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Left Needs to Face Reality: Trump is Winning!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Jul 21, 2018 10:05:08 PM

Michael Goodwin of the New York Post declares that the left needs to face the reality that President Donald Trump is in fact winning.

Michael Goodwin just published a great piece that makes a rather simple argument: after 18 months in office, even after 24/7 negative coverage from the media, and being the subject of a political witch hunt disguised as a special prosecutor, President Trump has found his political sweet spot, and it appears to be a sweet spot that few previous presidents have ever found. The evidence he provides for such an assertion is pretty impressive. He notes that polls show Trump with 90 percent support among Republicans;b90 percent! This matches the backing of President George W. Bush right after 9/11; few if any other Republicans enjoyed such support among their base at this point in their presidency. Goodwin notes too that Trump’s support is broadening. A Harvard CAPS/Harris poll showed his approval rating hitting 47 percent, a two-point gain in one month driven by two factors. A 10-point swing among Hispanic voters; you will not hear about that in the lamestream media. And secondly, if you can believe it, Trump has gained four-points in his approval rating among Democrats! In fact, his latest rally in an arena in Minnesota drew over 9,000 people, and according to Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager, he went through the RNC voter files, and found that the crowd was over 60 percent Democrat and Independent. 60 percent Democrat and Independent! If Trump is drawing that kind of support among Democrats and Independents in the a solidly blue state like Minnesota, 2020 is gonna be an absolute blowout!

Pollsters are attributing this wide rise in support to things like the mass economic growth that has been going on; remember, with Trump’s economic nationalism, the manufacturing unemployment is currently under three percent, which is the lowest EVER recorded. The Dow Jones just keeps hitting records, and taxes are dropping for over 70 percent of Americans. So we are seeing the rise of a strong economy, and in addition a whopping 75 percent of surveyed Americans approved of the president’s decision to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. And again, this despite 24/7 negative media coverage surrounding the entire event, beginning, middle, and end.

Moreover, Goodwin cites a Pew finding about Trump supporters which completely upends the media-based stereotypes: Just 31 percent of his supporters are white men without college degrees, as it turns out 66 percent are college graduates, women or nonwhites.

Of course, the left did everything they could to disparage Trump with immigration enforcement and the separation of families, children being taken away from their children and all that. Again, keep in mind: these same liberals have no problem with allowing young teenage girls to go and get abortions without their parents permission, or for schools to assign gender identity designations without their parents’ consent. No problem whatsoever. Nevertheless, liberals pounded Trump on the separation of families at the border. But even then, polls show that a clear majority want border enforcement, and we of course on other videos have explored the fundamental reasons for. As Goodwin points out, more and more people every day are asking: “How is it that if you arrive at JFK Airport without a passport, you are sent back to your place of origin, whereas if you cross the Rio Grande River without a passport, not only are you not sent back, but then you are given all these rights and privileges and political advocacy? Explain that to me!”

I think this is why Trump’s approval numbers even after the media bombarded him 24/7 with negative coverage on the CHILDREN being separated from their families, this is why his approval numbers remain very strong. I just checked Rassmussen’s daily tracking polls, Trump is up 47 percent approval. And remember, these polls that Goodwin cites were taken before the string of victories he got from the Supreme Court, particularly the one that upheld his travel ban of five mostly Muslim nations, as well as one that said that municipal unions can no longer force workers to pay union dues, which of course is going to be absolutely devastating to the Democratic machines in places like New Jersey, Michigan, and Minnesota.

And now, with the opportunity to replace the liberal Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court with a solid conservative, Trump’s presidential legacy will last far beyond his own lifetime, for a generation to come.

It is not just Goodwin who is saying that Trump is winning. Even Chuck Todd of NBC’s Deface the Nation has come out and said it: whether liberals like it or not, Trump is winning, and he is winning big! He is transforming the nation more and more into his nationalist populist vision for our country and indeed for the world. Goodwin put it this way: Trump’s putting the Supreme Court on an enduring constitutional footing would make his presidency one of the most consequential of any age.

Now, Goodwin contrasts all of this with how the left is responding; he made a great analogy, he likened the election of Donald Trump, November 8, 2016, for the left with how the Palestinians mark the day of Israel’s birth, which they call the nakba, or the tragedy; and of course each year that day incites riots and protests. Sound familiar? They honestly believed that the Mueller probe was going to bring him down; that is indeed the wish every single day on CNN, the Conspiracy Nut Network, and they are basically just making up news at this point, as they wait for either the indictment or the impeachable offense coming from the special prosecutor’s investigations. You have 18 months of mass marches with speakers saying they have honestly thought about blowing up the white house, you have the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington Virginia refusing to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump’s press secretary, and asked her and her family to leave the restaurant. You have Maxine Mad Max Waters saying this was a good thing and should be done to all of Trump’s administration members, and by implication all of Trump’s supporters. I mean, you have potentially one of the single most consequential presidencies in American history on one side and a total and complete national meltdown, a mass nationwide temper tantrum on the other.

And as if things could not get worse, the Democrats, as I predicted, the Democrats are now turning to the hard socialist left, like Mexico. With the primary win of someone like Alexandria Cortez, the left is showing that they have no idea whatsoever how to appeal to mid-America, to America’s heartland, to the vast majority, 90 percent of our counties. By the way this nearly 90 percent of our counties are completely abortion free, and the Democrats think they are going to win these counties by putting forward candidates who are rabid supporters of feminism and identity politics and socialism and open borders and the like?!?

I think Goodwin’s piece is very, very informative because it contrasts the state of the two parties. While the globalist-dedicated GOP elite are still reeling from Trump’s victory, nevertheless, the party at least at the grass roots level appears very, very united around a presidency that is on the verge of being one of the most consequential presidencies ever. While the Democrats appear to in-fighting, threatening, bullying, and just unraveling. One party is currently all about whining, while the other party is all about winning.

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