Mass Paradigm-Shift in Denmark: Leftists Embrace Anti-Immigration!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Jul 13, 2018 10:22:03 PM

There is a mass political paradigm-shift going on in Denmark as even the leftwing Social Democrats have embraced a pro-border security, anti-immigration policy. My friend, David Eggers from Copenhagen, brought this to my attention. Very much appreciated David.

Many of you may not know, but Denmark has recently become perhaps the single most dedicated nation to border security in Western Europe, bar none. And this was brought home with a recent report published by a human rights NGO, non-governmental organization, which issued a highly critical report on asylum and immigration practices in Denmark. Very similar to the reports we are seeing right now in the States, with all these families being separated at the border; it may even be the same organization, I am not sure, reporting on this. This NGO accuses Denmark of ‘prison-like’ asylum centers and possible detainment of children in unsuitable facilities.

This report was released just a couple of weeks back by an organization called the Global Detention Project. If you go to their website, guess who is the number one featured funding source of this so-called human rights NGO? Did you guess George Soros and his Open Society Foundations?! Well, you would have guessed right. This is a Soros-funded report. But of course, you will never hear that in the mainstream media. They will just ever so willingly echo the report’s findings and completely hide from you who it is that is making these accusations; somebody who wants open borders all throughout Europe and who funds every single leftwing radical cause you can think of.

Nevertheless, the report is very informative, and perhaps in a very, very disappointing way for Soros. The report notes that over the past three years, since the refugee crisis in 2015, Denmark has adopted, get this, just under 70 immigration-related amendments all of which have radically intensified border security and immigration restrictions. 70 amendments! They have dramatically cut back on their asylum recognition rate, and called for detaining as many failed refugees as possible As a result, Denmark’s rate of acceptance of asylum applications has plunged from 85 percent in 2015 to barely over 30 percent in 2017, and it is getting even more restrictive as we speak.

THAT is because Denmark’s political parties, both traditionally left and right, are all vying to demonstrate to their voters that they are more conservative on border security they anyone else! Border security and immigration is no longer a left or right issue; it has now officially and formally become PRE-POLITICAL. EVERY party is declaring that necessity of border security, and now it’s just a matter of who’s going to do it more effectively.

That, my friends, is what we call here a political paradigm shift; where a once marginal or peripheral political policy or party moves from the margins to the mainstream, it moves from the political fringe, as it were, to now becoming the consensus opinion among a population. And when it comes to the border security of its nation, Denmark has rejected the globalist vision of the European Union and its open borders, and instead has shifted in mass to the nationalist populist right.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the so-called ‘far right’ Danish People’s Party, the Dansk Folkeparti, the DF, they’re the second-most popular party in Denmark and at the center of the rightwing coalition there. They are one of the most successful rightwing parties in Europe, have been able to really shape domestic policy in Denmark, which of course includes a very strict border security policy. But their success has gone beyond I think anything any of us could ever have imagined just a few years ago.

Reports are coming out now that even the traditionally left-wing parties are turning towards the right when it comes to immigration. Here’s a relatively recent headline from Bloomberg: “Danish Leftists Turn on Migrants in Bid to Regain Power.” In fact, the Social Democrats in Denmark have already declared that they will not form a coalition with any other leftist party in Denmark. The Social Democrats are traditionally the center-left party, they are currently the largest single party in the Danish parliament, but the rightwing coalition holds the overall majority. And for the past 25 years, they have caucused with the other leftwing parties in Denmark, but no longer; and guess what the key issue of contention is? Immigration.

You see, the whole issue of traditional left and right is blurring, in many ways, it is collapsing, it is falling apart; no longer an issue of whether we are going to raise taxes by a certain percentage point or lower them by a comparable percentage point; it is no longer about whether the government is going to provide welfare services or whether we’re going to privatize such agencies; the traditional politics of left and right are frankly over. What is replacing them is a paradigmatic debate over whether we are going to embrace globalism or nationalism; are we going to have open borders or are we going to secure our borders; are we going to be a multicultural society or are we going to embrace our cultural, traditional, and religious uniqueness and identity? THIS is the new politics! THIS is the new political paradigm. And guess who’s winning? Guess which side is coming out on top almost everywhere we look across the globe? Did you guess the nationalist, populist, and traditionalist side? Isn’t this great? We are winning, winning, winning as someone in the States likes to say. We are winning precisely because the politics of the future are centered around the three broad insecurities that globalization has inflicted on our populations: border insecurity, economic insecurity, and cultural insecurity. It is these three securities that are redefining politics in a thoroughly nationalist, populist, and traditionalist direction. Denmark and the other Nordic nations, are no exception. Indeed, if anything, Denmark in many respects is leading the way.

What is so fascinating and significant about this mass paradigm shift, is that this is not a shift that is happening in the already conservative parts of Europe such as Central Europe and Eastern Europe…………….. This mass paradigm shift to the right in terms of nationalist populist-inspired border security is happening in a nation that was once the globalist liberal ideal of the Democratic Party in the United States. The Washington Post, sorry, The Washington Compost reported back in 2015 that Denmark was the single most cited model nation among the then Democratic primary candidates for president; it was the most cited nation as the ideal for liberal Democratic policies, in that Denmark was famous for providing the most generous benefits for their citizens, in terms of affordable education, universal healthcare, and subsidized child care. And no presidential candidate cited the example of Denmark more than one Bernie Sanders of all people. He often stated that his vision of democratic socialism was best exemplified by countries like Denmark.

Well, well, well, THAT was 2015, before the refugee crisis that swamped Europe. I wonder how these Democrats feel now that Denmark has become, in terms of its immigration policies, almost as far-right as you can get; Denmark has begun to make even Donald Trump look liberal when it comes to border security. And so, I think that perhaps for the first time, we can all agree with these secular liberal globalist Democrats. Denmark truly is a model nation.

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