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Dr. Steve Turley to speak with Donald Trump Jr. as the TRUMP TRAIN starts its engines again!

Posted by Conrad Franz ● Oct 1, 2021 3:59:03 PM

You do not want to miss this monumental meeting of two political juggernauts! Buy your tickets to the American Freedom Tour now and see Dr. Steve and Donald Trump Jr. in Jacksonville Florida on October 8th-9th!!!

With the election stolen and big tech oligarchs ushering in a new era of draconian censorship, it seemed that the Trump Train might have run out of fuel. President Donald Trump has been effectively muzzled on the internet and has only recently emerged onto the campaign scene with his recent explosive MAGA rallies. There is another tip to this spear though in none other than the eldest son himself, Donald Trump Junior! While he has managed to evade the all encompassing twitter ban that his father was given, he had already been suspended once for tweeting truths about the COVID “pandemic”. Trump Jr. still maintains a powerful social media presence, across multiple platforms, and uses it to rally many big names to the cause of resisting the Biden puppet regime. The American Freedom Tour is going to be a HUGE energy boost for the 2022 midterm campaigns and right now Republicans, and MANY nationalist populist candidates, are poised to make big gains and possibly retake both chambers!

Donald Trump Jr. has been a pain in the side of the media/intelligence-agency industrial complex for quite some time now. In the wake of the “Justice for J6” rally, the younger Trump hilariously mocked the obvious undercover Federal agents operating at the event. This sort of astuteness and willingness to identify the hidden and shadowy hands operating seamlessly in the political space is one of the many reasons establishment politicians wish to kneecap the Trump family before the momentum of 2016 can be reignited. Trump Jr. has been one of the leading voices on the right to defund, investigate, and entirely gut the FBI. The FBI has been waging a domestic “war on terror” against American patriots for at least a year now (openly) and it is voices like Don Junior’s and those rallying around him that they seek to silence with their collaborators in silicon valley. 

The audits are also rapidly gaining momentum and while the social media censors have somewhat neutered the spread of real information regarding the election, the news is nonetheless getting the establishment shaking. Dr. Steve’s coverage of the Arizona audit has been going VIRAL and the coming live platform of the American Freedom Tour will give him and Don Jr. the chance to spread the uncensored truth to thousands of Americans across the nation!

The Trump heir has brought many powerful speakers together for his 4 city American Freedom Tour that starts in Jacksonville. Our own Dr. Steve will be there along with Dan Bongino, Kayleigh McEnany, Dinesh D’Souza, Sheriff David Clarke and more! The fact that the Trump team and the movement to retake our government has enlisted Dr. Steve, one of the foremost NATIONALIST thinkers and advocates, truly proves that a new conservative age is rising! An era of American revitalization as a nation of freedom loving families as opposed to an exclusive economic zone for elites is over! Get your tickets to the American Freedom Tour now by clicking here!



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