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KILLING in Portland May Spark CIVIL WAR as OUTRAGED Voters TURN AGAINST Democrats!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Aug 31, 2020 10:33:34 PM

The last weekend of August may have been a ‘crossing of the line’ moment in the increasing hostility between Antifa/BLM agitators and the growing patriot and militia movement. Thousands of patriots came to Portland to stand in the gap of the feckless and failed mayor who, like many other Democrat mayors and governors across the nation, deliberately abdicated his law-enforcement duties. One of the patriots, a conservative Trump supporter, was shot and killed in cold blood on Saturday. The victim has been identified as Patriot Prayer supporter Aaron Danielson, who went by the nickname Jay Bishop. President Trump tweeted out his condolences, writing: ‘Rest in Peace Jay!’ A suspect in the shooting has also been identified; he’s an Antifa radical by the name of Michael Reinoehl, who was reported to have yelled ‘we’ve got a Trumper here’ before two gun shots rang out and Jay Bishop lay dying on the ground.

No less shocking was the celebration and adulation that characterized the political left’s reaction to the shooting. One BLM activist could be heard in Portland declaring to a crowd through her blowhorn: “I just got word that the person who died was a Patriot Prayer Trump person. He was a f***ing Nazi! Our community held its own and took out the trash. I am not going to shed any tears over a Nazi.”

Such rhetorical dehumanizing is one among many reasons why pundits are publicly coming out and saying it really does look like we’re entering into a civil war. One such query comes from the Philadelphia Inquirer, written by an all-too obvious leftist attempting journalism named Will Bunch. He sees the events over the weekend as shifting into overdrive what he considers President Trump’s scheme to get reelected by instigating a civil war in our nation! While the published piece borders on hysterics (the author likens the patriots in Portland to the Taliban launching a jihad), it does nevertheless portray accurately what is happening in our nation: we are witnessing nothing less than the outbreak of civil war-like hostilities.

Indeed, these hostilities appear to extend into our newsrooms, as so-called journalists like Bunch continue to depict riots as ‘peaceful protests’ (yes, he uses the term cited ad nauseam by our mainstream Marxist media), while accusing Trump and the Republicans of actively celebrating vigilantism. He of course omits the fact that Democrat-dominated city councils like the one in Seattle actually threatened their mayor Jenny Durkan with impeachment if she didn’t openly side with the rioters and looters!

Nonetheless, the futile attempt to try to blame President Trump for the riots has clearly become the new mantra among Democrats. The floundering mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler, who has repeatedly rejected President Trump’s offer to send in federal agents to restore order to his ravaged city, nevertheless is blaming Trump for the riots! Now, we should give credit where credit is due: at least this far-left mayor, along with his ilk at CNN, are finally recognizing that these are in fact riots! Funny thing, they’re only riots once patriots got involved; isn’t that interesting? Oh, and Joe Biden tried to remind everyone that he’s still alive in his basement by saying that Trump incited conditions that led to the shooting death of this patriot. It’s actually getting a bit hard to watch a Democrat presidential candidate’s campaign implode so quickly and dramatically!

Biden, Wheeler, and this Philadelphia Inquirer writer are of course all inadvertently revealing that they are panicked about November. Their attempt to saddle Trump with riots that are clearly of their own making – riots that they were a mere few weeks ago championing as peaceful protests of justified outrage against systemic racism among police officers – is nothing more than an admission of utter and complete panic. And they’re panicking because every single poll coming out of late shows that Americans have begun to turn on the Democrats, blaming them for this social unrest that has plagued our nation uninterrupted over the last three months. A recent Rasmussen poll found that 50 percent of likely voters believe political leaders in big cities like Portland and Seattle are indeed encouraging violent protests by limiting police response. Only 31 percent of all voters disagreed, while 19 percent were unsure. A July Pew survey found that 73 percent of Americans say that funding for police should either remain the same or increase.

At the same time, President Trump is enjoying a massive surge in support. According to the Democracy Institute’s polling of 1,500 likely voters, Trump now leads Biden nationally by three points, 48 to 45 percent, and he has a commanding 7 point lead in the so-called battleground states. In the Real Clear Politics aggregate that averages out all the polls, Trump and Biden are closer today than were Trump and Clinton at the same point in 2016. At the end of August, Clinton led in the averaged-out swing state polls by 4.6 percent; today Biden leads by a razor thin margin of 2.7 percent. Clinton had almost double the averaged-out lead over Trump than Biden has, and we all know how November turned out for her.

The simple fact is that neither Biden, Wheeler, nor their ideological comrades in the mainstream media can explain away the completely unprecedented dereliction of law enforcement duties intentionally abdicated by Democrat politicians. While we’ve had race riots before in our history, we had yet to experience Democrat mayors and governors deliberately forfeiting their legal obligation to protect the citizens under their jurisdiction. Ultimately, this is why businesses were looted and burned to the ground, monuments were torn down and desecrated, and militias marched into cities and urban neighborhoods. Democrat lawmakers explicitly and publicly sided with lawbreakers, throwing law enforcement under the bus. There’s simply no spinning this, as the Democrats are learning the hard way.

As we’re finding with every new poll coming out, voters are leaving the Democrats in droves! They want nothing to do with this supposedly new wave of wokeness, what Seattle’s feckless mayor once called the ‘summer of love’, and while voters may not be the biggest fans of Trump, they seem him and the Republicans as the only ones standing between them and the destructive and now deadly hysterics of the lunatic left.

If this really is a burgeoning civil war, it is obviously in its early stages. But it’s also becoming increasingly clear who is gaining the upper hand in the escalating conflict. I have a feeling that as such a realization dawns on them, this time leftists will find some tears to shed.


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