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The Establishment GOP Has No Killer Instinct

Posted by Matthew Fletcher ● Dec 16, 2020 5:53:47 PM

The absolute spineless capitulation of Penn. State House Speaker Bryan Cutler and Penn. State Senators Ryan Aument and Scott Martin – all three Republicans – in the matter of the Pennsylvania audit and recount recently is symptomatic of the rot at the heart of the old GOP Establishment.

That rot is born of an absolute absence of a killer instinct. The leaders in the Republican establishment, as opposed to the nationalists deplorables, have no desire to use power, or even seize it, the way the left does.

The job of the establishment GOP seems to be to lose, and lose “gracefully,” to neo-liberalism and globalism, all the while touting their precious “conservative” principles.

But to paraphrase a quote from “No Country for Old Men” – if your principles are what lead you to lose on every front, what good are they?

Go back to the heyday of the MAGA movement in early 2017, when President Trump had his biggest stores of political capital and both houses of Congress, the GOP could have enacted a truly nationalist, America First movement. 

Trumpists wanted immigration reform, a border wall, an end to corporate outsourcing, an end to endless foreign wars, a national infrastructure plan, and a return of domestic manufacturing.

But the Republican establishment wanted no part of it. They wanted business as usual for Big Business.

Lead on by Reince Priebus at the White House and then House Speaker Paul Ryan, the GOP squandered Trump’s political capital on corporate tax cuts and international corporate deregulation that no one in the Deplorable Movement asked for. 

On the cultural front, the GOP establishment either embraced the gay lobby, or chose not to fight it. 

The problem through all of this is that the establishment Republicans don’t view America as a nation and a cohesive people, but rather an economic zone populated by atomized ultra-individualists with no common or group interests. This is why they embrace the suicidal libertarian idea of the unfettered movement of capital and people across borders, even if they pay lip service otherwise come every election year.

And when the establishment GOP has power, they refuse to exercise it. 

When the left controls school boards at the local and state level, they enact all manner of leftist, Marxist, critical race theory and pro-homosexual indoctrination. Meanwhile, conservatives will waste time debating over ending government schools altogether (a noble but Quixotic folly) or school vouchers, which is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

President Trump, meanwhile, had a plan to use his power to enact a pro-patriotic education agenda that would promote the culture and heritage of America, but the establishment wanted no part of that. Their adherence to a doctrine of “small government” translates into doing nothing while the left racks up culture win after cultural win. They surrender the field because of their suicidal principles. 

No one wants big government intruding in their lives, but in one fashion or another government schooling will exist. And the goal of the Right should be to ensure whatever government schooling exists is patriotic, evidence-based and nationalistic. 

Where there is any government power structure, the Right must choose to seize that power and use it – not pretend like they’re going to dismantle it, all the while the left infests and undermines it, turning it to their Marxist agenda. 

While much can be handled by the free market, the free market cannot ensure the health of the culture, the state or individual rights. We don’t have a free market right now anyway; we have an oligarchy of Big Tech and internationalists who act as the defacto state. It’s evident in the way right-wing voices are censored on social media, and alternative social media are deplatformed. Local businesses are being destroyed and Amazon is seizing more and more market share, all because of power wielded by government over the market. 

At every turn, the establishment Republicans show us who they are – whether on the national stage or in critical spots like the Pennsylvania state government. They are weak-kneed tools who have embraced the moral premises of the left, and their highest wish is to live up to those faulty premises and receive the approval of the very globalists and neo-liberals in power and the press that they were elected to fight.

But there is hope, and you can see it unfolding right now. Ordinary, middle-class and working-class people across America are waking up to the globalist agenda being pushed by both the Democrats and the Republicans. Both the politically engaged and the casual observers in the heartland can see that what the two-party system as it is constituted is selling is a toxic brew of neoliberalism and internationalism. They are watching as the establishment shows us its true colors – stealing the election from President Trump and discarding the populist will of the people – and they are standing up and saying loudly “No!”

This is why we will not falter and we will not give in. Our ranks are growing with each day. A new conservatism is rising – a real conservatism. A sea change is coming on the Right, and the establishment should start packing its bags.

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