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GOP Opens 2022 With MASSIVE Election Integrity BLITZ!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Jan 14, 2022 2:56:55 PM

          Often I read leftwing websites so you don’t have to. I suffer for my art. I read leftwing websites every single day; and the recurring refrain on all of them is an extremely palpable sense of panic. A massive red wave is on the horizon that’s going to wash away everything they’ve ever hoped for in their bizarre cultural Marxist fantasies! Currently the left is freaking out about the fact that Republican legislatures across the nation have kicked off 2022 with a massive election integrity blitz. The left calls this new security voter suppression, but even leftist news outlets recognize that 19 states have passed significant election integrity reforms over the course of 2021. Additionally a number of others are preparing to pass even more election integrity measures over the next few months. For example, states like Georgia and Missouri are passing laws that will put into place very strict voter ID requirements and radically reduce the amount of mail-in ballots that could even be applied for. These new measures are already working. Rejections for mail-in ballot requests have jumped 400 percent over the last several months in Georgia! These measures have actually brought up the rejection rate to pre-2020 levels! 

          The media relies very heavily on the tracking of voter integrity measures by what’s called the Brennan Center for Justice. The Brennan Center is a George Soros funded far-left outlet that is freaking out over all of these election integrity laws being passed that openly oppose voter ID, even though the vast majority of the nation favors voter ID. The Brennan Center has been tracking the more than 400 bills that have been introduced by Republican legislators that aim to greater secure our elections and it is freaking the left out! Even the New York Times is sounding the alarm that states like Florida and Tennessee are now crafting bills that will inevitably become law and will put Republican legislatures fully in charge of directly overseeing elections! 

         Significant and sweeping changes are going on right now as we speak in state legislatures in terms of changing and clarifying their constitutional standards for conducting elections. What we have to understand is that state legislatures constitutionally have what’s called plenary authority to determine how elections are conducted in terms of the time, place, and manner of their own choosing. However, as we so rudely found out in November of 2020, many of those states, like Pennsylvania and Georgia, had acquiesced that authority. These states farmed it out, subletting it to various state agents like the Secretary of State and elections commissions, leaving the legislators out of it. 

          States like Pennsylvania, Texas, South Carolina, and Georgia are all implementing very strict guidelines and protocols to clarify and streamline any gray areas in their respective constitutions regarding how elections are to be conducted. The leftists over at Salon believe that this measure alone will allow state legislatures to determine the election winners regardless of the actual vote and the will of the people. In other words, leftists are panicked that the thirty Republican legislatures that dominate our electoral map are going to step in and knit pick the legality of the vote until their candidates win every single time. Moreover, you have states like Florida creating a fully-staffed statewide law enforcement office whose sole job is to enforce election law and crack down on any and all election crimes. Republican states like Florida are actually setting up an election police force

          These measures across the country are horrifying to the left. They can’t believe how bold red states are getting here in the aftermath of November 3rd! It gets worse for the left. There are now hundreds upon hundreds of new Precinct Committeemen just in Maricopa County, Arizona alone! These are hundreds of new Republican precinct committeemen who will be overseeing the integrity of elections at every single poll in Maricopa County! We are seeing nothing less than a mass proliferation of patriots taking over local GOP precinct levels. This is in no small part due to Steve Bannon’s precinct strategy, which involves patriots across the nation signing up as precinct officers to oversee elections. Since Bannon’s campaign and the announcement of his strategy, nearly 10 thousand patriots have signed up and taken over GOP precincts. This all but guarantees that the next elections are going to be governed at the grassroots level, at the level of the local precinct by MAGA-loving patriots! 

          And the left is utterly panicked that patriots have effectively infiltrated, that’s their word, keep in mind, the American electoral system so as to secure election integrity! And they should be, because this is exactly what happened in Virginia a few months back with Glenn Youngkin. According to the Washington Post, poll watchers throughout Virginia numbered 2-1 Republican! We’ve never seen anything like that! Many of these precinct committeemen were trained and organized by the Youngkin campaign and inspired by Steve Bannon’s push to flood the precincts throughout the nation with Patriot poll watchers! Election integrity really is happening at the legislative level and at the grassroots level! Thus far, the Democrats have been absolutely powerless to stop it! There’s no question that 2022 has just begun, and so has the battle to restore the integrity of our elections! 

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