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Democratic Debates: The BIG WINNER was TRUMP!!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Jun 28, 2019 11:36:23 AM

The Democrats have just completed the first round of debates for who will get the Democratic nomination, and it is becoming increasingly clear from the post-debate analysis that the clear winner, the run-away winner from all this banter is none other than President Donald Trump. There are several reasons for this. First and foremost, the main candidates, the ones with the most popularity, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, fell flat. Their performance was unanimously recognized as utterly embarrassing. A journalist writing for TheWeek.com began his post-debate analysis by stating that former Vice President Joe Biden gave perhaps the most disastrous performance by a frontrunner in the history of presidential primary debates. He looked confused, his answers were evasive, and his gestures were spasmodic. Biden once again showed just how gaffe prone he was. He said his first job as president will be to defeat Donald Trump. Again, his first job as president will be to defeat Trump. When he was pressed on his opposition to forced busing in America, forced busing involved the mandating of desegregating our public schools back in the 60s and 70s, Biden opposed that and he tried to defend that opposition by claiming that he only opposed busing ordered by the Department of Education (the one problem is that the Department of Education didn’t exist back in the mid-70s when he was busy opposing forced busing). So he is proving himself to be a disaster from the get-go.

As far as Bernie is concerned, he’s gone full-Mondale. He admitted that he would be raising MIDDLE CLASS taxes if elected president, he WILL raise your taxes. If history is our guide here, the bye, bye Bernie. You can promise to raise taxes on the rich and win, but you simply cannot tell middle class voters that they’re going to have less money if they vote for you and expect to win. 

Moreover, given now that Sanders’ socialism has basically been embraced by all the candidates in at least some way, shape, or form, he’s lost his unique positioning. He ran to the left of Clinton in 2016, but now everyone’s running to the left of him, so I don’t think he’s going to get beyond the basic threshold of support that he already has, and may even begin to see it dwindle as more of his voters defect and switch to more viable and exciting candidates.

But I think the key death knell in all of this involved the question: “Do you support healthcare for illegal immigrants?” Every single Democratic candidate said yes, absolutely! We do not just support healthcare for all, we support healthcare even for those who are here illegally! Now, the Democrats needed a lesson from the European left here. The Democrats would have benefited if they paid attention to what Social Democrats have been doing in Europe in order to win elections, particularly in Denmark. Remember, Denmark was the single most cited model nation among the then Democratic primary candidates for president; it was the most cited nation as the ideal for liberal Democratic policies, in that Denmark was famous for providing the most generous benefits for their citizens, in terms of affordable education, universal healthcare, and subsidized child care. And no presidential candidate cited the example of Denmark more than one Bernie Sanders of all people. He often stated that his vision of democratic socialism was best exemplified by countries like Denmark. But Sanders has yet to recognize that the Social Democrats in Denmark have embraced what was once considered the immigration policies of the far-right, the radical-right, the EXTREME rightwing! 

The Social Democrats won the nation election by promising to continue the stringent border security of the Danish rightwing and they’re not alone. The Die Linke party in Germany has made anti-immigration a center-piece of their political platform, and the reason for this is that the European left is more and more recognizing that their commitment to open borders has revealed a fundamental contradiction within their own political platform when it comes to their commitment to the welfare state. More and more people are recognizing that there is a fundamental contradiction between being advocates of mass immigration on the one hand and the survival and integrity of the welfare state and social services on the other. The political left simply cannot possibly claim to be BOTH guardians of the welfare state on the one hand and proponents of unfettered immigration on the other. 

There was a study conducted by the Danish Ministry of Finance, and this study concluded that immigration from third world nations was costing Danish taxpayers tens of billions of euros a year, tens of billions of euros a year, which of course takes away tens of billions of euros spent on welfare and public services for Danish citizens. So there’s really no two ways about it; if the left is going to politically survive, whether in Europe or in the United States, it is going to have to adopt some form of what’s called welfare chauvinism; in other words, welfare is for the citizens of a nation only, and not free for the taking for anyone who happens to cross over their border. And guess who has been arguing for welfare chauvinism for decades now? The nationalist populist right, the so-called ‘far right’ or ‘radical right’. The left in Europe is increasingly adopting the immigration and welfare stance that were once ridiculed, absolutely dismissed as the racist rants of the European far-right. Ultimately, this is why the big winner from these Democratic debates was Donald Trump. the Democrats are blinded to the blatant contradiction inherent in their own political policies. You cannot maintain the viability of the welfare state AND support open borders. A viable welfare state requires limits on the beneficiaries of such welfare and open borders destroys those limits. Every single candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination appears blind to just such a contradiction, which means that the election of 2020, in many respects, has already been decided.

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