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EU Revolt: Poland Says 12 Nations Ready to Stand Against Brussels!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Apr 30, 2018 1:32:48 PM

The Polish Prime-Minister has revealed that 12 countries are ready to stand united against the Merkel-Macron agenda in Brussels. Speaking at the German Marshall Fund Brussels Forum, the Polish prime-minister Matausz Morawiecki revealed that the dominance of Germany and France over the European Union really appears to have come to an end. A number of member nations are ready to band together and basically form a bloc of de-facto Eurosceptic nations that would have the power to stop German and French plans to increase the power of Brussels over member nations. Morawiecki was asked whether he had different ideas about the rule of Brussels in the lives of Europeans than those of the Franco-Germanic alliance, which is characterized of course by wanting more integration, more centralization, more Europe; in many respects, that is become sort of the buzz word among the Eurocrat elite. They want more Europe and less direct democracy, less nationalism, less accountability at the local level. Morawiecki not only made it clear that he stands diametrically opposed to more EU bureaucracy and regulation and power, and basically said that as of now, there are 12 nations that are standing united in their opposition against the expansion of Brussels as the primary power among EU nations. Now, eight of these 12 countries are in the north, and he’s referring here to a report issued by these eight northern European nations that cautioned Merkel and Marcon in pursuing what they considered overly ambitious plans for the EU. The eight countries were Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Sweden. As the British paper The Express put it, they all hit out at the Franco-German proposals for deepening eurozone integration. 

What they are concerned about is that Merkel and Macron appear to want to create things like a joint euro zone budget and a common finance ministry; in other words, just continuing the process of more and more financial and regulative centralization of European life around Brussels. And what these nations are saying is, “Hey, we do not want anything like that.” Now, they are not saying, you know, throw the whole thing out, as it were; they are putting their own positive proposals forward. They are more interested in putting together a European Monetary Fund to help nations hit by economic downturns and unemployment. This is because it is believed that a European Monetary Fund would actually promote European sovereignty and self-reliance, and so even nationalist and populist movements within individual European nations are rather open and sympathetic to such a creation, the formation of a European Monetary Fund that can then be dispensed and spent at the discretion of individual nations.

But when it comes to just further centralizing power in Brussels, like a common euro zone budget and finance ministry, these nations are saying: Forget it, we do not want anything to do with it. Brussels has accumulated too much power, and as far as we are concerned, we are going to start the process of decentralization; they believe voting as a block, creating a grand coalition of their own, is the primary way of accomplishing this decentralization.

In addition to the eight northern European nations, you have of course the Visegrad Four, which includes Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. So, the Visegrad Four and the so-called eight Northern Lights are forming a 12-nation coalition that is already showing its capacity to frustrate Brussels. As many of you know, Poland is now the subject of what is called Article 7 which if it passes would effectively strip Poland of its voting rights in the European Assembly. The European Union is attempting to sanction Poland for its reforms in its judiciary, which still has many communist hangovers. But the EU could care less; they want the Law and Justice Party, which is the dominant party in Poland right now, to stop meddling in the affairs of what they in the EU are actually calling an “independent judiciary.” The Law and Justice Party has responded by saying, “Hey, communism and secularism are not the hallmarks of an independent judiciary, but rather the characteristics of an anti-cultural, anti-civilizational elitist judiciary that stands for everything EU and everything against Poland First.” So they have gone ahead and begun the process of getting rid of these communist holdovers and putting in more conservative traditionalist judges.

Well, the EU can’t have THAT! And so what the EU has done is start the process of launching what is called “article 7” of the EU charter, which if it goes all the way, would strip Poland of its voting rights in the EU assembly. The article has never been previously invoked, and so this is a completely unprecedented move by the EU in attempting to sanction Poland.

And the beauty here is that the Visegrad 4, as part of this new alliance that is emerging, are staying totally united in all of this; Viktor Orban, the prime minister of Hungary, has already promised that Hungary would vote against any attempt at censoring or punishing Poland, Poland is doing the same thing for Hungary and Slovakia, all of whom are being sued by the EU for not accepting their mandated immigration quotas. This of course will completely frustrate any attempt at punishing any one of the member nations, since you need a unanimous vote to pass Article 7; and the Visegrad 4 unwaveringly stand in the way of that.

And so, what Prime Minister Morawiecki is in effect saying is that this Visegrad coalition may in fact be expanding beyond these four nations and encompassing a total of 12, with the 8 Northern Lights joining in. For those of you who do not know, the Eurozone is made up of 19 nations, so a 12-nation-bloc is very significant; in fairness, a couple of the nations in the Northern Lights are not in the Eurozone, but nevertheless, this a pretty formidable coalition that seems to be saying that less Brussels – not more – less centralization, not more, is going to be the default position of the EU as we move forward.

Of course, all of this is being fueled by the mass nationalist-populist victory in the Italian elections last weekend, on March 4th. The aftershocks of that political earthquake are still being felt throughout Europe and indeed throughout the world. What was so ironic was just before the election, the corporatist globalist media was celebrating this new grand coalition formed by Angela Merkel, after literally months of a hung parliament, that was seen as the new hope for the EU. A new Macron-Merkel, Franco-Germanic coalition that would usher in a new era of EU dominance on the world stage. And then, to everyone’s shock, everyone being everyone in the corporatist globalist media, Italy absolutely crushed the Italian center-left, the Matteo Renzi, reducing them to nothing more than a skeleton of what they were just a couple of years ago, and voted in the populist Five Star Movement on the one hand and the nationalist Northern League, or Lega Nord, on the other. Five Star dominated, quite literally dominated southern Italy and the Northern League comparably dominated the north. Both parties could form a coalition government that would potentially be the strongest nationalist populist coalition among any European nation, and indeed join this 12 nation bloc and increase its strength immeasurably. Italy is Europe’s fourth largest nation and third largest economy, and so, I think things are only going to get worse for the bullies in Brussels.

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