Judge Brett Kavanaugh Solidifies Conservative Majority on Supreme Court

Posted by Steve Turley ● Aug 8, 2018 11:02:02 PM

President Trump just keeps delivering, especially when it comes to his America First, nationalist populist agenda, and with the pick of 53-year-old Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee for the Supreme Court, he did not disappoint. Ann Coulter is ecstatic, that is probably all you need to know at this point; just last week she was sounding the clarion call against the open border zealotry of some other judges who made Trump’s shortlist leading up to his announcement last night, but she fully and whole heartedly endorsed Kavanaugh.

And for good reason. He is, as the boys over at National Review said, a ‘whip smart conservative’; like Antonin Scalia, he is from the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, and has an impeccable record of constitutional conservatism, and particularly when it comes to issues such as protecting religious liberty and enforcing restrictions on abortion, there is simply no judge in the nation that has a stronger, more consistent record than Judge Brett Kavanaugh, again, this coming from the writers at National Review.

For example, in terms of the Second Amendment, Kavanaugh wrote a widely-cited pro-gun rights position in the shadow of the landmark 2009 Heller vs. District of Columbia Supreme Court decision in which he echoed the position of Justice Antonin Scalia, relying extensively on the original meaning of the “right of the people to keep and bear arms.” You have to remember that Heller vs. District of Columbia effectively reversed a long-standing position in the Supreme Court that the right to bear arms is merely a collective or corporate right that state governments were free to regulate however they wished. In other words, the Supreme Court up until that point ruled pretty consistently that the Second Amendment was a general rule of gun ownership that could be regulated in any way that state governments wished. As of 2009, that perspective effectively died; now the Supreme Court says, no, the Second Amendment applies equally to each individual person, and state governments cannot thwart the right of any individual to gun ownership. And that is precisely Kavanaugh’s position.

With this Supreme Court pick, we can now sit back and be confident that the Second Amendment is safe and secure for a generation. you just do not have to worry anymore about all the liberal hysteria surrounding the need for gun control; they will yell, they will scream, they will try to pass anti-gun legislation to no avail; it is just going to be struck down by the Supreme Court which has consistently ruled since 2009 that the Second Amendment’s application to individual gun ownership will not be infringed. And with Kavanaugh on the Court, that ruling will be secure and solidified for the next 30 years.

Same goes for his staunch support of religious liberty. He chaired the Federalist Society’s Religious Liberty practice group and he worked pro bono on cases defending religious freedom. Just as an aside, in case you do not know, the Federalist Society of which Kavanaugh is a member was founded for the purpose of restoring the integrity of the federal bench by appointing originalist judicial nominees who will apply the law as it is written, rather than the ways in which liberal ideologies seek to twist it and use it for political globalist purposes. The Federalist Society boasts some 45,000 members, it operates with a multimillion-dollar budget, and has chapters in every law school across the nation. AND, most importantly, its alumni occupy some of the most influential professorships and judicial positions in the legal world, including four Supreme Court Justices, the most noteworthy was of course the great Antonin Scalia and most recently Neil Gorsuch. And NOW we are going to have a fifth Federalist Society judge on the Court. It is just stunning to see.

Kavanaugh has been on the front lines defending religious liberty; he wrote a brilliant dissenting opinion on the case Priests for Life vs. the HHS where he argued vociferously that the Obama administration’s contraception mandate violated the rights of religious organizations. And so, again, with the appointment of Kavanaugh, we won’t have to worry about issues regarding religious freedom for a generation; this is going to be a real disappointment to all those LGBT activists who want to sue Christian bakers and florists into oblivion because they quite rightly refuse to participate in what they and every single historic religious tradition for that matter consider to be immoral behavior.

Aside from Kavanaugh being a staunch defender of the Second Amendment and religious liberty, it is his record on immigration enforcement and border security that really set him apart from the other candidates for Supreme Court. This is why Ann Coulter was so passionate about her support for him, as well as Laura Ingraham. First off, Kavanaugh had no problem actually using the term ‘illegal immigrant’ in his rulings; he is not beholden to the pc police; he consistently sides with American workers in his immigration opinions; he states explicitly that illegal immigrant workers are not, they are emphatically not lawful employees in the United States. He has ruled that American immigration laws exist to protect American workers, rejecting the whole notion that there are just some jobs that Americans won’t do. That is just patent nonsense that he called nothing more than a ‘factually unsupported stereotype.’ His rulings on immigration has earned him the title of the ‘America First judge.’

Kavanaugh is a devout Roman Catholic, well-schooled in natural theory and jurisprudence, and he promises to be a very reliable conservative contribution to the four Federalist judges on the Supreme Court, which of course will now tilt to a solid five.

All you need to know about the conservative bona fides of Kavanaugh is how the liberals are reacting. The groans coming from their corners sound like zombies from the night of the living dead. The Democrats really are moral zombies; you have this nutty, utterly pathetic left-wing group called Refuse Fascism. By the way, I would love to hear them even attempt to actually define fascism. Nevertheless, they are already planning a nation-wide protest against Kavanaugh in cities across the country. Of course, it turns out that they were planning the protests regardless of who Trump nominates, because they see Trump representing a catastrophic danger to humanity and to the planet.

I think it was a Fox News reporter, he went up to college students on a local campus and asked what they thought of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. They were all like: Oh, it is just so predictable, he is so racist, so extreme. The problem of course is that the reporter asked this question days before Trump even announced who he picked!!!! I mean, these are COLLEGE students, the representatives of the so-called educated class. They are completely living in an alternative reality, utterly and completely pathetic; they are absolutely unhinged, and whatever moral leverage, superiority or high ground they thought they had just gets wiped out more and more each and every day. You have Senator Chuck Schumer, right? Up-Chuck Schumer tweeting out that Kavanaugh was a threat to the reproductive rights and freedoms and health care protections for millions of Americans. How anyone takes these people seriously is just really beyond me.

I do not think the left is going to be successful here; every Supreme Court pick that has been up in front of the Senate for a vote has passed since Judge Bork was rejected back in 1987; that failed nomination changed the whole tenor of Supreme Court nominee hearings probably forever. The nominees just do not say much, and they just let their records speak for them. So there is very little specifically to reject them on. I think we are going to have our fifth Federalist Society Supreme Court justice and a solid conservative block for at least a generation or more. I think we can be quite confident in saying that the decades of judicial liberal activism are finally over. The days of a new conservative Supreme Court have begun.

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