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Europe is EXPLODING as Citizens RISE UP and REVOLT Against COVID-19 Restrictions!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Feb 1, 2021 9:59:27 PM

Europe is blowing up.

Frustrations with the Bullies in Brussels and their own respective establishment leaders have reached a breaking point, and the continent is exploding!

The latest point of contention is with the European Union’s ‘vaccine fiasco’. The Anglo-Swedish company AstraZeneca, which the EU has contracted to deliver the vaccine, recently announced that the vaccine rollout would be delayed due to production issues. As of now, they have delivered only about 31 million of the 400 million doses purchased by the EU. As AstraZeneca spokespersons are blaming the EU’s draconian and Byzantine regulation systems for slowing down production, Brits are taking the opportunity to gloat over the benefits from their newfound EU independence. Nine million Brits have been vaccinated in the UK, the third largest total in the world; by contrast, barely 10 million have been vaccinated throughout the whole of the European continent!

Needless to say, the EU’s vaccine fiasco promises severe political consequences. Scholars at the Oxford-based think-tank Europe Intelligence are arguing that the EU’s vaccine crisis is provoking three inter-related effects: first, a prolonged lockdown, secondly, a double-dip recession, and thirdly, a rampant anti-incumbent mood among voters. And with elections in the Netherlands in March, in Germany in September, and in France in April of next year, we may be seeing a massive political upheaval in the making.

Germany can be seen at the epicenter of the EU vaccine fiasco, largely because it was German Chancellor Angela Merkel who most notably insisted that European governments shift the responsibility for vaccination procurement to the EU. Regardless of Merkel’s intentions, the move to centralize vaccine procurement in Brussels has clearly backfired. As Merkel’s approval rating tanks, she’s taking her party – the center-right Christian Democrats – with her, and pundits are recognizing that one of the major beneficiaries of this center-right tanking is indeed the nationalist populist AfD, the Alternative for Germany, whose membership ranks are surging from frustration with the lockdowns.

In France, President Emmanuel Macron is currently at risk of losing to the nationalist right superstar Marine Le Pen. The Macron presidency has been shellshocked with voter anger over the vaccine fiasco, and as her surging poll numbers indicate, Marine Le Pen is obviously poised to be the main beneficiary of that anger.

And in the Netherlands, massive protests have erupted in response to their draconian COVID-19 lockdown. Several nights of violent protests and rioting have plagued the nation with hundreds of arrests. The riots actually started with the torching of a coronavirus testing center in a fishing village, a stark symbol of the anger that’s been triggered across the nation over the strict lockdowns in force since mid-December. The protests are turning increasingly violent, with rioters routinely pelting police with rocks, fireworks, and Molotov cocktails, and looting and vandalizing a number of shops in the cities of Rotterdam and Den Bosch.

But France, Germany, and the Netherlands are just the tip of the iceberg in the mass populist uprising!

Italy’s leftist government has collapsed; their prime-minister Giuseppe Conte has resigned, and the government has entered several days of talks to see if a new government can be formed. The nationalist right leaders Matteo Salvini of the Lega Party and Giorgia Meloni of the Brothers of Italy are calling for snap elections, where the nationalist right – surging in the polls – looks like they will take over.

In Vienna, the nationalist populist right has amassed tens of thousands of protestors who, according to Reuters, have faced off with police in riot gear. Austria is currently in its third national lockdown, and the conservative Austrian Freedom Party is calling on all Austrian citizens to rise up against what they’re calling ‘corona madness’. Most recently, it’s estimated that 10,000 demonstrators protested the Austrian government’s lockdown restrictions, even though authorities outlawed the mass protests due to (of course!) social distancing concerns!

And in Denmark, there have been numerous arrests over the last several weeks of violent demonstrations. Given their cultural characteristic passivity, I think it’s safe to say that when you see Danes beginning to rise up and demonstrate – let alone demonstrate violently! – you know that Europe as a whole is exploding!

There’s no question that the COVID-19 restrictions imposed on European populations over the last year have run their course. A sleeping populist giant has awakened, and it appears more and more likely that populist-driven political earthquakes are soon to follow! While many in the United States are still reeling from the electoral disappointment on November 3rd, we can take heart that with this European uprising, the worldwide populist revolt has just begun.

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