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Eastern Europe ON THE BRINK as NATO-Russia Talks BREAK DOWN!

Posted by Conrad Franz ● Jan 14, 2022 5:39:11 PM

As talks between NATO, the EU, the US, and Russia wrap up in Switzerland and Brussels it is clear that the diplomatic solutions to the current crisis are drying up fast. NATO officials made it clear that there was still a path to membership for Finland, Ukraine, and Georgia which were explicit red lines for the Russian’s going into the talks. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in fact has called Ukraine and Georgia “future NATO members” insisting the process is already well underway. Despite the US and NATO envoys bloviating about “Russian aggression” the situation can be much more simply understood when the two demands of the Russian Federation are understood: no further NATO expansion, and no missile systems near its borders. Everyone knows about the Cuban missile crisis and how soviet missiles off the coast of Florida was an obvious red line for the United States. Who would want missiles within flight time of your nation’s capital? Well Russia has been in that position for decades with American missiles in Turkey and the expansion of military training and private contractors to places like Ukraine and Georgia on the border of the already shrunken Federation. NATO Secretary general Jens Stoltenberg made a statement that should truly shake any rational persons confidence in the Treaty Organization: “NATO expansion is not an aggressive act as it spreads democracy.” This was of course, after stating that Russian troops movements and exercises within the borders of the Federation were viewed as aggressive. "Democracy" is nothing more than a buzzword for leftist secularization in Christian and more traditionally minded nations. It is clear that NATO is engaging in what is effectively imperialism to extract resources from eastern European Christian nations and subvert their population into something more akin to the secularized consumer class currently residing in the US and Western Europe.

Colonel Douglas MacGregor wrote a great new piece for the American Conservative in which he urges realism and restraint from the American imperialist structure. Have our elites truly thought through a land war with the Russian Federation? In conclusion he states:

A long, arduous, and exhausting conflict, rather than a decisive victory, would then ensue—the worst possible outcome for an American society intolerant of heavy casualties and the reduced living standards that such a war would entail. This is the sort of “progressive desert” no American wants.”

The prospect of a Russian invasion of Ukraine and attempted annex of the Donbass or regions east of the Dnieper is still speculative and is not the desired outcome of the Russian Federation but as NATO refuses to respect any red lines the options the Russians have dwindle. On Friday, January 14th, many Ukrainian embassies and other diplomatic missions had their websites hacked and brought down. In the midst of this western and American media outlets are spreading propaganda about a potential “false flag” attack by the Russians to justify an invasion. There has been rumor of a Ukrainian offensive into the Donbass and even targets inside the Russian Federation so this could be a pretext to condemn a Russian response. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently stated that the US directly had a hand in the Church schism in Ukraine, bringing the civilizational nature of this standoff to the fore. Will America continue to push the envelope of secular globalist imperialism to the point of a Russian show of force in response? We will have to wait and see...

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