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Dinesh D'Souza and Dr. Steve Turley to speak at POWERHOUSE American Freedom Tour!!!

Posted by Conrad Franz ● Oct 4, 2021 3:27:13 PM

Get your American Freedom Tour tickets NOW! Dr. Steve Turley will speak on stage with Donald Trump Jr. and a host of other patriot superstars in Jacksonville, Florida on October 8th-9th. Tickets are going fast and the first 100 Turley Talkers to sign up will be entered into a raffle to go to dinner with Dr. Steve himself and his team, so act now!


Dr. Steve will be joined by none other than media powerhouse Dinesh D’Souza! D’Souza has been fighting against globalists and liberals for years even before Donald Trump and the MAGA movement rose to prominence. His documentaries exposing the corruption of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other deep state operatives have been wildly successful and he has engaged in debates against some of the most prominent secularists and atheists to defend Christianity and Christian society. In fact, his documentaries about both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are said to have had noticeable influence on the respective elections that followed their release.

D’Souza now has a popular podcast headquartered on Rumble and also writes many hard-hitting and popular articles for Townhall. Never afraid to go after some of the most powerful, D’Souza recently scoured woke General Mark Milley with this line in a recent article: 

“I always have to laugh when I see this guy. He's such a costume peacock. He's such a pompous, full of himself type of guy. First of all, his ridiculous outfit. What are we looking at? Some Soviet general? He has like 400 medals. How long does it take for this guy to get dressed?”

D’Souza has been on the frontline of exposing the deep state and radical left for their not-so subtle ties to communists and violent revolutionaries. D’Souza’s has done more work than possibly anyone else in exposing Barack Obama’s early communist mentors. Most prominent of these was communist party member and radical intersectionalist Frank Marshall Davis. D’Souza was ultimately targeted in what Sarah Huckabee Sanders called “selective prosecution” of campaign finance laws in 2014 and was ultimately pardoned by President Trump in 2018. D’Souza was charged for a misunderstanding regarding a $5,000 donation by one of his employees to a 2010 New York Senate candidate in what was clearly an attempt to ruin the reputation of an effective conservative researcher and journalist. In spite of these attempts to silence him, Dinesh has never backed down and has been a key ally of the MAGA movement and President Trump during these times of unprecedented censorship under the Biden regime.

Do not miss Dinesh D’Souza and Dr. Steve TOGETHER on the American Freedom Tour! October 8th-9th will see the Tour in Jacksonville. Buy your tickets HERE before it’s too late!!!

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