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RUSSIA STRIKES: The Neoliberal World Order Has Fallen!

Posted by Conrad Franz ● Feb 24, 2022 6:43:52 PM

On February 24th of 2022 the decline of the globalist world order and the hegemonic foreign dominion of the United States became clear for all to see. The decisive action being taken by the Russian Federation fulfills the strong statement made in April by Russian President Vladimir Putin about impending “asymmetric and swift responses” to open door NATO policy for Ukraine as well as aggressive assaults on the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. While this swift and dramatic action by Russia is surprising to even the wariest of analysts, the freezing of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline by the Germans and Americans likely closed the door on any diplomatic solution. President Putin has stated that there is no plan for a long-term occupation of Ukraine. What this operation will likely do is demilitarize eastern Ukraine and the areas around the now independent DPR and LPR, begin the process of holding new elections/installing a temporary government willing to keep Ukraine within the Russian sphere of influence, and ultimately show the west that Russia is able to mobilize a modern military quickly, decisively, and hold territory. The situation is rapidly changing so be sure to follow the Turley Talks telegram feed for 24/7 live updates from Ukraine. This is not exactly a Crimea situation as that annexation occurred with effectively no violence but even though the operation appears to have affected all areas of Ukraine it is unlikely that Russian troops remain west of the Dnieper River for long. Another question that will come to the fore soon will be the timeline of integration for the newly independent breakaway Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. The leadership within these small states have always stated their intentions of rejoining Russia. Will Putin and the Duma immediately grant this wish? Or will there be an extended state of proxy independence? The situation is fluid, disinformation and propaganda is rampant, and what is known now may be less known in mere hours. One thing that is certain, however, is that geopolitics, the world order, and postwar secular civilization is truly shaking its death rattle

There have been reports of Chinese ships and planes breaching the airspace and territorial waters of Taiwan and China has no intent to condemn Russia for their operations in Ukraine. The US government is openly discussing removing Russia from the SWIFT global financial system while Russia, in anticipation of harsh sanctions and economic warfare, has embraced cryptocurrency and will utilize decentralized money systems to circumvent dollar restrictions. This author has written at length about the looming specter of multipolarity in the midst of a decadent, degenerate, and dying hegemonic west and this decisive move by Vladimir Putin and the Russian military in congruence with its ally Belarus and with support from China make it clear that it is no longer looming but present. Germany and Italy are currently being pressured to support a harsher economic response to Russia but Germany’s freeze of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is still tentative as winter isn’t over and German gas supply dwindles below reserve levels. NATO will attempt to save face here and reassert its relevance. Finland has begun discussing joining the Treaty Organization which is something that has remained unpopular to the Finnish public even recently. Ultimately, however, with US desire for conflict with Russia remaining low, the rising right wing movements in France and Italy that have openly expressed plans to leave NATO, and the increasingly impervious economies of Russia and China to western economic pressure, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is the face of a dying international order and will ultimately give way to a more civilizational age in a post secular, globalist world.  

While Russia’s actions have been swift and, in some cases, dramatic (simultaneous precision strikes across a vast nation like Ukraine definitely sends a strong message) this is not total war. Even military targets are infrastructure focused and captured/defecting prisoners are not being treated as criminals. Casualties, while real and tragic, remain low for a military operation of this scale and while war is hell and tragedies occur, there seems to be a strong avoidance of civilian targets and understanding of the propaganda/information war aspect of this conflict from both sides. This is one of the largest scale conflicts to be fully broadcast for all the world to see on their phones and a picture is being painted of what the true next generation of armed conflict looks like. For those in the Orthodox Christian world (Ukraine and Russia are both Orthodox Christian nations and there are deep religious ties and conflicts occurring in this confrontation) the prophetic words of many Saints and Elders begin to become more prescient. While this Russian offensive is not an immediate casus belli for World War 3 we are entering a period reminiscent of the beginnings of World War 1. Financial powers often plan large scale warfare and the growing alliance of non neoliberal US/UK aligned powers (Russia, China, Iran) combined with the explosion of cryptocurrencies are definitely things that the global banking cartel would like to disrupt with world war. 


St. Paisios of Mount Athos, a beloved Saint in all of the Orthodox Christian world who reposed in 1994, prophesied a world war that would primarily be started with conflict between Russia and Turkey. Now Turkey is the most powerful member of NATO that is near Russia and the further dominance of Russia on the Black Sea will likely alarm Erdogan and the Turks. Ukraine has requested that Turkey close the Bosphorus straits to Russian ships. This is an event prophesied by many Saints and Elders and is believed to be the beginning of what will ultimately become a bloody third world war that will result in the liberation of Constantinople from Turkey and the reign of a Christian Emperor. Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou, a Holy Bishop and disciple of St. Paisios who has spoken out extensively against the globalist agenda, stated over 2 years ago that Turkey and Russia “from friends will transform into enemies in one night.” Turkey has already clashed with Russia in Syria and has become more aggressive towards Greek territorial waters in recent years. Many of the words from these Holy Saints and elders have come to pass already (Metropolitan Neophytos prophesied accurately about the COVID pandemic and the mandatory vaccinations) and as our world leaves behind secular globalism with its false prophets of utopian neoliberal technocracy it is only fitting to return to the wisdom of ascetics, elders, and Holy men as those of past Christian societies so often did. Metropolitan Neophytos told his flock that prophecies and wars should serve as calls to prayer and repentance and while global events may get violent and persecutions may come, “after all, we know who will be victorious…” and all the world will ultimately kneel before Christ the savior. Pray for peace.

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