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Ratings for Ultra-Liberal Kimmel and Colbert Crushed by New Conservative Late-Night Show!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Jun 9, 2020 1:13:40 PM

Are we seeing the beginning of new era of conservative late-night television?

In many ways, Johnny Carson was the quintessential conservative late-night host. Always classy and witty, his guests were top-notch. Not only did he feature some of the best up and coming comics and entertainers, but Carson often showcased some of the greatest classical musicians in the world. But since his farewell, there really has not been a good conservative alternative to all the leftist shilling and virtue signaling that spews out night after night from the likes of Kimmel and Colbert.

That is until now!

Ratings for Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld’s weekly Saturday night program have officially surpassed both CBS’ Late Show with Stephen Colbert and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Gutfeld’s late-night program is consistently earning 2.9 million nightly viewers, which are amazing ratings for Saturday late-night television on cable, which generally are very low! In radical contrast to the Great Awokenings over on Colbert and Kimmel, Gutfeld’s show is a thoroughly pro-Trump, pro-nationalist, pro-populist program that loves our country, our culture, and our traditions. Gutfeld is genuinely funny and witty, he has great guests, and celebrates and indeed defends in humorous and profoundly insightful ways all that is good about our nation.

Kimmel and Colbert have deliberately partisanized their shows, shilling for all things left-wing. Partisanization is basically a different kind of business model that is responding to the increasing segmentization of viewing audiences. Johnny Carson appeared on late-night when we only had a few channels to choose from. Now, of course, we have thousands. Bring the internet into this and we have literally countless channels and venues to watch. As a result, audiences have become increasingly segmented, such that producers have intentionally realigned their respective late-night shows in accordance with partisan sentiments.

Stephen Colbert of CBS first made the move to deliberately reach out to left-wing audiences. He made mocking and ridiculing Trump and his supporters a centerpiece of his act, and in so doing, he quickly overtook Jimmy Fallon of NBC in the ratings. As a result of Colbert’s success in taking over first-place among the three major late-night shows, the old late-night business model that sought to entertain people of all political persuasions had been effectively replaced by a hyper-partisan approach that sought to actively engage only a single political demographic, in this case the anti-Trump liberal secularist persuasion, subjecting any and all pro-Trump conservative persuasions to objects of constant scorn and ridicule.

You may remember that when Jimmy Kimmel was asked about whether he was worried about losing Republican viewers, he responded with: ‘Good riddance!’ Kimmel made it clear that he and his producers recognized that anything inflammatory against Trump makes his ratings go up among an ever more partisan and yet diminishing and dwindling market share.

That was all before a conservative candidate came into the mix: Greg Gutfeld of Fox News. Gutfeld’s Saturday night show is attracting an audience size that these left-wing liberals would only dream to have. While Gutfeld is pulling in 3 million viewers, Colbert barely gets 2 million viewers, down dramatically from where CBS’ Late Night Show used to be. Since taking over from Letterman, Colbert’s ratings have dropped from 4 million to just half of that, in a matter of just a few years. This year’s opening season saw a viewer decline for Colbert of 30%! And Kimmel is fairing even worse! His viewership is down 16% from where it was last year, barely getting a million viewers. Gutfeld has three times the audience as Kimmel! What we are seeing here is that the liberal left late-night hosts are fighting each other over what is left of their left-wing audience while Gutfeld is tapping in a conservative audience that the liberals over at ABC and CBS have thus far ignored! He is demonstrating now for all to see that the conservative audience is just as formidable, if not even more so, than any numbers constituting a left-wing audience.

So well done Greg Gutfeld! We surely hope it is the beginning of many more wonderful things to come for a new era of conservative late-night shows.


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