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Europe vs. Vaccine Tyranny

Posted by Conrad Franz ● Oct 28, 2021 3:36:43 PM

Many European countries are seeing the rollouts of restrictive and illegal vaccine mandates and passports. Countries like Italy have seen the rollout of the “Green Pass” which is one of the more restrictive systems being introduced right now. Italy’s globalist coalition has ma aged to hold onto power against the will of the people and with the rollout of this tyrannical new rule the country is seeing enormous protests. France is seeing its own rollout of a “Green Pass” for COVID vaccinations and French patriots are fully resisting, with many protestors filling shopping carts with items and leaving them in the checkout line when asked for proof of vaccination. While some countries are seeing these forms of mass resistance, other countries like those in Scandinavia are opening up and moving on with civilization. Many Scandinavian countries have also banned many widespread corporate vaccines from circulation entirely. These countries have also ended their restrictions and are not requiring vaccines or negative tests for life to be lived normally. All of this comes with the mounting knowledge that COVID vaccines clearly do effectively nothing to stop transmission and according to a growing group of experts seem to make the problem worse, even barring the awful chance of side effects.

The Bulgarian government, another unfortunate mafia puppet of NATO in eastern Europe, is also attempting its own vaccine passport but with less than 25% of adults having taken a single vaccine and protests mounting, it doesn’t seem like the plan will stick. The protests and movement of civil disobedience against vaccine passports and mandates is the largest populist uprising around the world perhaps in history, yet the mainstream media is less than interested. Even in late October, four MEP’s of the European Parliament from four different blocs came together to condemn vaccine passports as tyrannical and unjust yet this news has been buried by the corporate media giants in bed with the European intelligence communities.

The United States is grappling with an array of corporate and governmental mandates, and finally seeing some resistance in even leftists urban strongholds like New York City, but the European protests and protestors are truly taking the battle to the establishment with their direct action. Globalist governments in Western Europe still seem intent on tagging and tracking their civilians but the protests keep growing and more and more politicians and private institutions are caving to the publics demand for reason. A future is possible where governments and the elites refuse to back down from implementing these plans, but the public and smaller institutions may entirely disconnect from the system and orders coming from above. The possibilities of parallel societies becomes more real as well as the realization that the government, in fact, governs at the behest of the people! Pray for Europe!

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