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RINO’s SCARED as Doug Mastriano Enters PA Governor Race!

Posted by Conrad Franz ● Jan 12, 2022 2:28:05 PM

In what is expected to be one of the most hotly contested gubernatorial races in the 2022 cycle we finally have a real fighting patriot to get behind, and that patriot is former army Colonel and current  PA State Senator Doug Mastriano! Mastriano has become a household name for patriots across America due to his unrelenting efforts to secure Pennsylvania elections and be a nationwide leader in the 2020 audit effort. Mastriano has also been a bold defender of freedom and liberty in the midst of mask and vaccine mandates foisted in Pennsylvanians by Governor Tom Wolf’s tyrannical emergency powers extensions. Mastriano helped limit the governor’s authority to indefinitely extend his emergency powers and continues to be the rallying figure and leader of the rising Pennsylvania patriot movement!

On Saturday January 8th, 2022 the Colonel announced his bid for PA Governor to a packed auditorium with thousands of supporters. With endorsements from high profile PA officials, America First Congressional candidates like Teddy Daniels, General Michael Flynn, Trump-endorsed Maryland Governor Candidate Dan Cox, and of course esteemed thinkers like our very own Dr. Steve Turley, Col. Mastriano is the undisputed frontrunner in an already crowded Republican primary. Mastriano’s extensive military background, public and grounded Christian faith, and commitment to principles that sometimes rub soft and squishy Republican’s the wrong way (staunch opposition to gay marriage being an example) make him a resilient fighter to what is sure to be a hard-fought battle against the east coast media apparatus. “Bold, courageous, authentic, honest, a man of integrity….. that’s what we need,” Flynn said of Senator Mastriano.

“It’s time that we walk as free people and return to who we are. We need to walk as free people,” Mastriano said. Some policy ideas put forward by Mastriano included mandatory voter ID, the abolition of mask and vaccine mandates, and the abolition of property taxes. The former Army Colonel also vowed to clean up crime-ridden Philadelphia, which just soared past an all-time record with 562 homicides in 2021. “I am not walking away from Philadelphia, we’re gonna clean that city up here and make it a gem and the pearl that it needs to be.” Pennsylvania is a solid red state outside of the now third world Philadelphia wasteland, but with a no nonsense conservative like Mastriano the police will be able to act efficiently against real crime instead of policing small businesses and school boards in a grossly unconstitutional way.

With thunderous chants of “Doug for Gov and an impressive rollout of campaign materials and infrastructure, Mastriano is clearly the best shot Republicans have at defeating Tom Wolf’s hand picked successor: Josh Shapiro. Shapiro is the current AG of Pennsylvania and has been one of the most complicit officials in the lockdown tyranny, attempts to mask children in schools, and a myriad of other measures that have stripped Pennsylvanians of their freedom. While the republican primary has been filled with filler candidates to obfuscate and split the staunch conservative/patriot vote Mastriano has already defined himself as the frontrunner and one of the only two or three remotely serious candidates in the Republican race. Be sure to visit Doug4Gov.com to learn more about Senator Mastriano’s candidacy, how you can support, and if you live in PA: how to volunteer. Pennsylvania is a leader in the national realignment of patriotic, core American voters and Doug Mastriano’s election as governor will be a strong nail in the coffin of uniparty globalism! DOUG FOR GOV!

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