationalism, and convergence between American and European conservatives forward. As globalization and reckless foreign intervention drove millions of non-European foreigners to both western Eurasia as well as North America, conservatives and traditionalists around the world had to reckon with a new dilemma. Do we stand up for our people, cultures, and traditions, or maintain a status quo informed by rootless financial elitism and blind obedience to capital resulting in the free flow of cheap labor and new demographics through replacement migration? The mere mention of replacement migration or replacement theory has been enough to warrant full blown cancellation and corporate attack in years past but through a stalwart campaign of truth telling combined with cold doses of reality that come with rapid demographic shift, the conservative movement in America has become fully aware of the reality of replacement migration and seems more poised than ever to lead a charge against it. 

Tucker Carlson directly called out the Great Replacement and the elites' attempt to fundamentally change the fabric and makeup of the American nation on his ever popular show on September 22nd. This cue was followed by other prominent voices in the American right including Texas Congressman Brian Babin as well as TPUSA Founder Charlie Kirk who has changed his tune significantly from previous years where he supported extensive new labor migration into the US. As populism rises, politicians are forced to mold their platforms and brands to the will of the people, and the will of the people is clearly leaning towards nationalism and retraditionalization. One of the many manifestations of this rise in consciousness is a desire to reassert national boundaries and to mitigate dramatic change to demographic makeup. In the midst of the “Syrian” refugee crisis in Europe we witnessed a rise of true nationalism not seen in decades on the continent with the rise of Victor Orban in Hungary, the realignment towards global multipolarity through Putin’s Russia, the adoption of nationalist migration policies by even left wing governments (see Denmark), and the monumental rise of powerful right wing opposition with Salvini in Italy, VOX in Spain, and many others.  

The globalist corporate media as well as many George Soros funded outlets are already screeching over the clear normalization of nationalist rhetoric in the ranks of American conservatives. This surge in rhetoric comes at a time when those on the right are trying their hardest to hold southern Governors, especially Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, accountable as well as make it known that the people support new action taken on behalf of states to make up for federal ineptitude (which we know, of course, is intentional). Many in the American Southwest have taken up the mantle of defending America from a nationalist perspective with Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick explicitly making it an issue of demographics, as well as Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar leading the way towards a legislative immmigration moratorium. 

The corporate puppet show of left and right may pitch a loud fit over this but the message is clear, nationalism is here to stay and the media and puppet politicians can do nothing about it!

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