Huge Whitepills as Masses WAKE UP to Vaccine Tyranny!

Posted by Conrad Franz ● Dec 15, 2021 2:26:55 PM

It is getting harder and harder for vaccine propagandists to maintain their position. With the Pfizer CEO and multiple major world government officials claiming a 4th dose of the experimental, abortion based mRna injection will be necessary as well as the fear mongering surrounding the supposed “Omicron Variant” (how are they testing and distinguishing between these “variants” again?) even the most die hard CNN viewers are starting to scratch their heads. On December 14th, 2021 the Los Angeles public school district suspended its vaccine mandate for students to raucous applause from the patriotic parents who gathered and organized regularly to fight against such an evil measure. Amtrak, the largest rail conglomerate in the United States, also announced they were suspending their mandate, meaning thousands of employees will be able to work and provide transportation, preventing the reduced routes and operating trains as predicted when the mandate was announced. On top of these domestic white pills the protests in Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand have continued in full force. In fact the tyrannical Premier of the Australian state of Victoria has been summoned to court to face charges of “concealing treason”. He has since fled Melbourne and is hoping the charges will simply “go away”. Andrews was perhaps the most maniacal leader regarding lockdowns and enforcement of anyone in the Western world. 

Not only has resistance to these draconian measures been working but on the front of the information war the truth is also winning out. Hundreds of young, healthy, and even professional athletes are having heart related medical episodes during live games. This makes perfect sense, however, as professional sports leagues and teams were some of the first to mandate the vaccine. Joe Rogan also had the narrative-skeptical Dr. Peter McCullough on his podcast and discussed the fact that there was a clear, coordinated effort to not develop a treatment plan for COVID-19 and that there have been at least 45,000 deaths due to the COVID vaccines in the US. In fact according to Pfizer’s own data there were thousands of deaths within the first months of vaccine rollout. There have also been videos released showing that video crews are hiring crisis actors to stage scenes of full hospitals and suffering, dying patients. Even Dr. Fauci admitted that the vaccines could actually be making people less healthy and MORE prone to contracting COVID.

While there are many reasons to be encouraged there is still a long fight ahead. The United Kingdom and their “conservative” government have voted in favor of a vaccine passport and other nations like France are moving forward with pension restrictions for those over 65 and unvaccinated. In the US 5 citizens were arrested and charged for criminal trespassing for trying to eat at a Cheesecake Factory while being unvaccinated. The friends and family of  the group will be suing and are hoping to set a precedent around the nation and stop medical apartheid. The Biden regime’s deadline for the military vaccine mandate was today (December 15th 2021) and it seems like they are serious about enforcing it after the failure of the OSHA mandate. This is likely in response to the news that over 75% of businesses would not be enforcing a vaccine mandate without the Federal mandate being in place. However this has not stopped Kroger supermarkets from requiring the vaccine for employees to use their benefits. The energy is shifting, however, and those resisting and informing their fellow citizens are turning the tide. In Serbia over the weekend Bishop Photius of the Serbian Orthodox Church addressed his flock from the pulpit and denounced the impending one world government system being imposed via the vaccine medical tyranny. Every Christian and every patriot must do their best to resist this tyranny, not comply, and help inform friends and family so we can get back on the track of freedom and making this country great again! RESIST!

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