INSIDE LOOK: Grassroots Campaign Wins in PA. Fighting in Court!

Posted by Conrad Franz ● Nov 30, 2021 2:43:00 PM

Between talks of mandatory vaccination, school mask mandates, and more tyranny coming out of the world of public education, many Americans stood up this year and took the fight to them at the ballot box. When her 9th grade son started bringing home questionable material from his local public school, Emily Zimmerman decided to act. After spreading the word, volunteering on campaigns and in the local party, and showing up to speak at meetings and rallies Emily realized a renewed grassroots effort was needed to jolt the current opposition into action. She shirked the local GOP leadership and with only 7 weeks left before the 2021 Warwick, PA School Board election launched a write in campaign to unseat the incumbent School Board President. With hundreds of volunteers putting hours of work in (much more than were mobilized by the professionals in the party) the campaign shocked those entrenched in local power and appeared to have won on election night. However between mail in ballots and judicial sliminess at the county level 139 valid ballots are being kept from the public while Emily supposedly “trails behind” the incumbent by 92 votes. These 139 votes are votes for “Emily Zimmer”, clearly cast for Emily Zimmerman. The Judge who ruled against these 139 ballots being analyzed already approved 1158 other misspellings or incomplete spellings (such as Emily Zimm and Zimme) of the long last name and no Emily Zimmer is even registered to vote in the area. The Judge has also stated his support for the “Zimmer” ballots only after the appeal left his jurisdiction.


On November 30th Judge Dennis Reinaker sent a memorandum of opinion to the campaign stating that all the “Emily Zimmer” votes should count as valid but the case has since gone to the Commonwealth Court of PA. This memorandum is unprecedented and further solidifies the campaign's case and all but guarantees victory if it is handed back down to the county level. “Those 139 votes are Warwick citizens whose voices will be silenced if their votes are not counted,” Zimmerman told Turley Talks, “How can we trust a national or statewide election when it seems like we can barely trust some local elections with a few thousand votes.” Zimmerman and her campaign have been fighting hard in the weeks since the election and have had their appeal brought to the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania which will soon decide whether they will hear it. Justin Kratzer, Zimmerman’s campaign manager, told this author that, “this judge (Dennis Reinaker) is waving a judicial discretionary wand and arbitrarily punting on this case without simply looking at this small number of physical ballots in court.” However, the School Board is meeting soon to seat its members and the question of whether the incumbent board President (Michael Landis) will be seated with his razor thin and likely temporary 92 vote lead or will he see that he is not representative of the people of Warwick and resign? From a piece in LancasterOnline: “Michael Landis did not reply to an inquiry about whether he would be seated in this spot by the time the board holds its reorganization meeting in December, or if it will remain empty until Zimmerman’s challenge is resolved.” With the Judge’s new memorandum of opinion, Landis is only further encouraged to not take his seat. 


Zimmerman and her campaign are meeting with PA state Senators and their local State House member and garnering support for the appeal. PA is a hotspot for election integrity issues and cases and if local, grassroots patriots can get an elections-related win in the PA court system, the door will be open for more patriots to stand up when the will of the people is disrupted by tedious bureaucracies. “Everyone has to do something,” Zimmerman said on the issue of local politics and elections. Between volunteering, speaking, writing and educating, and more, the Zimmerman campaign was able to jump through the hoops put up by the establishment even without much help from the institutional party apparatus. This was not just a grassroots campaign motivated by the issues in schools but a last minute write-in effort! The energy is there for patriots to take back their communities, they just need will and organization. We hope to see Emily Zimmerman on her School Board soon and that the next elections only bear more of this same fruit. 

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