Democrats Admit Russia Fixation Is Hurting Them!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Aug 23, 2017 9:01:00 PM

As the lamestream media remain fixated and obsessed over these new ‘revelations’ of Donald Trump, Jr meeting with a Russian liaison, political liberals are starting to get honest with themselves and beginning to recognize that this whole Russian thing really is just going nowhere for them. Again, not only is this Russia collusion thing a big ‘nothing burger’ as CNN’s Van Jones admitted, but it’s doing the Democrats no good in any observable way. And now we have prominent Democrats coming out and saying that.

So, on a recent broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” the ultra-libbie California Lieutenant Governor and gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom made it clear that as far as he is concerned, the whole Russia story is not going to do anything for Democrats and it’s a total loser. He pointed out that it was not going to get a single statehouse back, and that it doesn’t do a thing for the Democratic Party and their agenda.

And Newsom is not alone. The great globalist apologist Fareed Zakaria of CNN, the one who predicted that Donald Trump would lose and then destroy the Republican Party, and then it will take the likes of the far more responsible Paul Ryan – whom Zakaria did not vote for in 2012 by the way – to pick up the pieces and rebuild the Republican Party. Yes, that Fareed Zakaria, who still gets a paycheck. Well even he is admitting that unless the Demoncrats start understanding the complexity of America’s culture, they are not coming back. He is talking about the rural voter, the voter who is very suspicious of globalization and secularization; if Democrats continue to ignore these voters, they’re toast. As Newsom admitted, you can get rid of Donald Trump – I do not think they’ll even get close, by the way – but you could get rid of Trump, so what? What have you accomplished for your political agenda? Nothing.

Slowly, the powers-that-be are coming to terms with the fact that nobody cares about Russia; it is not out there on social media, it is not trending on Twitter, except of course in terms of its ultra-hypocrisy: The Democrats and the media want to see Donald Trump’s one email, but they didn’t want to have anything to do with Hillary Clinton’s tens of thousands of emails! I mean, people see through this; you can not hide it anymore. So the lamestream media cares about it, the Demoncrats care, but nobody else does. Sorry. It just ain’t stickin’ like you want it to; and that is because there is simply nothing there.

And as if this picture couldn’t get even more bleak, you have a study released by a professor at Keystone College, Jeff Brauer, who found that the current new generation of voters, what is often referred to as Generation Z, is far more prone to the political right than were millennials. He found that two forms of insecurity, economic instability and threats of terrorism, were moving Generation Z to the political right. Now what is so fascinating with this study is that the findings are corroborated by another study that found that the same two forms of instability, economic and security issues, were launching the far-right into the political mainstream in Europe. In fact, one scholar argues that we are now in what she calls a ‘post-security politics’ or political period right now, and that it is the far right or what we call the nationalist populists who are most effectively and specifically dealing with these twin issues, of economic and security uncertainties.

And where are the Demoncrats on these two issues? Where are they? Well, according to Newsom, nowhere. According to their own people, nowhere. Remember, as the Demoncrats fixate on Russia, Trump really is changing America, big time. We have talked about this in an earlier video, but I think it bears repeating that these very two issues that are defining the current political paradigm shift belong now to the politics and policies of Donald Trump. So you have the so-called Trump Rally continuing on Wall Street, with consumer sentiment reaching a 13 year high . You have optimism among small business owners skyrocketing. Every other day we read about another company investing in the United States. And the job growth rate is 30 percent higher than the Obama years.

And not only did he get his immigration restrictions reinstated as well as funding approved for his wall on the southern border, but illegal immigration has already plummeted since Trump took office; it’s fallen by nearly 70 percent, the lowest it has been in 17 years. And the number of illegal immigrants arrested at the border has more than doubled.

Trump owns these two issues of economic and border security, the very two issues that are propelling nationalist populists all over the world to political prominence and power, and in turn marginalizing the old political left. And more and more Democrats are beginning to recognize this and are very concerned that the current fixation over the nothing-burger Russia issue is completely distracting them from this mass political paradigm shift that’s taking place before our very eyes totally irrespective of whatever happens with the Russia probe.

If you want to get a sense of just how bad it is for the Demoncrats, I don’t know if you have seen one of the new political bumper stickers that the DNC has produced of late; one of its official slogans. It is utterly cringeworthy; this is one of the DNC’s official slogans: “I mean, have you seen the other guys?” That is the slogan. Even far-left outlets like Salon were embarrassed by this. They actually put forward the phrase: ‘I mean, have you seen the other guys?’ as an official DNC slogan. It really is revealing, as is the whole Russia collusion narrative. Look, it is essential to understand how to interpret this. The DNC slogan is the Russia story. The DNC slogan is the Russia story. What I mean by that is: The Demoncrats and their compadres in the secular corporatist media are teaming up to in effect cover up the fact that the Demoncrats and its so-called leadership, the senile Nancy, the ‘I think George Bush is still president’ Pelosi, along with the most annoying biped walking the earth, UpChuck Schumer, and the chair of the DNC, Tom and Jerry Perez, have no platform. This is the real cover up. This is what the media will not talk about. Russia is there to make up for the incompetence and incoherence of the post-Obama Democratic party that has been hemorrhaging political seats for the past eight years, where they have lost over a thousand federal, state, and local seats throughout the nation. Just let that kind of blood bath hit you. They have no platform; they are aimless; and all they have is racism and Russia; that is it. That is the cover up that’s going on.

So in the spirit of honest debate, I am glad to see some reflective secular libs coming to terms with the failed strategy of their so-called leadership and the lamestream media who were so pathetically embarrassed by the results of the 2016 election. Now whether their warnings will be heeded is another question. I would argue that the Democratic Party is going to have to go the way of the far left; the Occupy Wall Street left, they can’t go moderate left; there’s nothing there anymore for them, Obama proved that. They like their counterparts in Europe will have to go to the far-left that at the very least is dealing with the economic instability and insecurity issue from the vantage point of a socialist fix, a socialist solution, sort of what Bernie Sanders has tried to do. But remember, they have not fix for the immigration problem, because they don’t want a fix on that. And even in Europe, that’s where the far-left is getting their butts kicked by the so-called far-right who are addressing both economic as well as border insecurities. So, we’ll have to see where the Demoncrats go on this one. But more and more, they’re realizing that the whole Russia fixation is a no-winner for them.


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