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New Study Provides Evidence for Allegation of Voter Fraud in 5 of 6 Battleground States

Posted by Matthew Fletcher ● Dec 16, 2020 5:31:07 PM

Revolver News has published a new, simple yet powerful statistical model of county-level voter behavior in the 2020 presidential election using two main types of data prove what observers have felt instinctively – basically in the contested states where Biden narrowly won, there were strange voting patterns relative to is the norm for those states, and relative to what one might expect on the basis of the final results in other key swing states.


The Revolver model took county-specific voting data from the five previous presidential elections, and selected demographic variables such as race and education to plot how different national voter groups voted differently in 2020 overall.

These two types of predictors allowed the study to explain over 95% of the variation in county-level votes, and therefore allow them to identify which counties and states showed substantially anomalous voting patterns in the 2020 election.  

The bottom line? This model provides substantial support for the allegation that the outcome of the election was affected by fraud in multiple states. 

That is, the model’s predictions match the reported results in all other states where no fraud was alleged, but predicts Trump did – or should have – won majorities in five key battleground states that are currently disputed – Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and 49.68% of the vote in the sixth, Michigan.

What are they saying? Basically, Biden’s margin of victory in those five of the six contested states cannot be explained by any patterns in voter preference consistent with national demographic trends. 

You can see the full study here

But whatever happens on Jan. 20, 2021, patriots can take heart that they at least know now that what they have suspected is almost certainly true – the fix was in against the nationalist movement, because the globalists who run the Democrats and establishment wing of the GOP were afraid of the rising America First movement. 

This may be a battle that was lost, but it gains us a confidence in the righteousness of our cause, and more importantly, it provides us information on just who is really undermining American nationalism. Knowledge is power, after all. And in the long-term, as Steve Turley has pointed out time and again, factors favor our movement. This is a generational struggle, and in that, we are winning. 

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