Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin Meet: Is This A New Beginning?

Posted by Steve Turley ● Jul 27, 2017 5:59:00 PM

I wanted to give you a quick overview of the meeting between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin as information has surfaced from eyewitnesses. It’s being reported by insiders who were in attendance at the meeting that it was very productive, very friendly, and appears to be setting the course for new geopolitical relations between the US and Russia. Now of course, here in the fake news world of the US and its lamestream media, you are not going to hear much more than the discussion involving Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. That’s all they care about, and of course largely to try to save face for why they were so ridiculously wrong with their predictions and polls. We weren’t of course; we’ll not stop gloating over the fact that we predicted using three different electoral models and cultural trend analyses that Trump would win and win handily. We were right, and CNN was wrong! I mean, they were so pathetically wrong, across the board, that it didn’t matter which network or cable news outlet you tuned into, they all actually looked as if they were attending a funeral the night of the election results; I mean they literally didn’t know what to say; they were utterly shell shocked. So being the petulant, spoiled, little secular liberals that they are, they still haven’t gotten over it, even though there hasn’t been a single shred of hard proof evidence regarding any Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, and I frankly don’t even know how there could be even if such a fairy tale did take place.

Nevertheless, a number of far more reputable news sites, mostly outside of the US, are reporting on just what the attendees of the meeting saw. And so I just wanted to give you a quick overview of that, because I do believe that it is very possibly the beginning of a new era between the US and Russia, which may have huge geo-political implications.

First, I think we have some very good news on the Syria front. It looks like the US, Russia, and Jordan will initiate and oversee a ceasefire in South-western Syria, and in turn create a new de-escalation zone there which will be monitored jointly by the three nations: the US, Russia, and Jordan. This was announced by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The ceasefire is scheduled to take place by noon of July 9th. And this will be at least a partial end to the six year civil war in Syria, with government forces fighting against both Syrian opposition groups and ISIS fighters and other terrorist organizations. Now Russia will be responsible for monitoring and maintaining Assad’s part of the ceasefire agreement, while the US and Jordan will be overseeing the rebel forces. The ISIS caliphate does appear to be on the verge of collapse, which would eliminate one of the three major agents in this conflict.

Moscow of course is pro-Assad, and has been assisting Damascus via supporting the struggle against the terrorist groups and providing humanitarian aid to Syrian residents displaced by the war. And I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that this face to face communication between Trump and Putin may indeed have in fact avoided WWIII, with the US in its opposition to Assad coming very close to actually bombing Russian troops and military deployments and Putin in turn threatening to shoot down any air craft, including US aircraft, in Western Syria. So this was definitely a very necessary and very promising meeting on that issue alone.

Secondly, they discussed the situation in the Ukraine and particularly the war in the DonBASS region. Both sides reiterated their support for the so-called Minsk agreements, which were originally drafted and agreed to back in 2014 but have since collapsed. Moscow and Washington are planning to set up a bilateral channel of communication to monitor the war in DonBASS and try to bring about a peace settlement there through the implementation of the latest Minsk agreement. They did discuss Crimea, but to my knowledge, no details have emerged from that. As far as I’m concerned, Crimea is a done deal, it has been successfully annexed to Russia; there’s no going back on that one. Crimea is far too close to Russian history and culture for us to even give this the time of day; I mean Prince Vladimir who brought Christianity to Russia was baptized in Crimea, which Putin has cited on several occasions. There’s just too much sacred significance there for anyone on the outside of this to get in the way. So Crimea’s a done deal and I don’t know why it’s even being discussed anymore.

Now what also appears to be becoming a bit of a done deal is the whole notion of Russian interference in the 2016 election. The subject did come up; of course Trump had to raise it. Putin flat out denied it. And frankly, Trump seems to be glad to accept it. In fact, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey LavROV indicated that both Trump and Putin had a bit of laugh together on this whole fixation among our obsessed lamestream media; Trump was reported as agreeing that such an obsession was in fact ‘bizarre’.

I think Putin is completely in the right in denying any involvement in this whole nonsense. Look, we now know, thanks to the dumping of Vault 7 from Wikileaks, that intelligence agencies can orchestrate cyberattacks that are cloaked or disguised as coming from someone else. So supposed Russian hacking could actually in fact be the work of an American intelligence agent. Because of this cloaking capability, we don’t even know where the hacking is coming from anymore. So Putin is completely in the right to deny any Russian involvement. And Trump, of course, in Poland pinned all of this on Obama, who had intelligence back in August of 2016 of supposed-Russian involvement in the election and didn’t do anything about it; accept of course to expel a bunch of Russian diplomats in late December, nearly six months after he knew, but that’s of course only after Trump won. Hmm, coincidence????

Now of course, the restoration of Russian diplomats and property was discussed as well. They both talked about expediting the processes to reestablish diplomatic relations after the expulsion ordered by then lame-duck Obama.

Finally, the escalating tensions surrounding the Korean peninsula were discussed; very little details have emerged as of yet; but Putin is publically stating that all sides need to cool down a bit and wait this thing out while diplomatic processes are underway at the National Security Council. So we’ll see on that one.

All and all, this is was a very important meeting and certainly a necessary one. From a personal vantage, the two men seemed to get along very well, and I certainly hope that both Trump and Putin have established a new report based on their mutual nationalist-populist commitments and their shared hatred of secular globalization. We can only hope that the neocons on the supposed political right here in the US, along with the wacky secular liberals like UpChuck Schumer, will become less and less of a factor in a new geo-political mutuality between the US and Russia. Outside of the formal Christianization of China, I can’t see a more important alliance forming in a new conservative age than that of the US and Russia. So we’ll keep an eye on things and see how they develop in the coming months.


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