Poland Is The Model Christian Nation For All Of Europe

Posted by Steve Turley ● Jul 28, 2017 6:00:00 PM

With Trump’s visit to Warsaw, I could not help but think of the summer of 1979, when the recently elected pope, John Paul II, passed through the Iron Curtain, to his homeland of Poland. And over the course of nine days, the world witnessed a profound display of distinctly Christian rhetoric that ignited the moral imaginations of a people bound under the yoke of communism and atheistic materialism, sparking a mass movement of liberation that swept over Eastern Europe in the course of a decade. It was called the ‘summer of hope’.

And I think, in many respects, that Poland is in full bloom now as a model Christian nation for the rest of Europe, and in many ways are currently fulfilling those prayers of Pope John Paul II, that the Holy Spirit has indeed descended upon Poland and is awakening a beautiful and indeed model Christian civilization.

This renaissance of Christian civilization climaxed at a ceremony at the Church of Divine Mercy in Krakow last November 19th, where the Catholic Bishops of Poland, in the presence of President Andreiz Duda and many Catholic pilgrims, officially recognized Jesus Christ as the King of Poland and called upon Him to rule over their nation, its people and their political leaders.

And lest we think this was just some political stunt by politicians, a new study has been released that shows that church attendance among Poles is on the rise. According to Figures from the Institute of Statistics of the Catholic Church in Poland, the percentage of people attending church in Poland rose in 2015 from 39.1 per cent to about 40 per cent, which is a significant departure from the trend marking the decline in church attendance across Western Europe.

Furthermore, the number of Catholic priests in Poland also rose to a record 20,800, which as Breitbart news observes, suggests that Poland is rejecting the secular liberalism of institutions such as the European Union (EU) and embracing its traditional Christian culture.

According to the religion website Zenit.org, there was a “massive” surge in church participation across the country: there were 369,000 baptisms, 360,000 confirmations, 270,000 first communions and 134,000 marriages. All of this was taking place on top of a study in 2014 that found that there were more than 60,000 parish organizations, involving 2.5 million people active in Poland, along with nearly two thousand Catholic social institutions such as schools or hospices.

And Christianity is beginning to infuse every aspect of Polish political life. Recently the Polish parliament proposed legislation that would have banned abortion from the nation. Poland already has one of the most restrictive laws in Europe, allowing for abortion in only three cases: rape, the risk of the life of the mother, and serous malformations in the fetus. While the proposed bill didn’t pass, the Polish government continues to push for a new law that would be a near total ban.

And in the face of tremendous pressure from sodomites and the homofascists of the European Union and NGOs to accept so-called ‘same-sex marriage,’ Poland has stood unmovable. Its constitution is one of seven in the Eureopean Union to ban gay marriage and is one of six that refuse to recognize so-called same-sex civil unions. Poland is standing strong against the Christophobic homofascists who run the European Union and there’s no sign of Poland backing down on this one. They recognize, unlike so many indoctrinated Americans, that this whole gender confusion represents nothing less than the redefinition of humanity itself, indeed transgenderism entails transhumanism. If we don’t know the difference between male and female, how are we going to tell the difference between good and evil, human and non-human.

Moreover, Poland has begun to protect its borders from mass immigration and the ensuing cultural upheaval that such immigration entails. In April of last year, the Polish government announced it would not accept 7,000 immigrants that it had previously agreed to take under European Union pressure, and polls indicate that this is precisely the will of the vast majority of the Polish people.

And the protection of borders and the limitation of immigration is essential to the maintenance of Poland’s Christian values. And this of course is where Polish nationalism comes in. Nationalism has the powerful effect of keeping people out who don’t share Poland’s Christian values. Now this nationalism is wholly inclusive; it welcomes all peoples, races, and ethnicities to share in the blessings of Christian civilization, but only as long as they are willing to protect and perpetuate a common tradition, custom, and culture rooted in Christian ideals and practices.

The problem when you open up your borders like the way the EU is insisting its member nations do, is that open borders inevitably mean open values. Open borders mean open values. This certainly was the conclusion of the renowned social anthropologist, Mary Douglas, who developed the critical connection between borders and bodies in human culture. She observed that cultural concerns about the body, such as taboo codes, ethical identity, and conceptions of purity, are frequently lived out as metaphors for larger social relationships and boundaries. This term, boundaries, is a key motif for Douglas, who theorized that each individual body within the group ‘body’ shares in the boundedness of the group, such that the restrictions characteristic of the larger social order are embodied and reflected in each individual person. So for example, restrictions as to whom one may betroth reflect restrictions as to who may enter the society; proscriptions protecting bodily orifices symbolize preoccupations about social exits and entrances. The do’s and don’t’s regulating national boundaries are lived out personally via the moral codes inscribed on individual bodies. If ANYONE can enter into your country, well then by definition you can MARRY anyone. If there are no restrictions at your national border, there will be a comparable absence of restrictions in your personal and moral order.

So, if Douglas is correct, and I most certainly believe that she is, then there is a plausible cultural sense that open borders mean open values. The perpetuation of unfettered immigration fulfills the political precondition for more liberal democratic social policies. So I believe that Poland is absolutely doing the right thing in protecting its borders against unfettered immigration since such protection involves the mutual protection of its Christian values and identity.

All of this is to say that you have a very confident, proud, and vibrant Christian Poland. And so I couldn’t be happier about this trip of Trump’s to Poland, because I think it highlights for the world to see Poland’s renewed Christian nationhood, and its renewed leadership role, both moral and economic, in European civilization. Poland is a beautiful model for the rest of Europe to follow in the renaissance of Christian civilization that’s going on all over the world. So may God bless Poland for generations to come.


For more on baptism and the Apostle Paul’s vision of a sacramental society, see my book, The Ritualized Revelation of the Messianic Age: Washings and Meals in Galatians and 1 Corinthians, available here.

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