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Patriotic Jobs Board Helping Those Affected by Vax Mandates

Posted by Conrad Franz ● Nov 5, 2021 3:11:47 PM

On October 29th the Jobs Board RedBalloon.work put up a huge ad in Times Square asking New Yorkers, “TIRED OF YOUR WOKE WORKPLACE?” as the blue state prepares to fire hundreds of first responders and state employees who have made the decision to not take any of the experimental injections. This large billboard is part of the national push by RedBalloon to let as many Americans know about the parallel economy being established against this dual corporate/governmental tyranny. The board is growing fast and helping many, as the RedBalloon blog has stated:

“RedBalloon’s Times Square billboard kicks off a national advertising campaign to boost the job boards pro-freedom message, which has already resonated with thousands of job seekers and businesses across the nation. In its 3 months of operation, RedBalloon has already seen over 300,000 site users, with job seekers outnumbers openings almost 9:1 despite the tight labor market.”

Pioneer behind the success of Idaho based data analytics firm Emsi, Andrew Crapuchettes founded RedBalloon in 2021, “as the solution to the ever-growing problem of government overreach and ‘cancel culture’ invading the American workplace.” Most notably RedBalloon has elevated employers who will not mandate the COVID jabs and with the infrastructure established with the resume and job boards, are in the process of integrating an entire marketplace network for businesses to advertise to new customers and freelancers to find patriotic clients. In the wake of the Biden regimes tyrannical OSHA Vax mandate Andrew and RedBalloon have pledged to unite those employers who would resist such a vile order.

Andrew will be speaking at the upcoming Turley Talks Patriot Live virtual conference on November 12th-13th. If you want to learn more about the growing resistance to tyranny and the developing parallel polis in the midst of these mandates get your tickets to Patriot Live here: PATRIOT LIVE CONFERENCE

The Parallel Polis is something often spoken of here at Turley Talks and ventures like RedBalloon are at the forefront of establishing a society apart from the current globalist currents. As the COVID and vaccine tyranny has accelerated the need for American Patriots to form their own enclaves and economies organization will become more and more necessary. Those like Mr. Crapuchettes and other industry leaders with the conviction to defend freedom combined with the infrastructure and experience to build from a new foundation are going to be instrumental going forward. If anyone you know is facing termination due to vaccine mandates or is looking to not work for a woke corporation that hates them, check out RedBalloon.work.


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