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Left-Wing Website ThinkProgress FOR SALE Due to ‘Severe Financial Strains’!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Jul 5, 2019 12:03:11 PM

So the Daily Beast is reporting that the ultra-leftwing website ThinkProgress has not been doing too much progressing, to say the least. It has indeed been put up for sale and it is currently owned by the Center for American Progress which was founded by John Podesta. If you remember, John Podesta was the chairman for Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign. The staff for ThinkProgress were notified the other day that the site was in fact for sale because it had come under severe financial strains in the age of Trump. The website has seen what they called a ‘significant drop in revenue in recent years, along with financial strains,’ which they said reflected the financial realities of so many other news outlets that have relied on advertising to fund their work. And so, the Center for American Progress has made the difficult decision to let the ThinkProgress website go since its financial challenges are simply unsustainable for their organization, and they are of course hoping that there are other publishers out there would could better support ThinkProgress’ mission. 

Now if you do not know, ThinkProgress was launched 14 years ago during the Bush administration. It was unapologetically ultra-left, progressive, and Marxist in its news coverage and analysis. But it appears that less and less people have availed themselves of such leftwing news. Again according to the Daily Beast, ThinkProgress is now $3 million dollars in the red. They have had to reduce staff and it is not clear whether or not the site will simply be shut down if another suitor is not found in the near future.

Now reading this, I could not help but think of the comparable misfortunes of our dear friends over at CNN. CNN recently had to lay off almost all of its health care coverage division and this came just weeks after CNN announced that it was planning to layoff upwards of 300 of its staffers. These are obvious signs of downsizing for CNN, there is really no way of spinning that, and it corresponded with an abysmal ratings plunge over the last several months. Things are so bad for CNN that they have not been able to average more than half a million viewers in a single day, I mean, YouTubers with a single webcam are getting bigger audiences daily than CNN with all of its multi-million dollar corporate backing! More people want to find out about fashion and beauty secrets and mascara patterns on a daily basis than want to tune into CNN. Or think of what has happened to The New York Daily News. 

They were once America’s largest newspaper with the highest circulation in the United States, millions upon millions of print copies going out weekly. But when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the president of the United States, and the New York Daily News came unglued or unhinged, they ran headlines like: ‘Clown Runs for President,’ or ‘Dawn of the Brain Dead,’ they actually had a headline, ‘Trump is Hitler.’ I mean, they have always been leftist lunatics, at least in the last few decades , but it started to get out of hand in the last few years. When you had the mass shooting at the Orlando nightclub, they led with the headline: ‘Thanks NRA.’ There is some fair and impartial journalism for you, ‘Thanks NRA.’ And not to be outdone, they infamously featured a prayer shaming front page after the San Bernardino shootings with the headline: ‘God is fixing this,’ mocking GOP politicians who tweeted out their prayers for the victims and their families. They have always been pathetically liberal and prone to virtue signaling and the like. Well just a few months back it was announced that they had to slash their newsroom; they laid off half of their reporters; they are down to just 40 reporters when they had 85 reporters before the layoffs. But now they have been reduced to a smaller staff than most regional newsrooms in small markets. So what is going on here?

Well I think there are a couple of takeaways from this demise of leftwing outlets like ThinkProgress and CNN and MSNBC the New York Daily News. First and foremost I think it is reflective of the fact that most people simply do not trust the corporatist globalist media anymore. Every major poll and study over the last 20 years shows that the media’s level of trustworthiness has been declining rapidly over the last twenty years. Perhaps the single most devastating poll of late was the one conducted by the Media Insight Project in partnership with the Associated Press that found that only six percent of Americans have a lot of confidence in the media, nearly 95 percent of those polled were skeptical to at least some degree towards the news coverage of the corporatist globalist media. I think that is the first thing, when your business model is based on trust and facticity and accuracy, if your business model is based on the notion that you are a reliable mediator of information and no one trusts you anymore, your shot is over.

But I also think there is another dimension to this because more right-leaning sites such as DrudgeReport, Breitbart News, Gateway Pundit, and ZeroHedge are growing. They are expanding, they collectively receive tens of millions of hits daily and billions yearly. Conservative talk radio has tens of millions of listeners on a daily basis; Fox News has topped the cable ratings for over 200 consecutive months so something else seems to be going on. It is not just simply the lack of trust, I think the collapse of leftwing media and the rise of rightwing media shows a paradigm shift among the American and increasingly European electorate.

I do not know if you remember the Gallup poll that came out several months back that showed that the number of states where liberals outnumber conservatives has dwindled to a mere 6 states; Republicans are tied with Democrats or outnumber Democrats in 44 states throughout our nation. I mean that is a political paradigm shift of pretty dramatic proportions. Again, you will not hear CNN talking about that or the New York Times for that matter when they are making their projections for the 2020 election. The Republicans match or outnumber Democrats in 44 states, which was reflected by the Electoral College for Trump in 2016. He was the first Republican to get over 300 electoral votes in 30 years since 1988. Most of Hillary Clinton’s excess votes in the popular vote came from California, a single state, where she won by over a 30 point margin. Trump never even campaigned in California. No, the nation as a whole is going through a political paradigm shift away from the leftist globalist vision of life to one that embraces nation, culture, custom, and tradition. And the news outlets that have thus far been mouthpieces for this globalist vision of life are comparably withering away, while the news outlets that have embraced the nationalist populist and traditionalist vision of life appear to be only growing and succeeding.

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