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Europe REVOLTS Against Vaccine MANDATES!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Jul 20, 2021 11:37:39 AM

The nations of Greece and France are rising up and pushing back hard against their governments’ covid vaccine mandates. In France, President Emmanuel Macron gave a televised address at the beginning of the week. It announced new mandatory measures to curb the spread of the Delta variant of the Coronavirus. In the address, he said that the French government was striving to achieve a one hundred percent vaccination rate across the country. To accomplish that goal, beginning in August, France will be mandating what they call ‘health passports,’ certificates proving that one is either covid-negative or has been fully vaccinated. Those passports will be required to be shown in all bars, restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers! So here we go. France officially needs their citizens to be vaccinated or show proof of being covid negative to participate in French society! The backlash against the covid passports has been severe. 

While the French are dealing with that problem, in Greece, thousands upon thousands have filled the streets of Athens in protest after their government announced new measures requiring proof of vaccination at all indoor restaurants, bars, and cafes as well! We see a massive uprising against the idea of vaccine passports, and it’s all part of growing frustration with both the EU and the individual governments of its member nations! 

Besides the concerns over significant government overreach, what’s happening here is a perfect storm of interrelated consequences of the pandemic. Together these consequences are ravaging European Scholars at the Oxford-based think-tank ‘Europe Intelligence.’ Scholars there are arguing that the European pandemic is spiraling out into three interrelated effects. First, it’s causing a prolonged lockdown, second, it’s causing a double or even triple-dip recession, and third, it’s resulting in an anti-incumbent mood among voters, with very profound potential political ramifications. This applies particularly to France, which has its presidential election in April of next year, 2022, so we will have to see how this plays out. 

In terms of seeing how things play out now that we are witnessing vaccine passports coming to the fore in Europe, the obvious question is: what are the prospects for such mandates reaching our shores? I think you know the answer to this, as it is already starting to happen. As you may have guessed, it’s happening at the corporate level rather than the government level. In other words, we’re beginning to see more and more corporations requiring their workers to get vaccinated or find another job! Morgan Stanley is but the latest in requiring their employees to get vaccinated to come back to work on-site, which is increasingly becoming the norm here! And the question, of course, is: is this constitutional? Can businesses and corporations require their employees or universities require their students to get vaccinated? Unfortunately, the answer to that appears to be yes, they can. 

At least as far as the Supreme Court is concerned, the constitutional precedent is that private employers  -- not governments – but private employers can require vaccinations of their employees. And what we’re seeing is once again this bizarre partnership between woke corporations acting as surrogates of Democrat-controlled governments. If Democrats want everyone to be vaccinated they don’t need to pass laws. All they have to do is rely on their woke zombies in corporate boardrooms to do the job for them! This will require more and more red states like Florida to start passing legislation banning corporations from doing this. We will have to keep a very close eye on these policies in the weeks and months ahead!

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