Paul Ryan Says No More Town Hall Meetings!!! Time For Him To Go!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Aug 5, 2017 1:42:00 PM

It’s being widely reported that Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, is refusing to hold any more public town halls because he is afraid that it will just degenerate into a shouting match. Now the way it is being presented, in the lamestream media, is that Ryan is worried about liberal blowback against the Republicans’ effort to repeal and replace Obamacare. He is worried about leftist protestors disrupting cordial dialogue among his constituents.

But we can be pretty sure that that is not the case. All signs suggest that what Ryan is really worried about is the protest of the political right against what is increasingly appearing as his anti-Trump speakership, and indeed his lame and incompetent speakership.

Ryan has now twice given the Democrats pretty much everything they could have ever wanted in two successive budget deals. He is completely botched the Obamacare repeal, which remember the House passed more than 50 times when Obama was in office. I mean this beyond pathetic. The repeal and replacement that did pass, passed by one vote; and it is not satisfying anyone in terms of content. The Republicans have the house, senate, and presidency, and Mr. Fiscal Conservative Paul Ryan, remember the one who lectured us on the debilitating effects on our economy of our national debt and massive government spending, has yet to even produce a budget or tax cut plan that even remotely reflects Republican values. He postured himself as a never-Trumper during the campaign, and continues what the National Review editors have called a principled opposition against Trump.

And so, it is no coincidence that it is already been announced that Paul Nehlen, the Republican businessman from Wisconsin’s first congressional district, is launching another campaign against Ryan. He ran an unsuccessful bid to unseat him at least for the Republican nomination back in 2016. And because of Ryan’s unpopularity both on the political left and right, he is going for it again. And I certainly hope he wins; I certainly hope that Ryan gets Cantored; right? Remember Virginia congressman Eric Cantor, the sleaze who ran as a conservative but governed as big government liberal, and lost to the primary challenge by Dave Brat, a Tea Party backed conservative who went on to win the 7th district in 2014 and has been there ever since. So I certainly hope that Ryan gets Canoted in the upcoming primaries.

Regardless, all of this suggests that I don’t think we’re dealing a concern on the part of the Speaker that leftist demonstrators are going to disrupt townhalls; I think he’s afraid of his own constituency, an increasingly nationalist and populist constituency with which his neo-con sensibilities have little in common.

Now Newt Gingrich has suggested of late that Trump should replace Ryan in the House as well as McConnell in the Senate. And his reasoning is rather simple: Trump is now the head of the Republican Party; if never-Trumpers want to continue their crusade against nationalist populism, like Ryan appears to be doing, then Trump needs to out them and replace them, as he is now the head of the Republican party.

Now how such a replacement would take place I think is similar to what happened around John Boehner. And Brietbart did a really interesting piece on this one some time back. What happened there was that House Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina, introduced what is called a resolution with a motion to vacate the chair. He did so just before August recess, what we are coming on, and this was to allow for the measure to gain public support, since Boehner was comparably unpopular as is Ryan.

And when it reached critical mass, and enough Republicans backed it publicly or privately, then you had a group of members basically approach Boehner to let him know that his days were over, that they had enough votes to remove him from the Speakership. And so to avoid the public embarrassment of a vote in which he would be defeated, he resigned.  And so Brietbart has been reporting that members of congress are beginning to wonder if it is now the time to use the same strategy on Ryan, given his disloyalty to Trump. And really, when it is all said and done, they are waiting for marching order from the White House. If Trump signals he wants Ryan gone, I believe we’ll see him deposed.

And the likes of Gingrich are coming out saying that it does appear to be time to dump Ryan. And I couldn’t agree with it more. Now who will replace him is another story. Some names that have been floated around are Mark Meadows himself, or the former Freedom Caucus chair Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), or maybe even Trey Gowdy of SC. Whoever it is, needs to be committed to following through with an America First domestic and foreign policy that works with the White House and its advisors in reshaping the direction of the nation towards an ongoing conservative future.


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