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Russia and Roe are CRUSHING the Liberal World Order!!!

Posted by Steve Turley ● Jul 5, 2022 2:08:23 PM

We are witnessing history in the making; there’s just no two ways about it! We are amid one of the single most significant sea changes ever to occur in political and economic history. Perhaps the most significant alteration to the world order since World War I, and two events, more than any other, punctuate this tectonic shift: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on the one hand, and the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v Wade on the other! Simply stated: Russia and Roe are changing the world like we never imagined possible just months ago!


So let me unpack this for you, in terms of what’s the REAL significance of Russia and Roe. Many of you have heard that the region of Lugansk, which was one of the two break-away republics in eastern Ukraine, in the Donbas region, is now entirely under the control of Russian-allied forces. Ukrainian forces have collapsed in that part of the Donbass as has the legacy media’s ridiculous narrative that Ukrainian forces were winning and Russia was losing! We at Turley Talks have consistently argued that Russia is in full-control over the military theater in Ukraine and that it was only a matter of time before the entire Donbass region fell into Russian-allied hands, which Lugansk has officially done! No amount of sanctions, no amount of weapons, and no amount of check writing with YOUR money, $40 billion dollars worth, was ever going to change that fact! Despite that the Biden administration continues to remain clueless! Recently the Biden administration decided to say the quiet part out loud last week but National Economic Council Director Brian Deese was asked directly on CNN: ‘What do you say to those families that simply cannot afford to pay these outrages gas prices? What do you say to families struggling to fill their tanks?’ And his response: This is about the future of the liberal world order! That’s what’s bankrupting you right now! He said the quiet part out loud!  As far as the Biden administration is concerned is all ultimately about defending the liberal world order from total implosion. THAT is why you are paying $5 bucks a gallon at the pumps, that’s why you’re paying for hundred dollar tank-fills, it’s so that Biden and the neo-cons can defend “the future of the liberal world order”! It sounds like they’ve been reading Francis Fukuyama, who in many respects is the godfather of the liberal world order, at least its most prominent theorist, who has been sounding the alarm of late saying that Russia is indeed crushing the liberal order and that we need to rise up to protect it!

Now what is this liberal world order, you may ask, this order that’s forcing us to go bankrupt at the pump? In a nutshell, the liberal world order is a one-size-fits-all political and economic system, and that’s the key here, liberal globalism, which is just another term for liberal world order. Liberal globalism isn’t so much a culture or civilization as much as it is a system, a political and economic system that is made up of things like democratically elected governments (for the most-part, at least, don’t tell that to Saudi Arabia for example), corporate capitalism, and, here’s the kicker, human rights replacing all religions! That’s what’s LIBERAL about the liberal world order! Proponents of liberal globalism believe that all the peoples of the world have to be liberated from their tyrannical governments and gods through democracy, corporate capitalism, and woke-human values! And while this world order is held together by a coalition of powers, primarily Western powers in Davos, DC,  Brussels, and Wall Street, nevertheless, this liberal world order has been called America’s religion. It’s been touted as nothing less than an almost Messianic mission in bringing the salvation of democracy, corporate capitalism, and woke values to the world. The problem, of course, is that this liberal world order is increasingly being recognized by the rest of the world as nothing less than Western imperialism. It’s the peculiar creation of Western civilization that is not so much liberating the rest of the world, but is instead being shoved down their throats; it’s no coincidence that whenever this liberal world order needs to be defined, interpreted and enforced, it’s always Western powers that arrogate to themselves the sole prerogative to do just that.


Increasingly, the world sees the liberal world order as nothing more than a ruse, a Trojan Horse as it were, for a kind of modern Western imperialism. And so, in their own unique attempt at ridding themselves once and for all of this liberal order, President Putin and the whole of Russia are in the process of completely dislodging the totality of their political, economic, and cultural life away from that entire world. Instead they are recalibrating Russian society and culture around the notion of something called a ‘civilization state’ which in effect is the building of its own self-contained self-sufficient life-world. Russia is leaving the globalist world and building its own world, its own parallel world with its own parallel economy, its own parallel currency, its own parallel arts and entertainment, its own parallel internet structure and telecommunications, its own parallel sports leagues, space travel, you name it! And as part of this parallel world, Russia’s neighbors – Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakstan, Turkmenistan, and yes, …we can add the occupied territories of Ukraine into the mix --- are all satellites, as it were, of this new Russian world!


Russia appears to be currently joined in this civilization state building project by none other than China. China, too, is building its own world, it’s self-contained, self-sufficient lifeworld that is joining together with Russia in an alliance between two grand civilizations working together to undermine the current liberal globalist world! However, it’s not just the remaking of the geopolitical order; remember, the liberal world order isn’t just politics and economics. Remember, It’s also all about imposing woke-liberal values on the rest of the world! Democracy, corporate capitalism, and woke liberal values! THIS is where the Roe reversal comes in! More and more pundits are recognizing that the end of Roe means nothing less than the end of liberalism! No, not a sudden, cataclysmic end, but rather a formal end or a foundational end. As I pointed out in our video on the fall of Roe, the reversal in many ways cut the head off of liberalism, precisely because liberalism is based on a highly secularized notion of what’s called the sovereign individual or the autonomous individual. A sovereign individual is one who has no more obligations apart from that which he or she choses for themselves! Sovereign individuals have no obligation to family, to religion, to community, to nation, culture, custom, or tradition! To the extent that any of these institutions IMPOSE moral obligations on sovereign individuals, these institutions are by definition oppressive and therefore legitimate targets for liberation! So, in the grand scheme of the sovereign individual, the family, which traditionally was the bedrock of human civilization, is redefined as merely just another lifestyle choice and nothing more! And the key to lifestyle choices is just that: lifestyle choices exercise no moral obligations apart from that which a sovereign individual choses to impose upon his or her self. So in a modern liberal world marriage is nothing more than another social contract; that’s it! It has no civilizational ramifications whatsoever and that’s because the liberal world order replaces civilization with a system, a massive one-size-fits-all political, economic and woke system that’s superimposed on all nations, cultures, customs, and traditions.


You see, it’s absolutely essential that we understand how all these things are interconnected and so what the Roe reversal did was, in effect, FREE all the various red states to re-legislate the family as an institution that has a right to impose moral obligations on others! You are NOT a secularized autonomous individual; you are part of a nation, culture, custom, and tradition to which you have moral obligations! The astonishing significance of the Roe reversal for reversing secular liberalism is, at this point, almost inconceivable! More and more, with each passing day, liberals are starting to come to terms with it! So take heart: Russia and Roe are unraveling the globalist liberal order like never before! At both a geopolitical level and domestic level, secular liberalism is collapsing and a new, truly conservative age is at hand!


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