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Dr. Steve Turley to speak with Firebrand Commentator Dan Bongino on the American Freedom Tour!

Posted by Conrad Franz ● Sep 29, 2021 2:16:16 PM

Among the many patriots that will be joining our own Dr. Steve Turley on the stage in Jacksonville, Florida from October 8th-9th is none other than the raucous firebrand of both TV and Radio, Dan Bongino!

Bongino is a seasoned law enforcement officer with over 16 years of experience under his belt in both the NYPD and Federal Secret Service. Bongino has provided some of the most raw and hard-hitting conservative and nationalist content in the past year through his Radio show on Fox Nation and his Saturday evening show on the FOX TV Network. Bongino also runs one of the most popular facebook pages in existence, one of the many reasons he has been dubbed the true successor of the late great Rush Limbaugh.

While Bongino boasts impressive engagement and is one of few commentators who’s individual influence can be directly tied to the political success of the right, he is not afraid to double down on positions deemed unpopular or even controversial by some in the conservative space. For example, Bongino blasted his employers at FOX for editing his interview with President Donald Trump to remove any discussion of the 2020 election. He also abandoned an immensely popular twitter account (boasting almost 3 million followers) to shift his focus to alternative platforms after being given a 12 hour suspension for sharing a clip of President Trump. Be sure to join thousands of patriots on Dr. Steve’s Parler account as well.

In July, Bongino began calling for people to flee the cities and create their own “enclaves” in more rural and conservative areas. He has supported law enforcement refusing to enforce gun control as well as resistance to mask and vaccine mandates. While he has not used this language it is clear that Bongino understands the underlying ideals of the Parallel Polis and the current need to reclaim space and institutions outside of globalist interests. Dr. Steve has explored this idea in even greater detail and has many videos giving invaluable and specific advice and resource access towards the end of creating a parallel and patriotic society.

Seeing these two voices brought together by none other than Donald Trump Jr. as well as the other all star cast of patriots is as joyous as it is groundbreaking and we hope that you can make it to Jacksonville on October 8th-9th to experience it yourself. Buy your tickets HERE before it is too late!!!

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