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Priests Kidnapped and Civilians Massacred In “Democratic” Ukraine

Posted by Conrad Franz ● Apr 15, 2022 2:50:45 PM

While “democracy” itself is nothing more than a globalist buzzword used to justify intervention and cultural imperialism on otherwise conservative states it seems that those in the US/Anglosphere deep state have lost all pretense of pretending to support an “open society”. What many who were so quick to decorate their social media profiles with blue and gold flags may not realize is that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is the hot culmination of an 8+ year long civil struggle within the Ukraine that involved heavy fighting akin to what we are seeing now. Besides just the past atrocities committed against the people of the Donbass region the scale of persecution against Russian language speakers, those not deemed sufficiently loyal to the Zelensky regime, and those who still worship in the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) has frighteningly increased. Recently, video surfaced of armed vigilantes storming a Church during liturgy and kidnapping the serving Priest and several parishioners. Multiple other clerics have been intimidated, kidnapped, interrogated, and more. A community in the Chernivtsi region of Southwestern Ukraine had been protecting their Church from armed assailants who sought to repossess the building and forcibly bring it into the schismatic “Orthodox Church in Ukraine” backed by the US state department. Unfortunately, after 3 years of threats, the local police recently stormed the Church and blocked it off from its Priests and parishioners openly calling those who consider themselves part of the canonical Church persona non-grata’s. Pray for the Priests as many of their fates are still unknown.


On German TV recently Florence Gaub, deputy Director of the EU Institute for Security Studies, referred to Russians as “not Europeans” and claimed they view violence and death in a “different way” and do not value individual life. This is blatant Russophobia and dehumanizing rhetoric all coming from the supposedly “free and democratic” heart of the EU project. Part of this rhetoric is being used to play on fears held by Finland and Sweden who are expected to both be applying for NATO membership shortly. This new expansion of NATO will do nothing but further risk a third World War and give NATO a new 830 mile long border with the Russian Federation. Will NATO send US soldiers to the Russia-Finland Border? Will we do bombing exercises near Russia? This is all beginning to spiral towards an even more bloody conclusion. 


Patrick Lancaster is an American English-language war correspondent who has been on the ground with the Donetsk People’s Militia since the start of the conflict. He was one of the first journalists to investigate the infamous Mariupol theater basement as well as other sites of supposed civilian atrocities. There were, indeed, atrocities but they seemed to be entirely perpetrated by Ukrainian extremist militia forces against those who were either trying to flee via a humanitarian corridor or who were not deemed as adequately zealous Ukrainian nationalists. The body of a woman was found with a swastika painted on her stomach in her own blood. In many cases civilians reported being used as human shields by the Ukrainian forces. In mid-April reports of a civilian bombing massacre at a train station in Kramatorsk was blamed on Russian strikes but on April 13th the BBC of all places admitted that the attack was perpetrated by the Ukrainian army. The serial numbers of several of the Tochka-U missiles used were matched up with those used by the 13th AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine) missile brigade. Ultimately war is hell and missteps will be perpetrated by both sides but it is important to realize that the destabilized and factional Ukrainian state benefits the most from western perceptions of atrocities as it keeps more expensive military equipment flowing from the west. Also many of the civilians massacred are those who lived in areas with pro-Russian voting records. Many towns in the Donbass and East of the Dnieper are seeing large celebrations and crowds gathered to welcome Russian and DPR/LPR forces into their villages. Continue to pray for peace and for a resolution to the conflict that can end nearly a decade of blood and turmoil.



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