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Liberal Leader WARNS Woke Left Faces EXTINCTION as Center-Left Collapses in Europe!

Posted by Steve Turley ● May 24, 2021 10:19:38 PM

If the media has made you feel like conservatives are losing time and time again, do not despair! While radical woke leaders have infiltrated governments worldwide, we are seeing their own beliefs and systems begin to crumble! Tony Blair, the former British prime minister and leader of progressives across the UK, is sounding an alarm with a new article titled: ‘Progressive Left Faces Extinction.’ Read that again! The progressive left faces extinction, and while Blair’s focus was on the failing British Labour Party, this trend is consistent all across Europe!

Let me show you a few examples of how woke ideology is losing its grip on Europe according to a Pew Research study over the last 20 years:

  • In Germany, Social Democrats have fallen from 41 percent in 1998 to 21 percent just 20 years later!
  • In Sweden, Social Democrats have fallen from 36 percent in 1998 to 28 percent today!
  • In Finland, the Social Democrats had 23 percent of the vote in 1998 but today struggle to retain 17 percent!
  • Democrats in France and the Netherlands are virtually going extinct! In France, the socialist party has gone from 24 percent to 7 percent, and in the Netherlands, the Labour Party has gone from nearly 30 percent of the vote in 1998 to a pathetic 6 percent today!

And I could go on and on, the research is consistent across Europe! Democrats around the world are epically failing to retain the control they desperately want and need! Tony Blair sees this happening, and his article is a clear warning to his failing fellow progressives. The best part of all of this, the title ‘Progressive Left Faces Extinction’ does not come from a conservative, as if it were the projections of right-wing wishful thinking; this is coming from one of the most successful center-left politicians of the last 30 years! And even HE sees that woke leftism is indeed facing extinction!

The latest elections in the UK set the stage for Tony Blair’s alarm. The elections happened just last week, where voters in the otherwise reliable leftist city of Hartlepool, in the northeast of England, shocked pundits and politicians alike by defecting en masse and voting for the political right. Conservative candidate Jill Mortimer beat Labour’s candidate by nearly 2 to 1 in the vote count! Considering Hartlepool has been a Labour stronghold for decades, this is shocking.

But it’s increasingly par for the course in European elections. The Tony Blair Institute sounded the alarm back in 2018 when they conducted a study revealing the catastrophic future for the left! They used their report to say to the center-left in Western Europe, ‘If you don’t do something and do it soon, you really are going to cease to exist in most parts of Western Europe.’ And the statistics they gave were breathtaking in terms of the demise of the center-left in JUST the 2017 elections alone! They documented the results of the 946 European districts that held political elections last year, and in 94 percent of all 946 districts, the center-left coalitions lost!! In a single year alone, the center-left lost nearly 100 percent of district-based elections! The New York Times has come out and admitted that the center-left parties in Europe “Are basically going extinct; in many parts of Europe, they’re not just in retreat, they have practically ceased to exist.”

So what exactly did Blair say in his shocking article? Essentially, he argues that the collapse of the center-left has opened up a vacuum filled by the progressive left, the radical woke left. He sees that increasingly the political left is offering a combination of two unattractive wings of the party coming together. On the one hand, the left is offering big bloated government with high taxes and stiff regulations (which the majority finds rather unappealing), and on the other hand, the left is offering the most rabid, angry, and narcissistic forms of identity politics! The majority of the population is horrified by this combination and increasingly wants nothing to do with it!

What Blair says is fascinating: “‘Defund the police’ may be the left’s most damaging political slogan since ‘the dictatorship of the proletariat’. It leaves the Right with an economic message which seems more practical, and a powerful cultural message around defending the flag, family, and fireside traditional values. To top it off, the right evinces a pride in their nation, while parts of the left seem embarrassed by the very notion.” Blair sees what you and I know every day, the left’s total and complete inability to provide a viable alternative to the right because they are so stuck in the past! Interesting how he believes the left is stuck in the past! Isn’t the political right, conservatives, and traditionalists constantly accused of living in the past?

Blair nailed it, noting that the values – like faith, family, and freedom – are timeless and are equally applicable in any given age! Then there are FADS that are popular for a time but then inevitably fizzle out! The left, you see, had their heyday in the 19th and 20th centuries. The 19th century gave them Marxism, and the 20th century gave them big government totalitarianism. The modern-day left is stuck with an out-of-date conception of government and a totally defunct Marxist ideology! THAT, Blair believes, is why the left is starting to go extinct throughout Europe and eventually here in the States: “People like common sense, proportion, and reason. They dislike prejudice, but they dislike extremism in combating prejudice. They support the police and the armed forces. Again, it doesn’t mean that they think those institutions are beyond reproach. Not at all. But they’re on their guard for those they think to use any wrongdoing to smear the institutions themselves. And they expect their leaders to voice their own opinion, not sub-contract opinion to pressure groups, no matter how worthy.” How true is this!

Blair goes on in his article to give advice for how the left may be able to find their way out of this historical bog they’ve found themselves in. I’m very skeptical of Blair’s advice, as most rabid leftists would be as well.

I certainly hope that this encourages you during these taxing and frustrating times. Between Bumblin’ Biden’s regime and the frustrations of corporate wokism, it is easy to lose hope. However, don’t despair! Patriots are the future! Conservatives who value family, faith, and freedom are the future, and even liberals like Tony Blair are admitting it!

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