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Dr. Steve Turley and Sheriff David Clarke TOGETHER on the American Freedom Tour!!!

Posted by Conrad Franz ● Oct 6, 2021 3:03:27 PM

Often called “America’s Sheriff” David Clarke was Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin from 2002 until 2017 when he joined Donald Trump’s America First Action PAC as a spokesman and senior advisor. Sheriff Clarke has never been afraid to speak controversial truths using his podcast and video platforms to push back against both radical anti police rhetoric as well as lambast tyrannical federal law enforcement and intelligence communities who have recently declared war on core American patriots. A true patriot, he will be a valuable voice on the American Freedom Tour.


Clarke has lambasted Black Lives Matter, calling it a terrorist organization. He has pointed out the inconvenient facts that law enforcement officers are in fact less likely to shoot black suspects and that averages of huge studies of police training courses show more hesitance when tested with black suspects. The left wing media complex has hated Sheriff Clarke since he first entered the national political scene as a staunchly conservative black sheriff of a major American city. 


Sheriff Clarke was called an “acceptable negro” by progressives in his city when he was first elected but Clarke has, as shown, rejected damaging racial narratives. I’m sure those city council activists who used such rhetoric gleefully watched as BLM burned midwestern cities. Clarke’s heroes growing up where his paratrooper veteran father and his NFL wide receiver uncle Frank Clarke. Clarke learned the value of authority growing up in a military household and when his father continued to skydive recreationally after his service he had young David pack his parachute for him.  


Much like President Donald Trump, Sheriff Clarke has been deemed “too controversial” for the softies at FOX and has now been growing more than ever on alternative platforms and his own website. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and Parler!

The American Freedom Tour is starting in Jacksonville, Florida October 8th-9th and we want as many Turley Talkers as possible to see Dr. Steve speak with Sheriff Clarke, Donald Trump Jr. and the other amazing patriots being brought together. Get your tickets HERE!!!


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