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#MeToo is Over: How Liberals are DESTROYING Feminism!

Posted by Steve Turley ● May 4, 2020 11:54:01 AM

Who would ever have thought that the feminist fraud would ultimately be brought down by feminists themselves! But that is precisely what is happening currently with the Joe Biden campaign.

Media Cover-Up Collapses

Let’s begin with perhaps the loudest cheerleaders for left-wing feminist ideology: the mainstream media. For weeks, the major media outlets tried their best to bury Tara Reade’s accusations against Joe Biden of sexual assault. During the four weeks after the allegations were first made public, Biden was asked 142 total questions in 19 different interviews, and not one question came close to touching on the topic. According to the Media Research Center, in the month after Tara Reade’s accusation against Biden, ABC and NBC didn’t air anything about it, and CBS News devoted 63 seconds to the topic. By contrast, in the 12 days after Christine Ford made her allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, those same three networks devoted a full six hours of their morning and evening news shows to the scandal! And this despite the fact that Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation now officially has more evidence than Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh two years ago.

Keep in mind that the mainstream media’s trustworthiness is currently at an all-time low. The recent Morning Consult poll that surveyed the most trusted brand names in the nation found that only 8% of Americans trust the mainstream media. Now that their cover-up has collapsed, what’s left of the media’s trustworthiness will implode, effectively silencing what has been until now the major mouthpiece for modern day feminist propaganda. 

#MeToo Leaders Exposed

But what about the major representatives of the #MeToo movement? By endorsing Biden and dismissing Reade, they have exposed just how milquetoast their commitment to “believe all women” really is. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York convicted Brett Kavanaugh because he did not demand the FBI overturn every aspect of his life. However, when asked about her endorsement of Biden in the midst of comparable sexual assault accusations, Gillibrand simply stated that Biden has affirmed his innocence and that he’s ready to comply with any investigation. But what about Biden’s refusal to allow his records at the University of Delaware to be scrutinized for any record of Tara Reade’s complaint? Gillibrand of course has nothing to say, given that by her stand, Biden has to be guilty.

How about Hillary Clinton? She like Gillibrand officially endorsed Joe Biden. But during the whole Kavanaugh saga, she defended the trustworthiness of Ford and denounced Kavanaugh. But then again, concerns about sexual assault victims were never Hillary’s forte.

But perhaps the worst example of this hypocrisy comes from Alyssa Milano, the D-list actor turned rabid left-wing feminist activist and a major #MeToo advocate. In a 2018 interview with MSNBC, Alyssa Milano was asked to respond to President Trump’s concerns about young men having a very hard time in the midst of what appeared to be nothing less than a sexual assault witch-hunt. Milano actually came out and said that it frankly doesn’t matter if an innocent man is publicly destroyed and punished for a crime against women he actually did not commit, because it is the inevitable ‘collateral damage’ of the reparations necessary for all the harm done to women over the years. This is the necessary consequences of the equalizing process that we are going through right now, and frankly, it does not matter if an innocent man is destroyed, because it is all part of making up for the fact that innocent women have been destroyed throughout history as well. If you think men have it hard now, what about the centuries of oppression that women have had to endure? So deal with it!

Well, now, her candidate, the very candidate that she supports for president in 2020 has been MeToo’d! Is Alyssa Milano disavowing Biden, even if he’s innocent, as a necessary corrective for all the evil that has been perpetrated on women for centuries? No; in fact, Milano has demanded that Biden be treated innocent until actually proven guilty, which of course is an appeal to the very due process that she denied Kavanaugh.

The Most Corrupt Institution

I think Tucker Carlson said it best. Here is how Tucker assesses all of this blatant and frankly nauseating feminist hypocrisy: “Institutional feminism, the so-called feminist movement, is fake. It was never about women or believing women. They do not believe women. They do not care about women. They care about power. And that is why [Senator] Gillibrand [of New York] was friends with Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton. That is why she is friends with Joe Biden now.”

The fact is simple: institutional feminism has been exposed as perhaps the single most corrupt movement in the world. We can now add feminism to the growing list of grievance groups whose corruption knows no bounds. These feminist leaders have officially joined the ranks of people like Al Sharpton who even liberal outlets like Vice admit is a huge fraud, enriching himself by leveraging his supposed civil rights concerns for his own financial benefit. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which USA Today has referred to as a ‘scam’, has perhaps more than any other organization turned grievance politics into an industry, and a very, very lucrative one. The SPLC makes tens of millions of dollars a year smearing conservative organizations and causes. In fact, a former staff member of the SPLC writing for the New Yorker said that within the SPLC itself, workers called it the ‘Poverty Palace,’ playing off the whole assumption people have that the SPLC is a small organization run on a shoestring budget valiantly representing the oppressed. In fact, it is nothing more than a business scheme that has been making its executives and higher ups very, very rich. Both Sharpton and the SPLC have turned leftwing grievance politics into a business model. They have learned that donors and businesses and politicians are willing to pay big bucks for their so-called services in slandering political opponents as racists and bigots.

Women No Longer Identify as Feminists

An Ipsos poll from last year found that most women, in fact a super-majority of women in the United States do not consider themselves feminists. Only about a third of American women claim to be feminist! As it turns out, the Biden candidacy has revealed the feminist movement is a fake; the institutional organizations and its leadership are corrupt. Their blatant double-standards reveal that they care nothing about women or victims of sexual abuse; they care only about power and money. The beauty of the Biden campaign is that this feminist fraud is now on display for all to see. And liberals have only themselves to blame.

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