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Leftists TURN on Biden, ‘This Would NEVER Have Happened Under Trump’!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Mar 14, 2022 8:05:26 PM

         If the Democrats thought that the Ukraine crisis was going to help Biden’s poll numbers, at least long-term, they are in for a very, very rude awakening! It now does appear that many on the left are indeed abandoning Biden. There was a poll several months back that found that 20 percent of Biden’s voters regret their vote; instead of buyer’s remorse they have Biden remorse. The latest defections by two prominent leftist entertainers are a clear indicator that the general feeling of regret is only getting worse with the Ukraine crisis.

         Let’s start with Trevor Noah, the ultra-liberal host of Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show.’ In an opening monologue in one of his recent episodes, Noah brought up a widely reported story that the leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates refused to take Biden’s calls when he tried to reach them to pressure them to sanction Russia. Their refusal was a humiliating snub by two major oil powers! Denying Biden's calls was their way of saying that when it comes to the crisis in Ukraine, what Biden thinks and does is irrelevant! Keep in mind, this snub came on the heels of Biden begging Saudi Arabia to increase their oil production and Saudi Arabia told him to take a hike! They’re refusing to increase their oil production, even after Biden pleaded with them to do it! 

          Trevor Noah brings this embarrassment up, and here’s what he had to say about it: “There is no denying that Saudi Arabia isn’t playing ball with Joe Biden. And you know what, you can say what you want but this would have never happened to Donald trump. Never! No one was ever ignoring Donald Trump's calls. Because if you ignored Donald Trump's calls you didn’t know how he would respond. Maybe he would send an angry tweet or maybe he would just ban your country from everything! You don’t know! That’s why I bet in these situations Biden actually wishes that he could hire Trump to step in as President Wild Card! You know, keep everyone on their toes. If Trump was calling you, best believe the UAE would be racing to pick up the phone!” 

          That was well said and so true! ‘President Wild Card’ for Foreign Affairs! Trevor Noah is absolutely right! Part of what made Trump so successful geopolitically was his unpredictability. How do you successfully goad or prod a major nuclear superpower if you don’t know how it’s going to respond? You can’t! Any and all contingency plans go out the window since contingencies are based on a certain level of rational predictability. 

          Noah wasn’t the only liberal entertainer noticing that Putin is treating Biden very differently than he treated Trump. Bill Maher on his latest show openly declared that asking why Putin invaded under Biden and not Trump is a question very much worth pondering? Why is it that Putin chose to invade Ukraine under Biden and not Trump? Keep in mind, we can add Obama to the picture as well, can’t we? After all, Russia annexed Crimea under Obama! So it seems that every time Biden is in office, either as president or vice president, Russia expands its territory! Why is that? We are going to answer that, but first, we should note that at one level, what leftists like Maher and Noah are saying here is simply going with the tide of public opinion! The Hill just published the results of a Harvard-Harris survey that is utterly devastating for Biden! According to the poll, 62% of American voters believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin would never have invaded Ukraine had President Trump still been in office. That poll includes a shocking 38% of Democrats! Clearly Maher and Noah aren’t alone here as nearly 4 in 10 of their liberal ilk also recognize that were Trump still in office, Putin would never have invaded Ukraine! 

          Victor Davis Hanson has a great piece out that’s titled: ‘Why Putin Has Not Been Deterred’ and it’s an excellent analysis contrasting Trump’s policies with Bumblin’ Biden’s policies. Why those policies resulted in such different outcomes with regard to Russia and Russia’s actions is the subject of this piece. When Trump was in power, his energy policy which centered on a mass increase in domestic oil and gas had the effect of crashing Russian oil prices! Without the leverage of energy supply, Putin had little political leverage to do whatever he wanted geopolitically! I don’t think we realize just how key energy independence was to Trump’s vision of stabilizing the geopolitical order! Energy independence kept both Russia and the Middle East on their heels, and effectively cut them off from acting on any grievances they had with their neighbors! You then add to that Trump’s taking on China for 4 years. Trump hammered Russia’s number one ally and trade partner. Also look at how Trump treated North Korea. Remember when he told Kim Jung Un that ‘my nuclear button is bigger than yours.’ You add to that Trump’s ordering the assassination of the Iranian general Solemani and his crushing of ISIS in Syria and it becomes clear that Trump did not mess around. There was no way that Putin was going to do anything like what we’re seeing today simply because he had no idea how Trump would respond! Trump had full command of the geopolitical order in a way that Bumblin’ Biden has completely floundered! Biden has deliberately squandered our energy independence all in the name of leftwing environmentalism, and because of that, Russia has been able to go back to dictating oil prices and exercising significant geopolitical leverage by threatening to turn off the gas supply! 

          At the same time, this past August, we all witnessed that embarrassing botched troop withdrawal from Kabul that didn’t just make America weaker on the world stage, which it certainly did, but it also had the inadvertent effect of making Russia stronger. The humiliating withdrawal put Russia and most particularly Vladimir Putin at the center of the world stage! Britain, in particular, turned to Russia for what they called Russia’s ‘moderating influence’ over the Taliban. Macron did the same thing as Britain and Germany was soon to follow. Much of the world moved towards Moscow after the fall of Kabul, and they turned their backs on a feckless leadership in Washington DC. On top of all that, Putin looks at the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley, and sees him being more concerned about white privilege than he was about the Afghanistan troop withdrawal! 

          All of this feeds into Putin’s sense that the Biden administration is very, very weak and very, very woke. The combination of those two dynamics has only served to embolden Russia on the world stage! No one set the stage for this weakness and wokeness more than Trevor Noah and Bill Maher! They spent four straight years mocking and ridiculing President Trump, blinded by their partisan bitterness from seeing how Trump’s governance was precisely the kind that we needed and desperately need now! I can think of few things more painfully ironic than these two would-be comedians slamming Trump for being a clown, all the while celebrating policies and politicians that enacted the very weakness and wokeness that is ultimately responsible for tearing the world apart! I’m glad it seems that these two and many of their liberal ilk are finally seeing the light, however, unfortunately, it appears to be too little too late! 

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