IT’S HAPPENING: Concentration Camps and Insane Mandates in the West

Posted by Conrad Franz ● Dec 3, 2021 3:14:56 PM

What globalists and their supporters furiously decried as conspiracy theory is now a complete reality in much of the Western world today. Australia is the clearest violator of the rights of its citizens as videos of the forced quarantine camps are being widely shared. Many (if not most) of those imprisoned in these camps are negative for COVID-19 but many have speculated that those who have posted online against the lockdowns, attended protests, lied about having taken a test, or displayed displeasure or resistance to the regime in any way are being targeted with the forced quarantine. In the past year Australian citizens have received visits for attending “illegal protests,” sharing “illegal memes,” and speaking non-deferentially about the tyrannical authorities. This week (Early December 2020) three teenagers escaped one of these camps after TESTING NEGATIVE for COVID-19. From the Daily Caller:

“Australian police successfully recaptured three teenagers who escaped from a quarantine facility Wednesday after they had tested negative for COVID-19.

The Teenagers scaled a fence to break out of the Centre for National Resilience in Howard Springs, Northern Territory, Australian police said, according to the BBC, where they were being held in quarantine because they had been in close contact with individuals who had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Police caught up with the trio after a manhunt that stretched several hours and chased them down on foot in a nearby town, according to ABC.”

This globalist pandemic power grab has entered into the full dystopia stage and it is spreading from the distant anglosphere of Australia, New Zealand, and Canada into Western Europe and even parts of the US. Austria and Germany have announced some of the most draconian vaccine mandates seen yet with repeating 7200 euro fines for those who refuse to comply in Austria and a total lockdown for those unvaccinated in Germany. France is seeing police officers checking diners digital vaccine verifications while they eat. The French overseas colonies of Guadaloupe and Saint-Martin, however, are in a full blown rebellion against the globalist French authorities and their attempts to impose the “Green Pass” vaccine passport system on the island. The globalist empire is making it clear that the new goal of the world police is vaccinating everybody, as the Biden regime’s COVID commissars made clear in a recent press conference

Stateside things are not YET quite as draconian as other first world nations but on December 3rd, 80 House Republicans sided with the Democrats and voted in favor of a dangerous bill that will create a federal database to TRACK unvaccinated Americans (full list of traitor Republicans here). The current US regime has made it clear that “everything is on the table” including a vaccine mandate for domestic travel within the US. In the US and Canada healthcare facilities, police departments, firehouses, and more first responder and critical care institutions are firing their best employees over this dangerous and experimental injection. This tyranny would be intolerable even if the pandemic was serious and the vaccine was an effective preventative but that is far from the truth. To see what is happening now as anything other than a globalist power grab, with the ultimate goal of a medically based one world government, is to fall for the deception of the media. 

As the French overseas territories have begun a full spectrum resistance against the tyranny some in western Europe are also taking to the streets and resisting. We have a crystal ball into our future with Austria, Germany, and Australia. Patriots need to prepare to stand up and resist whatever the Biden regime may feel compelled to enforce. The current regime is not America and real America, the people of this nation, must reassert its identity in freedom. Any Republican who voted for a vaccine database or supports the globalist forces attempts to forcibly inject Americans must be primaried out of office and shamed. This is the line in the sand. Be sure to follow the Turley Talks Telegram Channel to stay up to date on the global fight against medical tyranny. 

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