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Posted by Steve Turley ● Nov 1, 2021 7:20:31 PM

          Leftists today love to make the baseless claim that Trump and the GOP are launching a ‘slow-motion coup.’ Supposedly this coup is happening at two levels. First, it involves Trump taking over the Republican Party, which he’s done by amassing an astonishing war chest. His Save America PAC has outraised the Republican National Committee almost two to one. Trump now controls the purse strings of the GOP. Second, leftists believe Trump is directing Republican legislatures across the nation to pass these so-called voter suppression laws, which will be solidified when the GOP takes over Congress in the 2022 midterms. With all of this voter suppression instituted throughout the nation, Trump will supposedly make a triumphal return in 2024! 

          There’s a different explanation for what’s happening with Trump and the GOP, but the left is panicking like never before! That ‘slow-motion coup’ meme, as far as the left is concerned, is simply no longer adequate to describe the conditions that are shaping up for 2022 and 2024. And so, at least one author at the ultra-left Salon.com is sounding the alarm that the supposed slow-motion coup has indeed turned into a ‘runaway train.’ The hysterical piece captures the panic that’s beginning to set in among the far-left as they recognize how our nation is progressively more realigned and recalibrated around the MAGA-based American First agenda. 

          Four Trumpian trends are all happening simultaneously and panicking the left as we speak. These are the four directions they see this Trump coup playing out. First and foremost, there are significant and sweeping changes in state legislatures regarding clarifying their constitutional standards for conducting elections. The state legislatures constitutionally have plenary authority to determine how elections are conducted in terms of the time, place, and manner of their choosing. However, as we so rudely found out in November of 2020, many states like Pennsylvania and Georgia had given that authority to various state agents. The Secretary of State, elections commissions, and legislators stayed out of it! 

          Thankfully, states like Pennsylvania, Texas, South Carolina, and Georgia are all implementing strict guidelines and protocols to clarify and streamline any gray areas in their respective constitutions regarding how elections are to be conducted. The state legislatures have restored their constitutionally mandated oversight regarding elections. The leftists at Salon believe that this measure alone will allow state legislatures to determine the election winners regardless of the actual vote and the people’s will. In other words, leftists are panicked that the 30 Republican legislatures that dominate our electoral map are going to step in and nitpick the legality of the vote until their candidates win every single time! 

          The shocking naivety here, of course, is that that is precisely what patriots are accusing leftist secretaries of states of doing. The Georgia secretary of state Brand Raffensperger made a secret deal with the Democrat Party of Georgia to remove the chain of custody precedent of mail-in ballots. That’s why there was so little mail-in ballot rejection in November. In 2016, 5 percent of mail-in ballots in Georgia were rejected, and in 2020 it was as low as .03  percent. These figures come despite there being six times more ballots sent in. All of this goes back to the indefensible decree Georgias RINO Secretary of State signed in an agreement with that radical leftist activist Stacy Abrams. The decree removed the safeguards and the vetting protocols for mail-in ballots. Ironically, the far-left is accusing these state legislatures of doing precisely what they’ve been champions of.

          The infamous voter suppression laws are important to note as well! Laws designed to uphold the legal integrity of every single vote are, of course, relabeled as Jim Crow Part 2 by the far left. The name is only because they’re doing exactly what they were designed to do: provide objective safeguards against voter fraud! Nineteen red states have enacted election integrity laws fundamentally opposed to those of blue states. Among those, 15 states have radically reduced the ability to even apply for a mail-in ballot. Four states have gotten rid of drop boxes, and nearly ten states have imposed stricter voter ID requirements. These changes are one of the biggest concerns the left now has. Additionally, Republican gerrymandering across the country is all but guaranteeing GOP dominance for the foreseeable future! Republicans are busily redistricting the nation’s congressional districts so that the Democrats simply can’t compete with them. Recall when the Republicans dominated the state legislatures in 2020. That change means that they can redraw congressional districts all over the map so that they may be poised to dominate the House for the next decade. The GOP is now in complete control of statehouses and governorships that will redraw maps for 188 Congressional districts. That astounding number represents 50 percent of all districts in the nation! Republicans also already have control over several districts outside that 50 percent, so that means that Republicans will now control the vast majority of congressional districts. The Democrats may have no chance to compete in House races for the foreseeable future!

          The left is panicked, and rightfully so! The fourth and final concern is the so-called Big Lie! Trump continues to hammer on the integrity of our elections, which in effect renders our democratic institutions illegitimate! Thanks to the AZ audit it is now clear that one of the things that the left is panicked about is how Trump and the MAGA movement are weakening Biden and the Democrats. Trump and his movement are disrupting the ability to govern by constantly questioning the Biden administration’s legitimacy. As far as the left is concerned, the Arizona audit is doing precisely what it was meant to do; it helps to cripple Biden and the Democrats. 

          What’s happening before our very eyes, with these various simultaneous trends, is that the Trump-dominated GOP is actively and deliberately taking over our election process. Likely, these changes will result in a red wave coming in the 2022 midterms and will set the stage for Trump’s return in 2024. The so-called slow-motion coup that leftists at Salon and CNN’s Jim Acosta are so panicked about reveals that the world today is changing. It’s moving away from the liberal utopian ideologies that so dominated the 20th century and moving more towards nationalism, populism, and traditionalism. The left seems incapable of understanding that the organic movement away from globalism to nationalism is not demonstrative of authoritarianism. It is also apparent that the left slowly realizes that such hysterics are utterly powerless in the face of such a massive political and cultural paradigm shift! Liberalism is dead, and a new conservative age is rising. The best part is that there’s nothing, absolutely nothing, the bygone era of the left can do to stop it! 

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