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Nike Drops Betsy Ross-theme Shoes OFFENSIVE to Colin Kaepernick!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Jul 3, 2019 12:32:45 PM

Well, Nike has done it again. Many of you are familiar with what Nike did several months back with their latest “Just Do It” ad campaign. It featured of course the notorious former NFL player and original anthem protester Colin Kaepernick. They featured the tagline with the campaign: ‘Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything?!?’ Of course many pointed out that if Nike were really interested in an athlete that sacrificed everything for what he believed, they should be featuring a picture of Pat Tillman, the NFL player who voluntarily gave up his career to join the armed forces after 9-11 and was killed in action, THAT is a true hero. Not some pampered millionaire grievance politics activist. 

But if we thought that Nike could not get MORE absurd, more pandering, more ridiculous, well we were wrong. As it turns out, it is NOW being reported that Nike has decided to stop selling a special edition sneaker featuring the Betsy Ross American flag for the 4th of July, our Independence Day, because it was offensive to one man, and that one man was none other than the multi-millionaire Colin Kaepernick. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Kaepernick urged Nike to nix the patriotic sneaker because of its slavery connotations. I guess we should nix the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution while we are at it. Reaction was swift and it was fierce, almost immediately there was a hashtag ‘BoycottNike’ campaign launched on Twitter, and Fox News is reporting that the Republican Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, has announced that he was ordering the Arizona Commerce Authority to withdraw incentives for Nike building a manufacturing plant in the state. 

That move by Ducey reminds me of what happened to Delta Airlines in Georgia. I do not know if you remember this, but, again we are talking several months ago, Delta Airlines, under pressure from leftwing activists, ended up cutting ties with the National Rifle Association. They cut ties with the NRA because of pressure from liberal groups, and so the legislature in Georgia, where Delta has a hub, ended up killing a proposed tax break that would have saved the airline millions of dollars a year. It was a tax break on jet fuel that was extended to Delta, and it was part of a sweeping tax-cut bill that Republicans were about to pass; but after they found out what Delta did to the NRA under politically correct pressure from anti-gun liberals, they amended the tax bill and passed it overwhelmingly without the tax cut extended to Delta. And it appears that we are already seeing the economic ramifications for Nike in its continued used of anti-Americanism in its campaigns. 

Now, there are two things to keep in mind here, two take-aways from all of this. First and foremost, corporate America is not our friend. Corporate America is not the friend of those who love nation, culture, custom, and tradition. Again, I want to be clear here, big business is every bit the threat, if not more so to our nation and to any nation as is big government. Big business is every bit a threat to our freedoms as is big government. THIS is why the neocon Republican is no better than a neo-lib Democrat. They are all arms or wings or extensions of ultra-billion dollar corporations owned and operated by ultra-rich billionaires who seek to reorganize the totality of political, economic, and cultural life to their own benefit. they have absolutely no loyalty whatsoever to nation, culture, custom, and tradition. They are above it all. They are literally like Greek gods who live on Mount Olympus, they are untouchables who represent the TRUE social engineers of our time as governors of globalism. Nations are too small and restrictive, they do not like boundaries, they do not like walls, They are ABOVE all of that. This commitment to globalist is why CEOs and corporations have increasingly moved to the left over the last few decades. Here in the States, an analysis of presidential donations in the 2012 election found that Obama got 91 percent of checks from Apple employees, 89 percent of Ebay employees, and 81 percent of Microsoft donors. In 2016, Clinton had endorsement of over 50 major CEOs and corporations. So that is the first thing I think we need to take away from this, corporate America is not our friend. This is NOT to say that there are not corporations that are friendly to our nation, culture, customs, and traditions, there ARE certainly corporations that support conservatives and conservatism, ALL THE WHILE the dominant culture of corporate America continues to veer radically to the left.

The second thing is that more and more people are realizing that we ultimately can vote with our wallets. Liberal leftists constantly give us opportunity to talk about this, but scholars are noticing an increase in what is called consumer politics, where we get to institute what are called either boycotts or buycotts. Boycotts are obviously the intentional refusal to purchase from companies that offend our political values, while buycotts are intentional purchases from companies that support our political values. This is the increasing partisan nature of the marketplace; companies are more and more being divided up between liberal corporations and conservative corporations, such as Chick-fil-A, Hobby Lobby, Cracker Barrel, Carl’s Jr., and Urban Outfitters. So here is a suggestion; why do not you get yourself a pair of sneakers from New Balance, whose CEO contributed to the Trump campaign . They are currently on leftwing boycott lists, so let’s go ahead and BUYcott from them; not only will we be supporting conservative causes, but you get to stick it to those who do not, all the while getting a nice pair of new sneakers. Enough with Nike, it is time to create our own parallel economy that supports businesses that support our values, so that together, we can make America great again.

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