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Journalist Slanders Christians for Supporting Trump

Posted by Steve Turley ● May 31, 2018 10:52:52 AM

This is another example of what we are calling here the Media Meltdown, where we are noticing more and more pundits finally coming to terms with the fact that nationalist/populist traditionalism is in fact winning all over the world, and that it is here to stay; there is really nothing they can do about it. And so, we have been likening a number of these op-eds that have been coming out as akin to the Five Stages of Grief, in that after denying and dismissing the things like Brexit, the Trump Presidency, or the possibility of the collapse of the EU, now they are lashing out; they are angry; they are upset; how can we, the simpleton proletariats of the world so ignorantly vote these enlightened liberals out of power, how could we turn on these technocrats who want to manage our lives for the better, since of course they, being enlightened liberals know so much better? How could we do this?

Now, the latest example of these rants comes from Michael Gerson of the Washington Post. He has written an article for The Atlantic that’s a rather scathing critique of evangelicals and their support for Donald Trump. He considers himself an evangelical, and he notes in the article that the evangelical faith has shaped his life and morals more than anything else; but he simply cannot see how a group that once was so confident in its worldview and its mission to the world could collapse into just another cheap political interest group that seeks to impose its will on others through the force of partisan politics.

Moreover, he accuses evangelicals who support Trump of hypocrisy! He of course rehearses Trump’s past sexual indiscretions and in turn, like any good liberal, begins lecturing Christians on how they could possibly support such a man. Now, you do not have to be a genius to figure out what utter and complete nonsense this is coming from the likes of Gerson. Robert Gagnon over at Pittsburgh Theology Seminary has pointed out that Michael Gerson actually supports AS AN EVANGELICAL homosexuality and so-called same-sex marriage, which of course by implication involves supporting the whole transgender movement. So in the world of the globalist Christian, the evangelical redefined in the secular globalist terms of the Washington Compost, you can support transgenderism and same-sex marriage and out-of-wedlock homosexual relationships, then turn around and lecture evangelicals over their supposed inconsistencies in sexual ethics. In my view, this is a classic case of cognitive dissonance; cognitive dissonance is when a person cannot accept something as true which is in fact true, but who does not have the capacity to refute it. And so they just cannot accept it, and when trying to give reasons for not accepting it, they end up in little more than self-defeating banter. That is what we get from this globalist evangelical – go ahead and support transgenderism and homosexuality, and do it all in the name of Jesus; but supporting a president who admitted to sexual indiscretions in the past, well that is complete evil. You cannot do that. He actually said on CBS’s DeFace the Nation that such evangelicals are the height of hypocrisy.


He then goes on to wax ever so NON eloquently about Trump being a racist and a bigot, and that white evangelicals today have no problem with that; that racism is now officially no longer a basis to disqualify a presidential candidate as far as evangelicals are concerned. Now, he of course had no problem in the least with Obama’s support of abortion and the disproportionate killing of black babies, and I would assume that is because the elites at Harvard and the Washington Compost have no problem with that. This is a supposed evangelical who has no problem with a president that redefines gender and pronounces God’s blessing on Planned Parenthood, but heck, do not ever, ever, ever side with a racist. By the way, one who’s racist only by implication and accusation, not by any concrete evidence. I do not remember Trump pronouncing God’s blessings on the KKK.

I think Gerson’s cognitive dissonance has led to some factual errors as well in all of this. He claimed that nearly all denominations with large numbers of evangelicals are less racially diverse than the country overall, and he uses that as proof, as a basis for his assertion that white evangelicals are increasingly accepting of racism. That is actually not true; a recent Pew Research Center study found that conservative evangelical denominations are actually more racially diverse than their liberal mainline counterparts. Gerson did not cite a single statistic for his assertion, which appears to be itself a form of his racial stereotyping, which of course liberals can get away with, because they are the paragon of virtue signaling. They can disparage anything ‘white’ and ‘evangelical’ is a racism and bigotry that’s completely acceptable within secular liberal circles.

He goes on to lecture us about the moral foundations of democracy and how evangelicals were once a force for good as the moral conscience of our nation; and by that, of course, he means evangelicals are good when they agree the norms of corporatist globalism. You see, this is what makes an article like this so ridiculous: he shames evangelicals for not being moral leaders in our democratic nation because of their support for Trump. When we actually DO act like moral leaders, such as defending the sanctity of life and marriage and gender, we are called bigots, homophobes and haters from the likes of this writer; however, when we support Trump, we are told that we have forfeited our vocation to moral leadership in a democratic society. Heads globalists win, tails evangelicals lose. We are quite aware of how this game is played.

What makes this article actually so sad to read is that Michael Gerson appears completely oblivious to some very interesting scholarship detailing the rise of what is called the global Religious Right over the last 30 years or so. What this scholarship details are the various ways in which the Christian Right or Religious Right began to realize that their enemy was not limited to domestic politics, their enemy was actually a common enemy faced by traditionalists all over the world, in a word we call globalists and globalization. And this is what the likes of Gerson and others in the lamestream media simply overlook; they are all fixated on the discrepancy between the traditional values of conservative Christians and Trump’s moral indiscretions - again, keep in mind they all the while support some of the strangest and most egregious sexual perversions imaginable. In so doing they overlook the common globalizing concerns that both evangelicals and Trump share, a common enemy, and that is globalization and its secularizing and indeed totalitarian tendencies.

Back in the 1990s, we already began to see the rise of the global Religious Right. The involvement of Christian organizations such as Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, and Concerned Women for America in various United Nations policy disputes regarding abortion and gay rights and transgenderism demonstrates that the international arena has become integral to the mission of the Christian Right.

In fact, Austin Ruse, who is the president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, summarized Christian Right international activism as focused on defending and perpetuating what he calls “three sovereignties” that are under attack: the three sovereignties are nation, church, and family. The NATION is integral to a biblical conception of the world. A scholar, Carol Appelbaum’s research show how evangelicalism is rooted in the Reformation notion of the biblical nation; in the Bible, the world is made up of nations comprised by distinct people groups, the Israelites, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Hittites, the Moabites, and the like. Nations and nationhood are integral to a biblical geography and geo-political order. That is where biblical nationalism comes out of. Obviously, the CHURCH is of central importance to the evangelical Christian, as well as the sanctity of the FAMILY as a reflection of the Trinity, at the center of which of course is the Father and the Son, or the Holy Family of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. Christians are deeply concerned about the integrity of these three sovereignties: nation, church, and family.

However, these three sovereignties are fundamentally under assault by the secular corporatist globalist. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of globalists who believe the nation is basically outdated; open borders are the new normal in a globalized world order; any attempt at defending one’s borders is immediately denounced as racist and nativist. Moreover, the church is completely irrelevant; it’s existence is not even acknowledged within the pages of your typical New York Times or Washington Compost publication; they could not give a rip about what the church was, is, or does, let alone its moral teachings, unless it simply ‘Amens’ whatever secular globalists already want to do, like the pathetic Episcopal church does; otherwise the church is totally irrelevant in a globalist society. And the family, the family is simply a lifestyle choice; it is whatever you want it to be, nothing more; as Michael Gerson himself supports; and indeed, the family often gets in the way of secular globalist projects. That is why the state of Delaware is considering passing legislation that would allow children to designate and pursue their own gender identity without their parent’s permission or even notification

You do not have to be a genius; all you have to do is ask yourself a very simple question: who do evangelicals have more in common with in terms of their concerns over these three sovereignties? Secular globalists at the New York Times and this Gerson guy over at the Washington Compost, or Donald Trump? Who has pledged to protect the integrity of our nation’s borders, who has pledged to protect Christians and the church from anti-discrimination lawsuits and terrorists abroad, and who has promised to appoint pro-life judges and protect the family? You know, and there is no reason on this planet for these pundits NOT to get this. And the only reason they do not is because they would have to admit that they themselves were complicit in getting Trump elected; they themselves, in their assault on these three sovereignties pushed evangelicals into the arms of a man they so detest and loath; and as such, THEY HAVE ONLY THEMSELVES TO BLAME HERE! THAT, I would argue, is the source of the cognitive dissonance going on here. THAT is why they cannot make sense of this stuff, of why evangelicals are so enamored with Trump; they cannot make sense of it because it requires them to take a good hard look in the mirror and see how pathetic they have been when it comes to assaulting and insulting the very three sovereignties that define conservative evangelicals today. I would love to see one single liberal globalist pundit turn around and say, ‘Hey, fellow liberals, Donald Trump is president because of us, because of how bad we have been!’

Actually, there is one, the Brown professor Mark Blyth has blamed his own secular liberal colleagues for creating the circumstances that have led to this nationalist, populist, and traditionalist uprising. But he is in the minority. The contempt that America’s secular elite has for traditional moral values seems to have blinded them to the fact that, for tens of millions of citizens worldwide, nationhood, tradition, and religion really do matter. I cannot stress this enough; I think this is the major Achilles Heel for neo-liberalism or secular modernity: the inability to see how culture, custom, tradition, and religion are central to what it means to be human. The resurgence of the Russian Orthodox Church, Christian nationalism in Poland and Hungary, the rise of the nationalist political parties in Western Europe, the rise of Hindu Nationalism in India, Islam in Turkey, Buddhism in Sri Lanka, they all signify that traditionalist culture matters as much today as ever. The disdain and derision with which our secular elites, particularly represented in the mainstream media, have treated traditional moral customs and culture is turning out to be the basis of their own demise, and they simply cannot see it.

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